These are the 24 greatest '24' characters in my personal opinion. I was originally going to do an প্রবন্ধ on the 24 most important characters to the প্রদর্শনী but I didn't want to work on something of such detail just yet. That would also be another তালিকা entirely as I am missing some very high পরিলেখ characters of the show.

So...enjoy my list! :D

twenty four
Kim Bauer
Dead last in this ranking out of my tops because of how big of a major brat she was to Jack in the beginning of the series & 5. I don't particularly really enjoy her storylines অথবা what she has to offer but Jack loves her and that's good enough for me. Plus, Elisha is one of my পছন্দ নায়িকা ever so I'm kind of required to like her because of that.

twenty three
Janis Gold
So hilarious! I loved her banter with Sean in the early part of season 7. "You're a little bitch, আপনি know that?" - "You're a little bitch." Some simple dialogue like that could only be sarcastically pulled off দ্বারা Janeane. As much as I don't like how she let her politics get in the way of initially taking the job, she did good with the role.

twenty two
George Mason
A really funny guy. His sense of humor appeals to me, I প্রণয় his snark. I loved him from the get-go & his storyline in season 2 is so heartbreaking and Xander did so well with it. I don't really think we got to see enough of his character though for me to place him any higher.

twenty one
Audrey Raines
I প্রণয় Kim Raver, I think she's a fantastic actress and I always প্রণয় any work she does. I'm slightly conflicted on Audrey mainly because of the last half of season 4 and how she treated Jack. I understand why she withdrew from him, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. If আপনি want Jack, আপনি should be able to handle the full package. When she started to choose Paul towards the end is what places her so low on my list. Seasons 5 & 6 I absolutely প্রণয় her in though which is why she still gets a ranking.

Kate Warner

I actually also really প্রণয় Marie. She was fascinating because I guess you'd typically wouldn't expect a rich, pretty white girl to be a terrorist. Anyway, I do প্রণয় Kate. People make fun of her quite frequently but I still প্রণয় her. I think she was Jack's best match outside of Teri, since she actually lived and didn't go crazy and all.

Martha Logan

Jean Smart is such a great actress, obviously. Martha has some of the funniest lines of season 5 - "I look like a wedding cake." and her character was fascinating from start to finish. She's a little off her rocker, but wouldn't আপনি be too if আপনি were married to Charles? He treated her as though she were insane too so that probably added a bit to her instability.

Wayne Palmer

I just প্রণয় the entire Palmer family, except Sandra. They were all so epic. I think Wayne is the less important of him/David/Sherry but it doesn't make me like him any less. He was slightly annoying in season 3, but he made up for it দ্বারা being kickass in every other season he was in. He made a good President too - I'm not going to compare him to David, because that isn't fair, but he was good in his own right.

Charles Logan

It's not that I'm defensive of him, because I think his actions during the series are repulsive. He's a বেজি and has no redeeming qualities but he's such a perfect villain because of that reason. Gregory Itzin is just a great actor also - definitely deserving of that Emmy nomination.

Dina Araz

I came to really appreciate Shohreh Aghdashloo as an actress because of her role in season 4. She played such a fantastic three-dimensional villain. She cared about the safety of her son and was willing to risk everything to protect him yet she still believed in her cause in the first place and was also willing to attack LA if her son couldn't be saved. Nobody else could have played that like Shohreh.


BAMF!! I don't need to explain why I প্রণয় her because of the fact that she was in SO few's pretty clear why she is loved.

Renee Walker

If আপনি had asked me before I did my series rewatch how much I liked Renee, I probably would have told আপনি I didn't - at all. I didn't like her in early season 7 because of her holier-than-thou status towards Jack but she got better. I liked her আরো and আরো with each viewing. It also helps that I প্রণয় Annie Wersching an insane amount. Knowing that Annie really is enthusiastic about the প্রদর্শনী and loves it like we do actually helps.

Dalia Hassan

I just thought she was a great, powerful character. I loved her scenes with Taylor, because they made me hate Taylor who was previously another strong character. She stood her ground against her and Necar was really superb in the last few episodes of the season when she had to display her heartache over Omar dying and then having to stand with Suvarov with a poker face.

Tony Almeida

I do not প্রণয় Tony like many others do but I can see why they do. I actually didn't used to like him - I hated some of the things he did that were against Jack, and I still don't like them but I've learned to get past them. He deserved the beatdown that Jack gave him in season 7, but I think that was his best season দ্বারা far.

