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posted by ArthurGwen
OMG i' m so pissed at the writers right now.Why did they have to do this? The calliearizonamark Baby storyline wtf?! I  now for আরো than One Season that Mark and lexie reunite . And what do they do to me? They torturing me and let me be happy because they are back together and then...then they break them up after ONE episode. 
                                                                                           Jackson?! Seriously?! He's like my least  favourite character ever. Can't take him around anything and FOR SURE not around my favourite...
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Shannon decided to work on trying to make a relationship with Eric work because he was now divorced from Meredith. Eric had flashbacks of why Meredith had divorced him in the first place. He remembered being intimate with Shannon in their bed. He realized he caused her pain and she found someone else.
Mark decided to work on trying to make a relationship with Addison work because she was now divorced from Derek. Addison realized that Derek had fallen out of প্রণয় with her. But Mark wanted forgivness from Derek for sleeping with Addison while they were still married. Even though he was in love...
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No one had any idea what to expect when she revealed she was staying with him and splitting custody with Derek about their child. They hated her husband and wanted her with Derek. "McDreamy makes her happy! She was happier with him then she is with her husband!" ব্যক্ত Cristina.
As clueless as people were, Meredith's pregnancy was the talk of the hospital. Everyone questioned why she was staying with him when she actually loved Derek. "$50 down that Shepherd convinces Meredith to leave her husband for him!" ব্যক্ত Cristina.
"$100 down that not only does Meredith leave her husband but Shepherd...
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নমস্কার all!

I've been thinking about the weird storylines we're getting in season 5. George constantly MIA (I wonder if anyone will notice he's gone...), Derek Shepherd is suddenly depressed because of a patient he lost, McSteamy and Little Grey are getting it on, Cristina and Owen could be happy together but noooo, and Callie keep on ranting about Arizona. Seriously?! .
Then there's one আরো storyline, the most absurd of them all.. yes, আপনি guessed it right, Izzie Stevens! Not only does she first sleep with a ghost, but then she isn't able to diagnose herself, so she asks the interns (who...
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It’s been three months since her winter wedding in Park City, Utah, and Katherine Heigl can’t stop গান গাওয়া the praises of her musician husband, Josh Kelley.

“He was everything I was looking for, অথবা needed অথবা wanted in my life,” the Grey’s Anatomy তারকা told Great Britain’s Sunday Times. “He’s just so easy to be around. He lightens up the room and lightens my load.”

The 29-year-old actress already has শিশুরা on the brain.

“I think he’d prefer to wait a little আরো time, but I kind of wouldn’t,” Katherine Heigl said, adding that it would be “foolish to waste our current...
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posted by FanDlux
Yep it's true, McSteamy is back on the market.

As Eric Dane told me at the USA Weekend cover ছবি shoot, "I think this বছর he's going to find somebody." Could it be Callie (again)? What about Izzie?

I've got the latest word...

According to my sources, McSteamy's new প্রণয় is not Izzie, who will be very much occupied elsewhere this বছর (more on that later). Callie is settling down with Hahn, Rose is leaving, Cristina and Meredith are hooking up with other doctors and Bailey wouldn't touch McSteamy with a 10-foot pole, so where does that leave the good Dr. Mark Sloan?

Quite possibly, it seems,...
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 George, Izzie, Richard, Miranda, Alex, Cristina, Preston, Derek, Meredith
George, Izzie, Richard, Miranda, Alex, Cristina, Preston, Derek, Meredith
1. আপনি could Re-watch Every Season Over And Over
2. আপনি Watch Newer Episodes And Wish Old Characters Were Still There.
3. আপনি Talk About The Characters Like আপনি Know Them Personally
4. আপনি Want To Get Married Via Post-It
5. আপনি Watch The New Season && Try To Plan All The Different Ways It Could Go
6. আপনি Got আরো Excited About Merediths Pregnancy Then She Did
7. আপনি Say Every Character Is Your Favorite
8. আপনি See The Characters In Other Shows && Refer To Them দ্বারা There GREYS Name
9. আপনি Try To গুগুল All The Spoilers Cause আপনি Dont Wanna Wait A Whole Week
10. আপনি Feel Like Your Bestfriends Died When A Character Dies
11. When আপনি Watch Old Episodes && See Izzie, George, Burke, Lexie, অথবা Mark && আপনি Wish আপনি Could See How Theyd Play Into It Now.
12. আপনি Know What GSMH Stands For
13. আপনি McName Everything In Your McLife
14. Compare Your বন্ধু To The Cast
15. আপনি Wanna Be A Surgeon Even Tho আপনি Never Could Be.
 April, Mark, Callie, Alex, Arizona, Lexie, Derek, Meredith, Richard, Christina,Owen, Miranda, Jackson, Teddy
April, Mark, Callie, Alex, Arizona, Lexie, Derek, Meredith, Richard, Christina,Owen, Miranda, Jackson, Teddy
 April, Miranda, Alex, Owen, Meredith, Derek, Christina, Richard, Jackson, Callie, Arizona
April, Miranda, Alex, Owen, Meredith, Derek, Christina, Richard, Jackson, Callie, Arizona
You know you're a Grey's Anatomy অনুরাগী when...

1. আপনি start McNaming all your McFriends and everything else in your McLife.

2. আপনি don't do anything on Thursdays except watch Grey's Anatomy.

3. আপনি cry when they cry

4. You've decided আপনি want to be a surgeon despite your lack of science skills (mhm, that's me!)

5. আপনি can randomly quote Grey's anytime, anywhere. (haha my বন্ধু hate it)

6. Seriously. Seriously?! SERIOUSLY!!!!

7. আপনি think it'd be a sin for Meredith and Derek not to be together (it's totally a sin! *ahem Shonda*)

8. আপনি want to cut open Rose with a scalpel (yes please)

9. আপনি cried when...
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I have been re-watching the seasons and have noticed some errors made দ্বারা the writers and etc that urk me. I am wondering if they annoying আপনি too.

