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i just found some interesting facts about Avril Lavigne & I thought of sharing this with you....

• Avril was parodied in Good Charlotte's video, "Girls and Boys".
• Michelle Lavigne appears in the Sk8er Boi video.
• Avril got free Osiris sneakers at the mall where the Complicated video was shot.
• Avril's cousin, Martine Filion (29) travelled to Ottawa (from Napanee) just to see Avril perform.
• Avril fixed her hair in braids all around her hair when she was in 11th grade.
• Avril's a hopeless romantic. She can't wait to get married and wear a veil.
• Avril is good বন্ধু with...
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 Rodney Howard
Rodney Howard
Exclusive Interview With Rodney Howard (Avril's Drummer)Thanks to @AvrilLavigneUK

1. What’s the country that u’d like to perform in the most with Avril a country that uve never been to (I’m Myriam from Lebanon)

Ha! Well I promise I’m not saying this because where you’re from “Myriam from Lebanon”, (I see your tweets all the time, দ্বারা the way!) but I really would like to play in Middle East. I’m really lucky that I’ve gotten to see so much of the world in my career, but the Middle East (as well as Africa) is a place I’ve always wanted to see, but have never had the chance. Most...
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Just found this প্রবন্ধ on the "Much সঙ্গীত Video Awards" website. I though I might share this great প্রবন্ধ here.
Between, I'm so excited that Avril's being nominated again this বছর for MMVAs. I've always loved these kinda award shows. So, I'd love...I guess we all would প্রণয় if Avril wins. So just vote..'cause আপনি know..Avril is AWESOME! :D

Yes, changing your hair colour from video to video is totally awesome, but our girl Avril’s waaaaay আরো then her looks. A rocker, pop princess, rebel and punk she’s totally earned her cred with every subculture she’s sung for. Take a look at the...
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posted by Iva1lo
Avril Lavigne

Lavigne in 2007 at a press conference in Hong Kong, promoting The Best Damn Thing.
Background information
Birth name     Avril Ramona Lavigne
Born     27 September 1984 (1984-09-27) (age 26)
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Origin     Napanee, Ontario, Canada
Genres     Pop rock, power pop, pop punk
Occupations     Singer-songwriter, record producer, actress, fashion designer, philanthropist
Instruments     Vocals, guitar, piano, drums
Years active     1998–present...
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posted by Mahdis
• Michelle Lavigne appears in the Sk8er Boi video.

• Avril got free Osiris sneakers at the mall where the Complicated video was shot.

• Avril's cousin, Martine Filion (29) travelled to Ottawa (from Napanee) just to see Avril perform.

• Avril fixed her hair in braids all around her hair when she was in 11th grade.

• Avril is good বন্ধু with পরাকাষ্ঠা and Vanessa Carlton.

• Avril's brother, Matt, accompanied her to New York City when she was still starting out.

• Once, in New York City, a man thought that Avril was a hooker. She's been carrying around a pocket ছুরি ever since that incident....
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Avril Lavigne is on the mend following an attack in L.A. early Sunday (Nov. 6). Lavigne's boyfriend, Brody Jenner (of MTV's "The Hills" fame) reported to police that he was hit with a smashed bottle outside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, while Lavigne detailed her injuries on her Twitter account.

Los Angeles police Sgt. Keith Green ব্যক্ত Monday (Nov. 7) that Jenner filed a police প্রতিবেদন of assault with a deadly weapon after being hit.

According to Lavigne's Twitter, she was "attacked দ্বারা five people last night out of nowhere... My face is f*cked." She added: "As in, black eye, bloody nose, hair ripped out, scratches, bruises and cuts. So not OK to be abusive to others. Violence is NEVER the answer."

Jenner tweeted his own experience, saying: "Interesting Saturday night... Just got of the hospital with a new scar on my face.. Charges/chargers!!!"
"Why should I care what other people think of me? I am who I am. And who I wanna be."

"Life is like a roller coaster, live it, be happy, enjoy life."

"I liked being a minor because আপনি can't get into trouble. Now I just have to try and behave myself."

"I'm the kind of person who always likes to be doing something."

"To understand me, আপনি have to meet me and be around me. And then only if I'm in a good mood - don't meet me in a bad mood."

