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 আপনি are my Perrie Sis*
You are my Perrie Sis*
When I first saw your পরিলেখ on ফ্যানপপ and how close আপনি was to many people on here I knew I wanted a person like আপনি in my life and now I do I never regret adding আপনি
because without আপনি I wouldn't know what to do
without you, your a huge part of my life
Your the Princess of my দুর্গ and কুইন of my Heart
I'm lucky to have a close friend like আপনি in my life
Your an amazing,flawless,perfect and unique person
Nobody can take that away from আপনি Cleo
your one of a kind no one could ever replace you
even if they tried!

I want to say thank আপনি for making me smile when I have been
always putting a...
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posted by Vamp_Fan_25
 My PerriePie ღ
My PerriePie ღ

From the moment I met আপনি everything changed!

When I first I met I knew I wanted to be your friend, cause আপনি were so friendly, kind and most of all beautiful!
But now I know আপনি are even আরো than that.You are my my perfect little princess!And if I had to describe আপনি right now we would be here for years!
Your one of a kind, and one reason we are so close is because we share so many interests
-we're forever directioners, mixers, twihards & brats!

I will never know how আপনি are so perfect but I will always no that আপনি ARE perfect!And I wouldn't have it any other way

We are Perrie & Dani besties! No one will ever change that! ♥

'You're perfect in every way it's in your D-D-D-DNA!'

Thanks for taking care of me, listening to what I have to say and most of all being my bestie!

I could never ever forget you!

প্রণয় আপনি my Perrie princess forever! ♥
 We're birds of a feather, this is my oath to আপনি ♥
We're birds of a feather, this is my oath to you ♥
 No matter what silly thing I have to say, thank আপনি for listening!
No matter what silly thing I have to say, thank you for listening!
This প্রবন্ধ is dedicated
to my beatiful friend ,
Cleo which is the best
greek girl i know :)
No many people have
find that person who
complete their hearts , but I got.

I remember when I first
talked to her . She had
a Kristen Steward প্রতীকী
and we start talking ,
I knew we'd be close friends
but I never expecting we
would became the best one :)

If আপনি dont know , she is
one of most beatiful girls
alive , she is my Rapunzel
cause she got
really long long hair :)xx

She is really fun and she
can made up your day.
So if আপনি ever feel low ,
clicklink and talk to her. No need for anything else.

She means...
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posted by 241098
Hey Loves<33
I wantd to write an article so you can know more about me:))

Full Name: Cleopatra
Nicknames: Cleo, Clea, Cleanna, Clarry
Role Model: Perrie Edwards
Star Sign: Scorpio
B-Day: 24 October 1998
Heigh: 1,61
Weigh: 52

Faves: 1D. Cher Lloyd. Little Mix, Twilight, Harry Potter & more...

I love Britidh artists. In my free time I listen to music, read books, go on FP or Tumblr & hang out with friends.
I have a younger brother my gave food is spaghetti & my fave colour soft pink:))

Here my babes are..

Anything else just ask:**
posted by S8rah
 Your My PerriePrincess
Your My PerriePrincess
Cleo I am so happy I started to speak to আপনি because now I couldn't imagine my ফ্যানপপ without you

everytime I see your wallpost a huge smile comes on my face it makes my দিন hearing from you

আপনি are my
- PerriePrincess
- My heart
- My soul
- My world
- My sister

Even though we haven't known each other long already আপনি are a big part of my ফ্যানপপ life and I couldn't see my ফ্যানপপ without you

আপনি mean a lot to me our friendship is strong and I don't want anyone to break that

আপনি make me smile and cheer me up when I am down

I প্রণয় আপনি Cleo forever and always and I'm always here for আপনি never forget that!
 Our Friendship can only get stronger
Our Friendship can only get stronger
 I প্রণয় আপনি Cleo forever and always
I love you Cleo forever and always
posted by 241098
These people mean so much to mee...

aNNa || Oh what can I say...She's my other half..My sis from the begging & till the end.
Anna we're sisters forever<33

Chez || From the moment I met this girl my life changed. I knew we were going to be আরো than normal friends<33

Mira || I can eat many sweets but no one will ever be sweeter than her!
Mira always knows how to make my দিন & she always puts a smile in my face with her sweet words<33

Jen || Yay one of the most awesome people I know! A great Directioner & caring person. প্রণয় ya Jen<33

Sarah || She's always just so perfect! I প্রণয় আপনি Sarah thnx for being in my life! Our frindship is so strong<33

Beri || Well the most awesome fanpoper here. We're twins forever<33

Vero || Sweet,funny,smart...this girl has them all<33

Thnx to everyone for putting a smile in my face:**
Hey Gurl <33
Another প্রবন্ধ dedicated to আপনি :)xx
Cause আপনি rocking babe :)

আপনি are the girl who understand me :) আপনি are
always there for me , care about me and make me feel happy.

