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posted by Courtneyfan6
(Cut to the hopsital; the duel runners and Carly's car race to the front enterance.The gang arrive at the reception desk.)
Nurse: Oh, Akiza! আপনি weren't due till two weeks, now, dear. Well, I guess we could try and squeeze আপনি in somewhere, huh?
Jack: What if is another false alarm again.. (Yusei turns at him sternly).. Oh, right, Akiza's water breaks.
Akiza: Ahhhhhhhh!!!
Yusei: আপনি okay, Akiza?
Akiza: Get this thing outta me!!!!
Yusei: Okay, Akiza, just relax and breathe.
(Akiza breathing deeply)
Crow: I think she's okay. She's crazy!
Jack: I think আপনি mean "crazyier".
Akiza: Aaahh!!!!
Carly: Speaking...
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(It has been almost a বছর since Yusei and Akiza had their now 10-month old daughter, Aurora Destiny and later, Team 5D's added two new members of their team, Akiza's two best friends, Zoey Spencers, who has a 12 মাস old daughter Keyshia with 19 বছর old boyfriend, Justin and Amber Evans, Crow's girlfriend and Yusei's frenemy since she started hating him as Yusei talked smart to her and Akiza wants them to get along and Amber helps Yusei and Bruno get through making আরো engines to Yusei, Jack and Crow's runners. Team 5D's had won the 2nd Grand Prix just before কাক announces his upcoming...
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(Akiza is the final মাস of her pregnancy; At the basement)
Crow: Hey, guys, আপনি gotta see this. It's an emergency broadcast on my TV!
TV Announcer: The দিন you've been waiting for is almost here. That's right. দস্তানা World has a new ride. It's big... (roller coaster goes above the water then back down into it)
TV Announcer: It's fast... (Nancy and Harold are riding a roller coaster so fast, Harold flies off of it)
Nancy: Harold, no!
TV Announcer: It's painful... (roller coaster crashes into the ground, causing an explosion)
TV Announcer: It's the "Fiery Fist O' Pain". Opening today.
Crow: You...
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(Up above them, on the patio outside the gala, Yusei and Akiza are watching the stars.)
Akiza: (smiles) The stars is so beautiful.
Yusei: (smiles as well) It is.
(silent as they look at the stars)
Yusei: Akiza?
Akiza: Oh. Can I tell আপনি something?
Yusei: Of course, go ahead. আপনি can tell me anything that আপনি already know.
Akiza: I've been feeling something special for you. You've saved me from Sayer, The Arcadia Movement, everything. I have the gratitude and respect for you. Of course, we are signers and we shared the connection. (Yusei hears what she said, smiles at her) Thank you... (her eyes filled...
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