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Humphrey's brother and the leader of their pack

Age: 8

Species: Wolf

Pack Rank: Alpha Leader (prematurely)

Relations: Humphrey and Kenya's brother, Martha and Gary's son, Jack and Mary's grandson

Area of Residence: Central Pack, Central Region, Jasper Park, Canada

Birth Date: January 25th, 1986 (All dates go দ্বারা human years)


Height at Shoulders: 1' 4"

পশম and Mane Color: Dark grey, black

Furstyle: Neat; laid back

Eye Color: Light Brown


Skills: Hunting, fighting


Excelled at Alpha school, was forced into leadership after his grandparents died, became one of the greatest leaders in all of Jasper Park.

Humphrey's grandfather on Martha's side

Age: 61
Species: Wolf
Pack Rank: Alpha Male Leader
Relations: Humphrey, Adam, and Kenya's grandfather,
Martha's father, Gary's father-in-law, Mary's mate
Area of Residence: Central Pack, Central Region, Jasper Park, Canada
Birth Date: April 19th, 1933 (All dates go দ্বারা human years)


Height at Shoulders: 3' 5"
পশম and Mane Color: Grey to dark grey
Eye Color: Blue
Furstyle: Neatly laid back, but starting to fray due to age


Skills: A very particular set of them (because I'd choose Liam Neeson to voice him)
Great at hunting, fighting, teaching the young alphas. Good at making quick decisions.


Lead the attack on the humans when the pack was invaded, but was killed in the battle.


Taught Adam how to hunt and put up with the constant sarcasm between Adam and Steven
One quick thing, I just finished লেখা chapter 10, so I'm officially halfway through লেখা the story and I have to say, it's darker than I thought it be, but that almost makes it better. On to the profile.


Humphrey’s mother

Age: 33

Species: Wolf

Pack Rank: Omega

Relations: Gary’s mate, Jack and Mary’s daughter, Humphrey, Kenya, and Adam’s mother

Area of Residence: Central Pack, Central Region, Jasper Park, Canada

Birth Date: March 2nd, 1961 (All dates go দ্বারা human years)


Height at Shoulders: 3’

পশম and Mane Color: Dark grey

Eye Color: Light Blue

Furstyle: Smooth, laid back


Skills: Howling, throwing snowballs with her back paws

Stayed back with the alphas to help protect the pack when it was attacked দ্বারা humans.

Other Facts
Taught Humphrey how to howl. Guess it payed off.
posted by AlphaClub
নমস্কার guys! Just was bored, so I decided to create an প্রবন্ধ of facts about me! If আপনি have any প্রশ্ন আপনি want to ask about me, অথবা givle me a Q&A, say it in the মতামত section below!!!

1. I প্রণয় computer tech, and any tech in general. I build my first PC at 13. I am 14 now. I built my first website at 12.

2. I may প্রণয় tech, programming, etc., (and dubstep music, although I DO still like country সঙ্গীত as well), I am a very big country kid. No joke. Even though I live in the City of Clinton, and a small village of Albany (parents are split, I do a 50/50)

3. When I was born, I had a small...
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Adrien's POV

It must have been morning when I woke up I hurt all over. I scratched my eyes but my right one suddenly hurt because I just clawed it with something. After I sorted It out my vision cleared and I looked at my hands…They weren't hands they where paws, and when I poked my eye I must have scratched it with my nail. When I tried to stand normally I just fell backwards, so I stood on all fours. Then I felt something new I turned my head as much as it would and saw a tail. Then It scared me I've turned into a নেকড়ে for some odd reason. I looked around and suddenly saw নেকড়ে standing...
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Kate & Humphrey adventures.
Summer of 2011 Part 1. "Garth's Encounter."

What happened between spring and now.

The pack has হারিয়ে গেছে 1 member since last spring but gained 4 আরো pups. They never saw the boy in camo, অথবা have had any encounters with humans. Humphrey has passed his hunting training and is providing খাবার for 3 omegas. Kate likes to hunt also, so she catches her and Humphrey's meals. Even though Humphrey is not an Alpha he is currently as well trained as Can-do. Now the story begins with Garth's encounter.

