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posted by Courtneyfan6
(Akiza is 5 months pregnant)
(Akiza is going baby shopping with the girls, Carly, Sherry, Brittany & Amber whlie the boys worked on the duel runners in the garage.)
(Later, the boys are watching the show, Victorious.)
*Andre: I do not have a ketchup problem!
Crow: (laughs) Funny.
Jack: I like this and the another show, iCarly.
Crow: I can we watch the football game.
Jack: The game isn't aired till Sunday.
Bruno: Hey, guys, have আপনি had a crush on someone right now?
Yusei: Yeah; Akiza.
Jack: Carly.
Crow: How should I know? I'm single.
Jack: Why did আপনি ask, mate?
Bruno: Because I.....I.... I HAD A CRUSH...
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(6 weeks later atfer the birth of Yusei and Akiza's daughter, Aurora Destiny Fudo, Team 5D's invites the small gathering at Yusei, Jack and Crow's place. Akiza had started হারিয়ে গেছে her baby weight, got a job at the ফুল ভান্দার and Team 5D's are working on the brand new engine for the সেকেন্ড WRGP.)
(Now, Akiza is feeding Aurora with some baby formula, Akiza wears the same outfit in episode 152, smiling at her. Aurora has her black hair, steaked with red, has Yusei's blue eyes and has Akiza's skin color.)
Akiza: You're so cute when I feeding you, huh?
Aurora: (cooing)
(Leo and Luna showed up)
Leo: Hey,...
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(It has been almost a বছর since Yusei and Akiza had their now 10-month old daughter, Aurora Destiny and later, Team 5D's added two new members of their team, Akiza's two best friends, Zoey Spencers, who has a 12 মাস old daughter Keyshia with 19 বছর old boyfriend, Justin and Amber Evans, Crow's girlfriend and Yusei's frenemy since she started hating him as Yusei talked smart to her and Akiza wants them to get along and Amber helps Yusei and Bruno get through making আরো engines to Yusei, Jack and Crow's runners. Team 5D's had won the 2nd Grand Prix just before কাক announces his upcoming...
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(At Yusei, Jack & Crow's place, the boys are working on the duel runners; it has been 4 months since they won the WRGP.)
Crow: Are we're in business?
Yusei: Yup.
Jack: (teasing) So, Yusei...., what's up between আপনি and Akiza? Are আপনি lovebirds চুম্বন yet?
Yusei: (himself) I hate it when he does that. (to Jack) No, Akiza and I are just friends.
Crow: Stop trying to tease him about him and Akiza.
Jack: So now what, Crow?
Crow: Yusei should...uh, call on Akiza.
(Akiza came in)
Akiza: Hey, boys.
Jack: (to Yusei, in sing song voice) আপনি প্রণয় her.....
Yusei: Jack, stop. (Yusei looks at Akiza, blushes lightly)...
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Explanation - I don't even know. This just popped into my head like a week পূর্বে and now I'm লেখা a Fanfiction about it.

What if the Enforcers had a leader before Kalin Kessler? Before Yusei, Jack and কাক joined their ranks? What if? That's what I'll be expanding upon.

Character List:

5D's Characters:
Yusei Fudo
Kalin Kessler
Jack Atlas
কাক Hogan

Fanfiction Characters:
Ezra Leonhardt(Female, 19)(Deck Name: Ruin and Renewal)
Jason Miller(Male, 18)(Deck Name: Beast Fortress)
Harper Mad(Male, 20)(Deck Name: Rehabilitated Archfiend)
Sina Loyd(Female, 19)(Deck Name: Hilltop Sanctuary)

Decklist Feature:
One Decklist will be featured every chapter.

The first Chapter will be up later today, for those interested.
posted by Courtneyfan6
(Cut to the hopsital; the duel runners and Carly's car race to the front enterance.The gang arrive at the reception desk.)
Nurse: Oh, Akiza! আপনি weren't due till two weeks, now, dear. Well, I guess we could try and squeeze আপনি in somewhere, huh?
Jack: What if is another false alarm again.. (Yusei turns at him sternly).. Oh, right, Akiza's water breaks.
Akiza: Ahhhhhhhh!!!
Yusei: আপনি okay, Akiza?
Akiza: Get this thing outta me!!!!
Yusei: Okay, Akiza, just relax and breathe.
(Akiza breathing deeply)
Crow: I think she's okay. She's crazy!
Jack: I think আপনি mean "crazyier".
Akiza: Aaahh!!!!
Carly: Speaking...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
[The beautiful morning sunlight was bright and warm, pouring into the room through the window beside Yusei and Akiza. Akiza squinted, her eyes slowly opening and adjusting to the brightness. She enjoyed the feeling and stretched out my body.]
Yusei: (yawns)
Akiza: (sighs)
Yusei: Good morning.
Akiza: Good morning.
(Then, the door opens to see Jack, Crow, Leo, Luna, Kalin and Carly interrupt them)
Crow: (singing) Good morning, good morning, the sun is shining through...... good morning, good morning to আপনি and আপনি and you!
Jack: আপনি guys are growing up so fast.
Yusei: Not fast enough, Jack.
Kalin: Okay....
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(At Akiza's house, the night of the after-party, Akiza got her red double-cross dress, red shining shoes to wear to the after party of WRGP. At outside of her house, Akiza got her duel runner, puts her শিরস্ত্রাণ on, and drives off.)
(She thinks about Yusei and she's going to tell about her feelings to him and she thinks Yusei's going to tell her about his feelings to her too.)