Olivia Taylor

The আরো I think about her, the higher she gets on my list. She might very well be lower on my তালিকা if I were to *really* sit down and think about it, but at this's where she ranks. She's like a mini wannabe শেরি Palmer! She is SO hateful & spiteful and deserved to go to prison for sure but she really was so much fun to watch. The প্রদর্শনী needed someone like শেরি for years and Olivia she was.

Edgar Stiles

Such a sweet, lovable teddy ভালুক of a guy - and they just HAD to kill him! BUT WHY?!!!!! I will always mourn him and his death scene just absolutely kills me. I can never make it through that scene without breaking down. There was just nothing wrong his character. :(

Morris O'Brian

I প্রণয় him. I wish we had the last two seasons with him in it. He was great to watch in 6, and I প্রণয় his accent and relationship with Chloe and his total charming ways. They really should have done আরো with his character development after 6 - explore him some আরো since he was so distraught after giving Fayed the arming system.

Bill Buchanan

Such a good guy, never did anything wrong, and died in a really heroic way - saving his President and his country. If আপনি have to go in 24, that's the way to do it. He was kind of the moral backbone of the entire প্রদর্শনী - অথবা at least seasons 4-7.

Tom Lennox

I had difficulty ranking seven and six on this list. I go back and forth doesn't mean I like seven any less than I do six but this is as it is. Tom was the comical relief of season 6, alongside Morris. But he was আরো so subtle about it than Morris was. He didn't *try* to be funny, and he was a BAMF for the entire season. Another character I was really disappointed in that they didn't continue their storyline.

Mike Novick

This is someone আপনি wouldn't think would be on anyone's শীর্ষ character তালিকা but I just প্রণয় him. I always have. Even when he went behind David's back in season 2, I loved him. His হৃদয় was in the right place, he just didn't go about it in the right way. Mike was always fun to have around the show, and he was a great advisor to the President's he served under.

Omar Hassan

I loved him from the start. Anil Kapoor is SO charming irl (I haven't met him, but I mean through interviews) and he talks highly of 24 so I was excited to see him as a new cast member for season 8. He was an honorable family man, which sounds strange considering he emotionally cheated on Dalia with Meredith, but at the end of it all he always wanted to do what was right. His last few episodes were such an emotional ride. I will quote another 24 friend of mine here: "He was the Middle Eastern David Palmer." True that. That is the highest compliment আপনি can receive.

Sherry Palmer

প্রণয় her. Insanely so. Every episode she was in was quite honestly some of the best of the show. The writers made the biggest mistake of their career দ্বারা killing her. She brought something special & fun to the প্রদর্শনী that was never to be seen again except in season 7 with her mini-offspring Olivia Taylor. Such a fantastic villain, and easily the show's best.

Chloe O'Brian

She reminds me of me. Scary, I know. She's an awkward, techy, stubborn brat, but at the end of the দিন আপনি know আপনি can always count on her because she is fiercely loyal. The bond that she and Jack share is truly special, never to be duplicated anywhere else. She really is a unique breed.

David Palmer

The greatest protagonist EVER. I really hate the turn his character took in season 3 when he approved the hit on Ryan (because really, if আপনি ever payed attention to the প্রদর্শনী at all, you'd know David would have NEVER gone through with that). He's just a fantastic, moralistic character who also has a unique & special bond with Jack that will never be duplicated either. His death traumatized me for life.

Jack Bauer

He is my পছন্দ character in anything ever, and always will be. I can go into great detail about why I প্রণয় him (seriously...I could write an entire প্রবন্ধ which I just might do!). Kiefer is the greatest টেলিভিশন & dramatic actor and he plays Jack to a T. Nobody else could ever play him ("When Jack Bauer found out Kiefer Sutherland was to play him in 24, Jack killed Kiefer. Jack gets played দ্বারা no man."). Anytime something bad happened to Jack, I হারিয়ে গেছে sleep over it. I'm not even joking....if the episode ended on a cliffhanger anyway. I was SO worried that he wouldn't come back after his season 5 kidnapping, and I was literally on the edge of my season for the series finale. আপনি cannot kill Jack Bauer. That will be the death of me also - I am only okay with the প্রদর্শনী being over because I know at least he's alive. If they decide to kill him in the movies, so help anyone in my path....