It's summer! Lilly cheered as she saw her first ফুল grow outside the den. That...
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posted by Humphrey_Omega
Okay i was looking through all of the characters of alpha and omega and was thinking about the সেকেন্ড movie. Now, i think they should have certain characters in there more. For example, they only had ক্যান্ডি চকোলেট and Sweets in there for what 30 seconds? I think they should put in আরো of those two i think that would be interesting. Also, they should have আরো of the eastern pack life involved like প্রদর্শনী their territory a bit আরো they never even showed it in the original movie. i believe there are no dissapointments in this movie because i am obsessed as well as alot of others. one major thing that...
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posted by katealphawolf
Kate woke up, she was laying on a soft warm blanket, she looked around to see she was in a cage again. Her nose caught the aroma of something good, she looked down to find two bowls. One of water and one of meat! She scarfed it down greedily and searched for more, she was so hungry!

"Well well well, sleeping beauty finally wakes!" Kate peered out of the cage, a very tall figure towered above her. The figure bent down and peered inside at her with piercingly blue eyes, she did not snarl অথবা প্রদর্শনী any fear at the sight of a human before her. "Hmm, আপনি sure were in rough shape when I found ya, my...
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posted by Mitsi1991
Kate's Inner Monster Prt. 3

Richard takes a deep breath and a sigh of relief. "Holy shit that
could have ended badly!!!" Richard looked at the forest floor and
sees the beast laying right in front of him. She was knocked out cold.
"Thank god I had the tranquilizer pistol on hand!" He then realizes
that he forgot all about poor Dale. Richard went over to Dale and
again slapped him on the face but this time with আরো slap! "Dale
you pansy wake up!!!" "Hmmmm Richard is that you?? Dale asks.
"LOL yea its me, how আপনি feel there???" "Gee I don't know Richard
it feels like I just got hit দ্বারা a freaking...
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Princess is hunting for herself when she Bump into someone.then she hear a growl.as she look up she recognize the wolf.
Princess: Runt?
Runt: Princess?
Claudette: Runt Who is this?
Runt: Claudette , Stinky Mom and dad this is Princess.
Kate: So Youre the one Look after our son aren't ya?
Princess: Yes and আপনি must be Kate.
Kate: Yep that's me.
Humphrey: Hope he doesn't cause any trouble
Princess: Not at All I এল-মৃত্যু পত্র like him a lot I've also left the pack.
Humphrey: Well আপনি can stay with us.
Princess: Really?
Kate: Yeah.
Chapter 1: A Tale is Told
Humphrey, Kenya, and Adam put together all their stories to tell the tale of what really happened. Marcel and Paddy are sent back to Winston to let them know they're fine, but they return with grave news.

Chapter 2: Return to Jasper
The group, along with Adam and what remains of his pack, return to Jasper with Humphrey on the logboard as he's still too weak to walk far. Towards the end of their journey, however, an unexpected situation restores a long forgotten friendship.

Chapter 3: Omega Hostage
Upon their return to Jasper, the group was ambushed দ্বারা King's নেকড়ে who...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 17

*Darkness Kingdom*

Victory Zenith Wolfe: *Slashes off Sagittarius Zodiark’s Apollo*

Sagittarius Zodiark: *Becomes dark energy and wraps around Victory Zenith Wolfe*

Victory Zenith Wolfe: GAH!

Sagittarius Zodiark: *Throws Victory Zenith Wolfe around, going through trees and through the Darkness Castle*

Victory Zenith Wolfe: *Breaks free* Clash...why do আপনি want to hurt Princess so badly?

Sagittarius Zodiark: She...she’s weak...

Victory Zenith Wolfe: Clash...I know that’s not true...

Sagittarius Zodiark: It is.

Victory Zenith Wolfe: Then my suspicions were correct...you're just a bully...
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 Humphrey's car
Humphrey's car
POV: Humphrey

Couple of years went দ্বারা and I still got no contracts in the mail. I'm now at the age of 21 and the বছর is 2000. On Friday February 13th just one আরো week until NASCAR's most prestigious race the Daytona 500 which my father has finally won two years ago. I was eligible to drive for someone, I called three offices from three different teams one team was " Team Penske Racing" another was "Robert Yates Racing" and the last one was "Joe Gibbs Racing" three of the best teams in NASCAR has finally agreed to let me drive for them, but it was difficult to choose. While I was looking...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
নেকড়ে Hunters Attack!

