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When I woke up, I looked around, and my mom, and dad stood over me on one side, and on the other Yugi slept in the cair beside the bed. Atem also stood over me. "Mana!" They all ব্যক্ত cherrfully. "W-what's going on?" I asked, and tried to set up. "Ow!" I let out. "Lay back down. আপনি need your rest." Atem said, placeing a বালিশ behind my head, and laying me back down. "Atem?" "Yes Mana?" "What happend?" I asked full of curiosity. "Well, Yugi would have to tell আপনি that. He was the one that got আপনি away from that gang of idiots." He ব্যক্ত sirously."Oh," I said. "So Yugi's my hero?" I asked with...
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