(In New Domino City lights up the new racing tracks in dazzling loops of multicolored streetlights, leading up to a brightly-lid pavilion on stilts above the water. The video screen atop it displays the WRGP After Party logo,...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
(Akiza in the rose garden - Akiza is 1 মাস pregnant)
(Akiza has been thinking about becoming a mother to her baby, but she worries that the baby will become like her; The Black Rose.)
(Rapidfire flashbacks. Little Akiza, Sign glowing on her arm and bemusement in her eyes, slams her father, against a wall, surrounded দ্বারা বেগুনী flames while her mother looks at her in shock.)
(Change flashback. Teenage Akiza, in a red school blazer, walks away from her parents, visible through the window behind her, resentful and a bit nervous leaving home.)
(The flashback we’ve seen before with Akiza’s duel...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
[Akiza took the pregnancy test in her bathroom the পরবর্তি দিন and There was a little পরাকাষ্ঠা positive plus sign. Tears started flowing out of Akiza's eyes but she didn’t bother to stop them. She rushed out the door and flung herself onto her mother, sobbing onto her and clutching at her body. She rubbed her back and seemed to get the answer, which only made her cry harder.]
Setsuko: Akiza, are আপনি okay?
Akiza: Mom, what am I going to do? How am I going to tell Yusei?
Setsuko: Sweetheart.
Akiza: I'm too young for this. (sobbing)
Setsuko: (hugged Akiza gently) Akiza.
Akiza: How come আপনি aren't mad?
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(Up above them, on the patio outside the gala, Yusei and Akiza are watching the stars.)
Akiza: (smiles) The stars is so beautiful.
Yusei: (smiles as well) It is.
(silent as they look at the stars)
Yusei: Akiza?
Akiza: Oh. Can I tell আপনি something?
Yusei: Of course, go ahead. আপনি can tell me anything that আপনি already know.
Akiza: I've been feeling something special for you. You've saved me from Sayer, The Arcadia Movement, everything. I have the gratitude and respect for you. Of course, we are signers and we shared the connection. (Yusei hears what she said, smiles at her) Thank you... (her eyes filled...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
[At the guys' room]
Yusei: How could this happen?
Jack: I know what happened, Yusei. I mailed my fave movie back in Netflix, took a ঝরনা this afternoon----
Yusei: I was talking about Akiza!
Jack: Ohhh.
Kalin: I know what happen. When the man is having his feeling for a woman, a strong power gives.
Yusei: I know what happened! (sighs)
Crow: Guy always had to be angry.
Jack: (singing) Ahhhhhhh, catching in the ডাবা in the sail, the spoon, living block through the man and moon....
Yusei: Jack.....
Jack: (continued singing) .....when we coming প্রথমপাতা ব্যক্ত don't know when, but we'll get together then, dad!...
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(The gang ran back প্রথমপাতা and took Akiza to the hopsital; Crow's spine was fixed so he was feeling better)
(Minutes later)
Crow: (sighs) So.... how's your relationship with Carly?
Jack: It's alright. We went out some dates, that's all.
(Then, Yusei & Akiza came out)
Yusei: It's okay, guys.
Jack: What happened?
Akiza: I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions.
Crow: So we went to the hopsital for nothing?!
Yusei: Yup.
Crow: Awww!!!!
Bruno: It means it's a false alarm.
(At the boys' place; at night in Yusei's room)
(We find Akiza asleep in Yusei's bed, Yusei comes here and kissed Akiza's lips)
Yusei: I love...
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Um...I can't put this into an answer cuz My answer is go na be like an প্রবন্ধ so here it is,what's the same about Yusei and Me....

First,my name is Yuusei and Yusei's name is,Y'know,Yusei and the spelling of my name ONLY has an extra "U" in it.I'm 18 and Yusei is also 18.He rides runners and so do I.Anyway,the runners are like মোটরসাইকেল so it's the same.Also,his fav colour is black অথবা blue and mine is the same too.He has a girl that sometimes fight with him and likes him like me.My girl is very tough like Akiza.He likes the cool style like me and he likes to say the word "Rev it up" and I...
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(Akiza is the final মাস of her pregnancy; At the basement)
Crow: Hey, guys, আপনি gotta see this. It's an emergency broadcast on my TV!
TV Announcer: The দিন you've been waiting for is almost here. That's right. দস্তানা World has a new ride. It's big... (roller coaster goes above the water then back down into it)
TV Announcer: It's fast... (Nancy and Harold are riding a roller coaster so fast, Harold flies off of it)
Nancy: Harold, no!
TV Announcer: It's painful... (roller coaster crashes into the ground, causing an explosion)
TV Announcer: It's the "Fiery Fist O' Pain". Opening today.
Crow: You...
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As the sun set just below the cityscape, four unusually suspicious characters roamed the darkening streets. Bearing their duel disks and decks, these people remained quiet in each others presence. A shadow was splayed across all of their surroundings, making it nearly impossible to spot them from any window not on the ground floor.

"We're nearly there," one of them spoke up. As she said, within only a few moments they were climbing through an open basement window. As they entered, they were greeted দ্বারা cheers and smiles, and perhaps the occasional sneer অথবা scoff.

"Welcome," the manager smiled....
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