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    Favorite Movie: kung fu panda,camp rock,hannah montana,ste up 2&1,icarly,highschoolmusical,a সিন্ড্রেলা story,ella enchanted,evan almighty
    Favorite Musician: jojo,hannah montana,aliciakeys,chris brown,jonasbrothers,vanessa hudgens,ashley tisdale,avril lavigne,
    Favorite Book or Author: nancy drew,a tale of a fourth grader nothing,princess পোস্ত
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March 1st (Tuesday) is Justin`s  birthday. On his birthday, go to his "Baby" official video on ইউটিউব and push the 'like' button so that the 'like' bar becomes 10 times bigger than the 'dislike' bar.

If আপনি are a bielber, যোগদান with me copy-paste this message to every JB অনুরাগী আপনি can find. We need to unite and fight against the haters! Let's প্রদর্শনী him how much we care for him.

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luv ya what is ur no. lets talk to each other পোষ্ট হয়েছে বছরখানেক আগে
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i প্রণয় ur user ছবি n thx 4 bein a অনুরাগী of me!
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