Nick: *sees a portal open* Eh?

*a Purple Creature with Silver Claws walks through*

Nick: Who are you?

Maku: I am Maku, Five তারকা নেকড়ে Hunter!

Nick: Why are আপনি here?

Maku: *Sees Astra* That!

Astra: Nick...i'm...

Nick: Yes Astra?

Astra: I am pregnant!

Nick: Really?!!

Astra: *nods*

Maku: I must destroy her!

Nick: I won't let you! *Slashes Maku*

Maku: *jumps*

Nick: I won't allow আপনি to! *fires a Ki laser at Maku*

Maku: *guards*

Nick: I must defeat you!

Maku: *grins and fires purple laser at Nick*

Nick: *it goes through his Arm* Ow!

Maku: *slashes Nick*

Nick: *dodges and lands in river*

Maku: Finally!...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 8: নেকড়ে Hunter (part 2)

Nistra: How can i fight that Dragon?!!

Pascal: Just hand over the Wolves!

Nistra: Even through আপনি are bigger than me, i will never let আপনি harm my Family!

Pascal: Fine then...*fires a beam of light*

Nistra: *teleports*

Pascal: আপনি want to play that way then? *teleports*

Nistra: *fires a ball of energy*

Pascal: *dodges and hits Nistra with tail*

Nistra: Ah! *pulls out Swords*

Pascal: Just give up...i know আপনি can't win...

Nistra: What did i tell আপনি before?

Pascal: That Garth is ours now?

Nistra: Eh?

99: *flying above the stadium carrying Garth* আপনি are heavy! Lose some weight,...
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Sorry for the text it had to be longr

Okay not to ভালুক buzz Milo but thisis what would really happen.

This man walked into jasper park after hours and explored.
Then he saw Kate and Humphrey. " o my God its the main charicters from alpha and omega " he said.
"Hey guys how are আপনি he asked. They both went to him then................. Kate got his neck and Humphrey for backup. Then. Later. " নমস্কার Kate he tastes good.Winston said.

That's what would really happen te.
(Time unknown)
(Date unknown)

She wakes in total darkness. Her sense of smell is the first to return. She sniffs and detects the faint metallic odor of blood.
Next she feels a square of a rough cloth stuck to her back, up between her shoulder blades. She shifts slightly and a lance of pain shoots down her back. She growls instinctively.
Her finely tuned ears pick up the sound of people talking in low voices. The only word that she can pick out of the jumble of voices is "wolf".
They must be talking about me, she thinks.
Foot steps precede the arrival of a human. The door opens and a short, stocky...
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Humphrey's father
Age: 36
Species: Wolf
Pack Rank: Omega
Relations: Father of Humphrey, Kenya, and Adam. Husband of Martha.
Area of residence: Central Pack, Jasper Park
Birth Date: February 2nd, 1958 (All dates go দ্বারা human years)


Height at shoulders: 3' 1"
পশম and mane color: Light grey
Eye color: Light brown
Furstyle: Neat but a little unkept


Skills: Logboarding, throwing snowballs
Very fun-loving like his son, Humphrey


Stayed behind with the alphas to protect the pack when it was attacked দ্বারা humans on Humphrey's birthday.

Other facts

Invented the sport of logboarding and taught it to Humphrey. He also taught Humphrey how to recover from a spin-out.
Also bad at howling.
posted by PurpleDragon02
Finally! The exerpt for the newest and upcoming story in the A&O franchise. In one year, the story will be released in full, but not as one article. Each chapter will have its own article. Starting today অথবা maybe tomorrow, I'll be releasing character profiles, going into some detail about the new characters in the story. I might also release the first chapter a week অথবা two before the 10 বছর anniversary just to reignite the hype around it since we'll be waiting another year, which works out fine since I'm about halfway done with লেখা the story. I hope আপনি enjoy this little bit of Chapter...
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Note: I'm currently working on a timeline of all the events that happen throughout the entire franchise, movie and fanfiction. I think it will help clear some confusion that could arise when The Final War comes out and it would be cool to see when key events happen. Note that any coincidences in the timeline, like the original movie taking place the বছর that it came out, was completely unplanned. That's a pure coincidence that the original movie takes place in 2010. It all just happened to fit together with the age that I choose Humphrey to be during that time. He's 30 when he dies in Legend,...
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