The latest is in s9e01 where they backtrack Mark in চলচ্ছবি and the dates go backwards, did they just get them wrong on purpose, use the production dates, অথবা just not pay attention. Because Mark is toasting Callie and Arizona at their wedding, and it's 2009. The air তারিখ for that episode was 2011.

Then, in season 7 অথবা 8 they reference the Chief being replaced দ্বারা Owen, and Bailey says "he's been Chief for 11 years!" ok... but the পরবর্তি season they say...
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posted by ItComesToThis
Ok, this may look like I´m obsessed! I´m not...really. I don´t even know why I wrote this! But I´m sure I´m not the first to do something like that and hopefully not the last. I simply like MerDer very much and they became my favourite TV screen couple very fast. English is not my first languague so I apologize for all mistakes and stupid sentences construction :D.
This wasn´t supposed to be like...scenes-related but then I couldn´t help it. I think that those moments between them are exactly what we like on MerDer.

So, why do we প্রণয় MerDer? :D

Because addicted ones can find so many reasons....
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posted by JenniferDempsey
When Grey’s Anatomy returns from its long, writers strike-induced hiatus, its first new episode back, on April 24, is titled “Where the Wild Things Are.”

Make of that what আপনি will.

We’ve read a lot of what follows already, but the Chicago Tribune has some interesting Grey’s Anatomy spoilers that might be of note to some of you.

Follow the jump to read some of what supposedly transpires in “Where the Wild Things Are” and in the Grey’s Anatomy episodes following that…

Our girl Meredith Grey becomes আরো assertive and grows “very strong” in the first episode back from the strike....
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1) আপনি hated Addison at first because she came between Derek and Meredith at first.
2) আপনি were mad at Derek when he called Meredith a whore.
3) আপনি wanted to kill Rose for coming between Derek and Meredith.
4) আপনি hated it when Meredith was with the vet because she wasn't with Derek.
5) আপনি call your best guy বন্ধু McDreamy and they look at আপনি like you're from another planet.
6) আপনি tell yourself, "I wish my man could be like Derek!"
7) আপনি প্রণয় it when they make up and আপনি hated it when they broke up.
8) আপনি hoped that Meredith had picked Derek in the season two finale after they made out at prom.
9) আপনি wanted to tell Derek something when he picked Addison over Meredith.
10) আপনি wanted to give Meredith a hug when she picked Derek.
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The return of Grey’s Anatomy is still weeks off, but TV Guide sleuth Michael Ausiello is already getting the scoop on what we can expect when our পছন্দ প্রদর্শনী ends its long, long writers’ strike-induced absence on Thursday, April 24.

If আপনি want some hints on the future of Mer-Der and the character that was supposed to be played দ্বারা Josh Jackson, follow the jump and read on!

Question: I was really looking অগ্রবর্তী to Joshua Jackson being Cristina Yang’s new প্রণয় interest on Grey’s Anatomy, so the scheduling conflicts suck! Any নবীকৃত তথ্য on who will be cast in the role instead?

Ausiello: I’m...
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posted by amberRocks
Hi!I just wanted to share some thoughts about season 5!
It is a really great season and has started out really well.Season 4 had its moments but the damn writers stike hurted it!
But now season 5 is awesome!
First of all Mer is not bitching anymore!At least not much!The therapy totally helped and I'm glad ahe will continue with it...
And also dereks hair are awesome!
Secondly,the secondary couples are being really well played out!
George/Lexie(and Mark(?)),Alex/Izzie,Owen/Christina!
Geoge and lexie are this cute dorky couple that আপনি always envy them!They are so cute nad perfect for eatch other!
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posted by JenniferDempsey
The return of Grey’s Anatomy is a little আরো than a মাস away and even আরো Grey’s Anatomy spoilers are starting to surface regarding its new episodes.

Last week, TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello has the latest on what we can expect for Meredith and Derek, as well as some interesting cast notes (and speculation).

This week, the insider has tracked down some scoop regarding another অনুরাগী favorite, star-crossed Grey’s Anatomy couple - the often maligned Gizzie.

Be forewarned if আপনি want to be totally surprised when Grey’s Anatomy comes back to ABC Thursday, April 24. Follow the jump if you...
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"Accidental Friendship" (Nov. 15, 9-11 p.m. ET/PT and 8-10 p.m. CT, Hallmark Channel): Emmy-nominated "Grey's Anatomy" doc Chandra Wilson stars in this fact-based Hallmark Channel Original Movie as the kind of uninsured woman who would never make it past the security ডেস্ক of Seattle's Grace Hospital. Wilson's alter ego Yvonne Caldwell lives on the grimy streets of Los Angeles with only a pair of scruffy hounds to keep her company until she is befriended দ্বারা a benevolent cop (Kathleen Munroe), straightaway altering the course of both women's lives. Tony winner Ben Vereen co-stars.
What no one knew was that Meredith had an unfaithful husband and children with him. She had caught him with his ex-girlfriend on the eve of her graduation from medical school. Meredith was fixing to go on a তারিখ with Derek when she saw him. "Hello, Meredith!" he said.
"Why are আপনি here?" she asked.
"I want আপনি back!" he said.
"I have a boyfriend!" ব্যক্ত Meredith.
"Why are আপনি talking to my girlfriend?" asked Derek.
"She's my wife!" ব্যক্ত Eric.
"Ex-wife!" ব্যক্ত Meredith.
"You never filed for divorce!" ব্যক্ত Eric.
As news spread around Seattle Grace, her বন্ধু and boyfriend started questioning...
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