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posted by gzilla46
"Alright everybody. For our latest play, we are going to play a বড়দিন Carol." ব্যক্ত Sikowitz, who has called his class for a meeting. "AW MAN!!!" All the students said. "OH come on! আপনি all know this is we do a বড়দিন play every holiday season". Tori then butted in and said, "But I heard from Trina আপনি do that play every বড়দিন season." "Don't tell me how to do my job." ব্যক্ত Sikowitz. Andre then said, "She's not. She's just stating a fact." Then all of a sudden they heard a boom. "What was that?" asked Trina. "Holy crud. It's a nuclear war. World War 3!" ব্যক্ত Tori. "No it's not, stupid....
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