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Keith Harkin is well known in Ireland and the UK for his distinctive alt-folk/pop and alt-country sound, is better known to US

audiences as a member of Celtic Thunder – in fact the only member to have his original সঙ্গীত included on the sm

ash hit show. A seasoned musician, who has been gigging with his own material since he was a teenager, Keith has just recorded his own album which will be out দ্বারা the end of march! Keith also has his own সঙ্গীত Label “Busty সঙ্গীত LTD,” this is the label both he and his sister will be released on this year.



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"Hello to all,"

"I hope that আপনি have all settled into the New বছর as swimmingly as i have, the surf really wasn't much to talk about from the time i got home, but the New বছর has had আরো than enough tasty swells for myself and my mates to freeze our wee toe's off in!!!"

"Its good to be home, it always takes at least a মাস i've now found to get your head back into normal life after touring, its just a different world when your on the road! As some of আপনি already know i have created a studio @ প্রথমপাতা now so thats been keeping me pretty busy, also i've been লেখা loads again and been writing...
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Well to start id just like to say if the blog about the radio interview is still at the bottom of the screen its because i cant get rid of it and it wont go away!.... if it is on the other hand and is away.... HAPPYDAYS!

The new প্রদর্শনী just got released and I hope আপনি are all enjoying it and the new tracks, I only heard them today myself, and they sound great.... well done to all the lads on a great job!

I've been getting up to loads the past week অথবা so... painting, soldering, surfing, changing windscreens on 38 বছর old VW bugs, ripping up carpets and লেখা a few songs in between too!

Came up...
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Here are some উত্তর to the প্রশ্ন you've asked Keith in here over the past couple months, answered দ্বারা Keith.

1. Just wondering what is your পছন্দ movie of all time??? Jaws অথবা the Goonies all surf DVDS

2. Do আপনি rock a certain brand wetsuit? Ripcurl

3. What is your inspiration? Peoples reactions.

4. নমস্কার Keith, I know আপনি ব্যক্ত pixie was actually your sister's dog, but is there anyway we could see a pic? i'll see what i can doo...

5. So, Keith, I have seen a few pics of আপনি at Starbucks. What do আপনি order when আপনি go there? Same thing every time অথবা do আপনি change it up? change it up .. spice...
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51. How old were আপনি when আপনি surfed for the very first time??? 16 অথবা so

52. What 2 things do আপনি like most about touring? meeting loads of nice new people

53. Keith, how many of those 400 kids that আপনি are going to have will আপনি sign to Busty Music? 400 of them

54. Did আপনি ever play the bagpipes? অথবা মুষ্ট্যাঘাত them? yes and yes

55. Did আপনি Ever think of being cloned? all the time

56. What is your পছন্দ reaction আপনি have received from someone in the audience? tears and fainting usually get me

57. Do আপনি usually stay in a hotel after আপনি perform, অথবা spend the night on the road? অথবা does it depend how...
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24. Did আপনি guys rag Damian for being the only one to wear his কনভার্স on QVC? nope

25. Did আপনি suggest to Phil Coulter that আপনি do HOD & Wichita Lineman? yup

26. Do আপনি have anymore songs that you've written & discussed with Phil putting সঙ্গীত with such as আপনি did with Lauren & I for CT? you never know

26. We know about your গিটার and surboard collection. Are there any little things that আপনি collect? I like a good hat I suppose

27. Do আপনি have a পছন্দ wine? cotes de rhon{think that’s how its spelt}

28. আপনি have mentioned being impressed meeting the Obama's. What impressed you...
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I found a Hobnobs recipe on-line, and after a few changes to the recipe (we don't do grams very well in the US..) I tried it out last night. They're a hit!! Hobnobs are fantastically delicious cookies! The recipe I found states that it's a pretty accurate 'copycat' version of the classic British biscuit. Here's the recipe:

240g self-raising flour (about 2 cups)
240g sugar (1 1/2 cups to 1 1/2 cups)
240g জাউ oats (about 3 cups) -- I used Quaker oatmeal
240g margarine (1 1/4 cup) -- I used মাখন - no margarine in my refrigerator!
1 Tbsp golden syrup (you can order it on-line... I used light...
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নমস্কার all - Keith answered another round of প্রশ্ন for everyone!! Here they are! Enjoy.

