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Opinion by Rose_Lustre posted বছরখানেক আগে
fan of it?
I think it's probably because of their goals. They might have thought,"I'll ask her out when this is all done."And maybe because they thought প্রণয় can be a distraction to their work.Or maybe the boys have so much pride they think they're just gonna end up being dumped.Well, it wouldn't hurt to try right? How about আপনি guys? What do আপনি think? Now I wish Arakawa-san is পাঠ করা this. She doesn't know how many people would like to see Ed and Winry অথবা Roy and Riza kiss.I wish there was a psychologist in the series,so that way Winry অথবা Riza won't have a hard time thinking,"What do men want from women?" অথবা Roy অথবা Edward would think,"How am I supposed to impress her?"