আপনি make me smile every single time :)

আপনি make your firends feel special..
আপনি are the Zayn in my Niall .
আপনি are a way awesome to everyone .

the kindest friend , আপনি are true to yourself . আপনি are strong as person , আপনি dont scared of the seakers , আপনি can do anything protect your friends...

That means আপনি are perfect <33 :)

Thanks for being in my life :**
[b]You are my Perrie cause আপনি are beatiful like her :)

El/Dani/Perrie Buddies Forever
 বন্ধু For Everything <33
Friends For Everything <33
 প্রণয় youuu <33
love youuu <33
 বন্ধু Forever <3
Friends Forever <3
 আপনি are my Perrie <33
You are my Perrie <33
Writing this প্রবন্ধ to say how much I প্রণয় আপনি and how thankful I am to have আপনি Cleo, ok??

Cleo, everyone that meets আপনি is blessed and they are sooo lucky to meet such a cool girl like আপনি <33

আপনি bring a smile to my face when I hear from আপনি and we share so many interests...

I can talk to আপনি about anything, and though আপনি are are in Greece I feel আপনি are one one of my closest friends...

I'm grateful to have met আপনি and I am thankful everyday that I have met আপনি :*

You'll always be my Perrie no matter what and I will প্রণয় আপনি forever...

I hope আপনি know that আপনি are a truly beautiful girl and stay just the way আপনি are, a extra special girl

I প্রণয় আপনি Cleo, till my হৃদয় stops beating ♥
 El/Perrie/Dani besties 4eva!!
El/Perrie/Dani besties 4eva!!
Heyy Cleo :) xxxx
When I first ''faned'' আপনি I had no idea how important আপনি would become to me .
I had no idea how good friend আপনি would be .
I excepted that আপনি ' d be probably like anyone else...
But I was totally totally wrong . আপনি was দ্বারা my side always , আপনি never forgot me , আপনি always put a smile in my face .
True বন্ধু Are too hard to find :) Just like আপনি but now that I know to truth I dont think I will leave আপনি ever babe <3 Cause আপনি are amazing just the way আপনি are . Always be yourself cutie pie and never ever ever change for no দুশ্চরিত্রা :)
Talking with আপনি is always fun and I am glad I have a besty like আপনি , I know that আপনি know that আপনি ' ve got that one thing babe , I am just a kind reminder <333

প্রণয় আপনি , now then & forever ;) ♥♥

OMG sweety what can I say....
We have been বন্ধু since we met, with our প্রণয় of 1D & Twilight.You understand me and make me wanna get on ফ্যানপপ and here from you


When your gone I miss ya, when your here I adore ya and I প্রণয় ya no matter what

You're a gift to fanpop, everyone who meets আপনি is blessed and I hope we have heaps of awesome times to come

☑ Sweet
☑ Beautiful
☑ Gorgeous
☑ Kind
☑ 1Derful
☑ Twihard

Cleo, one of my besties on ফ্যানপপ and I want it to stay that way ♡
posted by aNNalovechuck
 Yep !:)
Yep !:)
♥You are one of my besties♥

আপনি are

✔ Kind
✔ Greek
✔ With awesome name
✔ 1D অনুরাগী
✔ Kristen steward fanatic
✔ BriLiam
✔ AmaZayn
✔ ExtraodiHarry
✔ PhenomeNiall
✔ FabouLouis
✔ 1Derful

Κάνεις τον κόσμο καλύτερο μονάχα που αναπνέεις
I প্রণয় আপনি so much , আপনি made me happy , আপনি worth so many thing hun !<3
Whenever I see ya online I fangirling :)))
আপনি are the worth to me !!!!!

This 1D lyrincs for ya babe :

From the moment I met আপনি Everything changed I knew I had to get আপনি What ever the pain
I had to take আপনি and make আপনি mine (had to make আপনি mine)
I would walk through the desert I would walk down the isle I would swim all the oceans just to see আপনি smile
What ever it takes It's fine (what ever it takes its fine)