1. Have u seen the movie Sufer Dude? its really funny nope

2. What is your fav Type of gum? strawberry

3. Do u like Cats? dont mind them, i used to have lots when i was younger.

4. Of all the places in the world that আপনি haven't seen yet, which city অথবা country would আপনি most like visit, and why? Mexico...WAVES

5. Does your car have a name? no.....give me a few options?

6. Keith - আপনি know I just have to ask... what's your পছন্দ poem? dont have one

7. Of your own stuff, do আপনি have a পছন্দ song অথবা lyric?...
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posted by Ryanne81
Artist: Keith Harkin
Song: The Island

They say the skies of Lebanon are burning
Those mighty cedars bleeding in the heat
They're প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে pictures on the television
Women and children dying in the street
And we're still at it in our own place
Still trying to reach the future through the past
Still trying to carve tomorrow from a tombstone

But hey, don't listen to me
This wasn't meant to be no sad song
We've heard too much of that before
Right now I only want to be with you
Till the mornin' dew comes fallin'

And I want to take আপনি to the island
Trace your footprints in the sand
And in the evening when the sun...
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posted by Ryanne81
Well folks, hope your all doing well and behaving yourselves. Well its like 2 in the morning and i'm on the bus on route to our পরবর্তি theater which is the "Mahaffey Theater" in sunny sunny Florida. I প্রণয় the SUN! 3 আরো shows and then we have a দিন off in Nashville, and i cant wait... i've never never been there before. I bought an old arch শীর্ষ গিটার in the same pawn ভান্দার i bought my Lentin in S.Carolina a few days ago. $55...BARGIN.... gonna get a nice pickup for it and treat it to a few other things it will be sounding savage দ্বারা the time its done!
The shows to তারিখ have been going really...
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1. Whenever আপনি get married, and have kids...do আপনি think আপনি might sing to them? And, about how many kids do আপনি think আপনি would want? 400 kids, and i'll sing to them all!

2. Do আপনি guys play cards on the tour buses to help pass the time? nope

3. আপনি like a good মাংসের ফালি .... what is your fav dessert? Love good steaks, medium rare sirloin, sorbet

4. As I'm sure your granny makes আপনি ডিনার when আপনি are home, what's your পছন্দ thing she makes for you? Stew

5. Who decides who is going to be in the Meet & Greets? Is it just whoever feels like it that night-or do আপনি all rotate? And do আপনি take...
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1. Crazy glue? অথবা duct tape? duct tape

2. What is your পছন্দ prank that আপনি have pulled on someone? i call people up and tell them they owe me lots of money

3. I enjoyed listennig to your গিটার tour of sorts....no Martins??? yeah i just dont know what one to get

4. you've answered so many of our questions.... I think we're all pretty good sports, so... Is there any প্রশ্ন you'd like to ask us? nope

5. Ultimate dream surfboard. What's the নকশা look like? Bonzer

6. আপনি play the গিটার and piano. Are there any new instruments আপনি would like to learn to play? the trumpet

7. I see আপনি like steak...
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posted by Ryanne81
From Granny Peg....

I wish to send my thanks and appreciation for the beautiful blanket I received. I am overwhelmed with your generosity and kindness and the many hours of hard work put into it. It has taken pride of place in my home. I really প্রণয় it. Also thanks to all the people for the lovely gifts and good wishes, and for the great support আপনি gave my darling grandson Keith and the sweetest grand-daughter Rebecca. May I wish আপনি and yours all the peace and happiness in this New Year.
May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back
And may god hold in the palm of his hand
An Irish blessing to all the lovely America and Canadian people
God Bless

From: Keith and Rebecca's Mum and Dad ...