"I was eating bad stuff. Lots of sugar and carbs, আবর্জনা খাবার all the time. It makes আপনি very irritated."

"Inspiration for my সঙ্গীত just comes from, আপনি know, my life experiences."

"I'm very comfortable with how I look. I always have been. I think I look pretty good. There's nothing I want to change. I'm pretty happy with what I've got."

"When I tour, I stuff fridges full of organic খাবার and stick to that."
posted by 14K
When singer, songwriter, and musician Avril Lavigne first burst upon the সঙ্গীত scene at age 17, she was known as a young, pop-punk tomboy who refused to resort to skin-baring come-ons, preferring to entice the record-buying public with her powerhouse voice, high-spirited melodies, and straight-talking lyrics. Staying steadfastly true to herself and putting সঙ্গীত before image paid off both critically and commercially for the Canadian-born artist. In 2002, Lavigne shot to global pop stardom with the 6x-platinum Let Go, followed দ্বারা 2004’s 3x-platinum Under My Skin, and 2007’s platinum The...
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posted by pmjlover1997
hey! hey! you! you! i don't like your girlfriend! no way! no way! i think আপনি need a new one hey! hey! you! you! i think আপনি need a new hey! hey! you! you! i could be your girlfriend
hey! hey! you! you! i know that আপনি আপনি like me no way! no way! no it's not a secret hey! hey! you! you! i want to be your girlfriend
verse 1:
you're so fine i want আপনি mine you're so delicious i think about ya all the time you're so addictive don't আপনি know what i could do to make আপনি feel alright? don't pretend i think আপনি know i'm damn precious hell yeah i'm the mother fu*ker princess i can tell আপনি you...
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Now most of us consider Avril Lavigne to be a punk rock aritst… but according to herself, she says shes আরো of a pop/rock artist… but thats not the point guys… ever wondered why people eat what they eat?

I mean come on guys… look at all the varieties of খাবার around us… from end to end in the globe… we’ve got so much to choose from… but varieties apart… did আপনি know that Avril Lavigne is a VEGAN?!! অথবা at least thats what she portrays herself to be indirectly.

If আপনি examine all of Avrils public statements, you’ll notice that she never really confesses that shes a vegan, but...
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posted by PeterMWou
As আপনি all know that we spent a weekend listening to only Avril Lavigne albums to figure out where it all went wrong.

It’s hardly surprising when a pop তারকা becomes a punchline. A life in the public eye is challenging at the best of times, let alone in a digital age when scorn and mockery are easy tactics to cope with mass culture’s persistent attempts to tell us what to buy/consume/listen to. Some pop stars manage to rebound from the jokes; others get buried under them.

The punchlines have been chasing Avril Lavigne for some time now. They’re inevitable when Avril Lavigne suddenly announce...
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Avril Lavigne helped the Backstreet Boys kick off their American tour last weekend দ্বারা playing as their opening act. According to TMZ, Avril opened for the Backstreet Boys at the ফোরাম in Los Angeles on Friday, May 30, where she also held another one of her অনুরাগী meet and greets.

The Canadian singer made headlines in April after holding a meet and greet in Brazil while she was on her South American tour. During her meet and greet with অনুরাগী there, Avril’s team warned অনুরাগী that they may take a ছবি with the singer after shelling out close to $400, but they were not allowed to hug, অথবা otherwise...
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আপনি say that I'm messing with your head
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
All cuz I was making out with your friend
yeah yeah yeah yeah
Love hurts whether it's right অথবা wrong
yeah yeah yeah yeah
I can't stop, cuz I'm having too much fun
yeah yeah yeah yeah

You're on your knees, beggin please
Stay with me
But honestly I just need to be a little crazy

All my life I've been good but now
I'm thinking what the hell
All I want is to mess around and
I don't really care about
If আপনি প্রণয় me, if আপনি hate me, আপনি can save me
Baby baby
All my life I've been good but now
Whoa, what the hell
What! what. What?
What the hell

So, what, if...
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posted by viju
Skater Punk
"I like being a minor because আপনি can't get into trouble. Now I just have to try and behave myself." Avril Lavigne
Skater-punk, dynamic spirit, and a true wild child, Avril Lavigne (nickname from her official site) was tossed toward stardom with her 6 times platinum and Grammy nominated debut album, "Let Go" (2002). The album spawned the big hit singles, "Complicated," "Sk8er Boi," as well as the Grammy nominated "I'm With You" and "Losing Grip." Teen punk-rock sensation Avril later gained আরো recognition with her সেকেন্ড album, the double platinum "Under My Skin" (2004),...
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posted by emmett
Doing her partial to representation in for charity, Avril Lavigne attended a Race to Erase MS kickoff fundraiser in Los Angeles, California over a weekend on May 3rd.

