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It's Japanese version.
sims 2
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Joey went to বিছানা as the দিন came to an end.The পরবর্তি morning Serenity woke him up.
"Big brother it's time for school." Serenity ব্যক্ত waking Joey up.
"Alright get out so I can get dressed." Joey ব্যক্ত half asleep.
"Alright." Serenity ব্যক্ত leaving.
"(My little sister is growing up...)" Joey thought to him self.After he got dressed he went down stares realized he was going to be late the ran off to school.When he got there.
"Joey..." Yugi said.
"Yeah?" Joey answered.
"Isn't that Serenity's backpack?"
"What?" Joey ব্যক্ত looking at the backpack,It was Serenity's just as he realized so Serenity came running...
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