We would like to thank আপনি for the lovely gifts and kind wishes which we received and take this opportunity to wish আপনি all a very peaceful and happy New Year. We are so grateful for the encouraging support আপনি continue to give Keith and Rebecca.
Thank আপনি so much
God Bless
posted by musikluver94
The Homes Of Donegal
(Sean Mc Bride/ arranged Paul Brady)

I've just dropped in to see আপনি all
I'll only stay awhile
I want to hear how you're getting on
I want to hear আপনি smile
I'm happy to be back again
And greet আপনি big and small
For there's no place on earth just like
The homes of Donegal

I long to see your smiling children
Standing দ্বারা the door
The kettle boiling on the hearth
As I walk up the floor
And then to see a welcome free
For travellers one and all
For your hearts are like your mountains
In the homes of Donegal

I'd like to stay along with আপনি
And while away the night
With fairy...
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Hi everyone,
Sitting on the train here after having a nice প্রদর্শনী and good sushi in St.Louis, and on my way to Kansas I thought I’d write another blog for আপনি guys!!!

Soooo Glasgowbury 2010 eh?!?!? For all of আপনি who could make it, I hope আপনি had a BLAST, (I know I did) and thanks for coming and প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে your support… it was the most fun ive had playing at a কোঁচ, gig in a long time and fair play to the band, the boys played a blinder considering some of them only had a দিন to learn the songs!!! And not forgetting the beautifull Rebecca harkin…you played a blinder too on those shakers!!!! All I...
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Still in progress, but here's the first bit!

Transcript: 29 December, 2009

BBC Radio Foyle with Mark Patterson

Mark: And so, folks, to our People in পরিলেখ where all week here on the program for the সেকেন্ড ঘন্টা I’m just taking time to talk to a local person who’s made their mark in one way অথবা another. Today, a surfer, singer, songwriter who started out with an acoustic guitar, as I remember it, at the local bar scene. He made his mark, and he then took the plunge and joined Phil Coulter’s Celtic Thunder tour of America. That decision has led to three Billboard chart world সঙ্গীত number one...
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posted by Ryanne81
Ok a friend a পোষ্ট হয়েছে this little diddy on Keith and Neil when she was watching their PBS promo--

Anyhoo..Keith and Neil were on the MPT PBS প্রদর্শনী tonight.

Meet and Greets are gone! Had to add a সেকেন্ড number again tonight!

They were adorable and funny. They ব্যক্ত that the fall প্রদর্শনী will have two parts. The first part will be ALL Irish music. The সেকেন্ড part will be IE.

Neil says "you know" alot.

They took প্রশ্ন from the callers...the usual...but then they asked Keith to tell something about Neil that no one knows. He ব্যক্ত "He wears পরাকাষ্ঠা underware and paints his toenails red"
Then Neil ব্যক্ত that...
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posted by Ryanne81
 St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis, Missouri
BLOG "New Wheels" 23/10/09

"yo yo"

"What's the Craic with everyone?"

"Today I'm in Indiana and the sun is shining so all isn't bad! We done our 1st ever matinee and it was great fun, also the venue was class "the fabulous শিয়াল Theater" in Detroit, (some pixs up on myspace if আপনি want a look!) it was the সেকেন্ড time we played there, so it was nice to be asked back!"

"I got a new set of Wheels in the mall of America earlier in the week, i actually just got the same board as i had before only i now have one in America to keep on tour and one to enjoy at প্রথমপাতা for when ever it is dry (not that often)."...
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posted by Ryanne81
Keith, describe............

In the studio

Favorite colour? ..the sea.

Your best দিন to date? ..my first ever paid gig.

Favorite surf? ...Donegal (but can't say where exactly!!)

Worst nightmare? ...thinking I was an undertaker, and monsters trying to steal all the bodies!!

Perfect girl? ...she's gotta be good craic and enjoy music, after all.. সঙ্গীত is the spice of life! ;)

Perfect guy? ...he's gotta have a good moustache.. It's hard to beat a nice trimmed moustache!

Best গিনেস in your hometown Derry? ...a wet one!

Family? ...I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for my family, they keep me...
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Here it goes again eh?!?!
Well im back on the road and it the sun is shining, so all isnt bad! After the promo trip Ryan and I done at the start of the month, I had 1 week of to sort my life out before I left and it just wasn’t enough time….ive left everything behind me and I have packed the most ridiculous pile of C**P that I possibly could have but sure hi….. “Rock n Roll!”

Only good thing is I have a week to chill out and have a few laughs before the real hard work starts to begin!!! So I had a দিন of in NY and now im heading to philly for a few days, so im looking for ward to that…....
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