The 25-year-old Canadian thespian strike up a Kitson Melrose venue to flog off May as mixed sclerosis recognition month.

In associated news, Miss Lavigne has been creation headlines as she’s changed upon with a brand new relationship.

After an gentle divorce with ex-hubby Deryck Whibley, a punk princess has প্রদত্ত proposed hooking up with “The Hills” বড় দলা Brody Jenner.

*Taken from: www.zimbio.com/Avril+Lavigne/articles/XlIJCrqPQOH/AVRIL+LAVIGNE+RACES+ERASE+MS
 Cute Avril
Cute Avril
(Hey yeah)
(Oh oh, oh oh, oh-oh-oh)
(Hey yeah)
(Oh oh, oh oh, oh-oh-oh)

Now I will move, my little self on
It won’t be, very much longer
Ve-ry soon, he will find me
I know this, because I be-leive

If I get, to know myself better
I will be, a little bit stronger
I won’t forget, everything আপনি told me
Yeah I miss, the way you’d hold me

The word আপনি told me

Things happen for a reason
You’ll become a stronger person
When life tears আপনি up
Then you’ll understand

It’s never easy
But আপনি know when আপনি get there
As it tears আপনি down, it builds আপনি up
Well it builds আপনি up

Some girls fall
Just like I did
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Lil Mama and Avril Lavigne REMIX
Lil Mama and Avril Lavigne REMIX
Lil Mama and Avril Lavigne REMIX
Lil Mama and Avril Lavigne
Hey নমস্কার আপনি আপনি I don't like your girlfriend
No way no way I think আপনি need a new one
Hey নমস্কার আপনি আপনি I could be your girlfriend

I could be your girl Lil Mama be your girlfriend

Hey নমস্কার আপনি আপনি I know that আপনি like me
No way no way আপনি know it's no a secret
Hey নমস্কার আপনি আপনি I want to be your girlfriend

I could be your girl Lil Mama be your girlfriend

Don't get it twisted Lil Mama got my paper on
That means I'm a paper chaser I chase my paper on
And I know we chasing paper that you...
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ALavigne.com.br did an exclusive interview with Spencer Hill, the cute guy who chases Avril on "What the Hell" সঙ্গীত video! He's seems to be a really nice guy. :)

Check it out! Hope আপনি like it!

ALBR: Did আপনি met Avril Lavigne before? How did they approach আপনি for the role in "What the Hell" সঙ্গীত video?
SPENCER: i had never met avril before the shoot but we have a lot of বন্ধু in common. i was pleased to find out that she is an absolute sweetheart and we had a great time filming for a few days.

as is the case with most অভিনয় jobs, i had an audition for the video and received a call the night...
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What the hell happened to me
I've become such a mess
I'm a walking disaster
On a road full of stress
You got all that আপনি wanted
You got the good part of me
And I'm getting kind of dizzy
From this crazy disease

So get me a doctor
I need a repair
I'm pushing my limits
And pulling out my hair

And it's all because of you
I just run into walls and trip over my shoes
I get up, I fall down, every time আপনি come around
I'm not cool
It's all because of you
It's all because of you

You've got me spinning like a record
That's already worn out
And I'm kicking and I'm screaming
And repeating myself
I gotta hold myself together...
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This is a project an Avril অনুরাগী base is doing. It was an announcement we’ve all been waiting for. The অনুরাগী base were going to announce it as soon as they hit 10000 followers on Twitter. So they announced it, and it’s an awesome project. The প্রবন্ধ explains it all :

#LittleBlackStars we did it! We have 10,000 followers! Firstly THANK আপনি to every single follower for just following us and supporting us! A very special thank আপনি to the amazing black stars who have been constantly giving us shout outs and have got us this far! আপনি know who আপনি are! We are so grateful! We promised something exciting...
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