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ஜ ๏
☹ ☺ ☻ ت ヅ ツ ッ シ Ü ϡ ﭢ...
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Have আপনি seen the recording of the live performance of আপনি Are Not Alone দ্বারা Michael Jackson during the HIStory Tour in Munich 1997? If আপনি care for Michael Jackson আপনি probably have. (Otherwise, আপনি can find it on YouTube.) There is this girl with the Teddy ভালুক who’s screaming her lungs out when the song starts. Suddenly, a man pulls her out of the crowd and they both run up to the stage. And there she literally jumps at Michael. She wraps her arms around him and hugs him close. She’s crying, screaming (we can’t hear her because it’s a playback). Then she falls to her knees and hugs...
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 I have never heared of this song untill I actually looked at the HIStory album.
I have never heared of this song untill I actually looked at the HIStory album.

This song is just spining around my head.repeating like 10 time per দিন since 2 weeks ago. for me this song has "something' on it. its like classic hymns. First time i heard the begining of this song is kindda creepey but when he start to sing,oh my its so beautiful. His magical voice WAS all out.

I got some information,the story that inspired him to write this song:

based on a true story...
In 1972, a little girl who was called Susie was murdered. Michael Jackson composed a song for her and published it in 1995.

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Susie. She was like...
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Michael Jackson has a simple instruction for his personal make-up artist Karen Faye when she prepares him for his appearance on stage. ''Hurt me, hurt me.'' he tells her.
For Jackson, whose latest album BAD has sold millions worldwide, wants to look so good for his অনুরাগী that his image in a mirror must be so fantastic that is almost hurts.
Karen said: ''It's one of his পছন্দ phrases - he says it all the time. When he wants something to be brilliant, he says, 'HURT ME'.
''Whenever it is a new dance routine, a photographic session অথবা other people's make-up he says,
'Make it look great, Hurt...
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Ola Ray: “I met Jane Fonda at the studio while getting my makeup done and she asked me to take [Michael] a note and give him a চুম্বন and a hug. When I told Michael about the চুম্বন he said, ‘Well…!?’”

Frank Cascio on Karen Faye: “I called her দ্বারা the nickname Michael had প্রদত্ত her – Turkle. Michael loved Turkle and messed with her all the time. If she was wearing a zippered jacket, he’d try to unzip it. If she was wearing a skirt, he’d lift it up.”

About Michael স্নেহ চুম্বন a অনুরাগী in 1981: How Michael Jackson, sexy lead singer of the Jacksons, surprised a female অনুরাগী who broke through...
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 The moonwalk
The moonwalk
1.The Moonwalk~ What সরানো is as legendary অথবা as remembered as the moonwalk? The moonwalk is one of the most famous moves in all history. I don't really know where Michael learned it from, I mean there are so many storries I've heard about it. Like he learned it from the guy who first did it and then Michael just perfected it. Then I heard the Michael learned it from children and streat dancers. Idk if it's a mix of all of those. There are many storries where there are two different storries that could both be true. Like the story behind the song Speechless. People say that Michael wrote it...
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 So beautiful
So beautiful
1.Bad Era~ I bet this is mainly almost every fan's পছন্দ era, I can see why. Michael is so beautiful and cute and sexy and gorgeous in this era(Well he is in every one though) Bad is also my পছন্দ Michael Jackson album and one of my পছন্দ tours. Michael's hair in this era is just so curly and pretty. And the Bad era is one of the eras where Michael was the most happy. আপনি could really see it in his eyes and his face during those years. Michael was the biggest তারকা in the world and the allegations hadn't come yet. Everything was great and Michael was happy. And to me, I feel like Michael...
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posted by MJisLove4life
Ok Since I Already Did An Artical On Text Art Im Going To Do An Artical With Michael Jackson Text Art....So Yeah. I Hope আপনি Enjoy Them.

`*.¸.*´ Before আপনি Judge Him..
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) Try Hard To প্রণয় Him.....
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`• Look Within Your Heart....
Then Ask.. HaVe আপনি See HiS CHiLDHooD ??!!

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posted by mj_yana_girl
The simple answer:
The trademark armband that Michael Jackson wears is a symbol of the suffering of children around the world.

Most of his outfits over the past 20 years have featured an armband tied around his right around halfway between the shoulder and the elbow.

1) Most online dictionaries define an armband as: A band worn around the upper arm, often as identification অথবা as a symbol of mourning অথবা protest. A subset of this symbolism is often an element of memorializing innocent victims.

2) Armbands are recognized around the world as a sign of safety and help. they’re commonly worn...
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“….There was nothing আরো humiliating for Michael Jackson than when police strip-searched him while investigating the allegations that he had molested 13-year-old Jordie Chandler.

The boy had প্রদত্ত a detailed বিবরণ of the star’s body and the detectives needed to check if it was true. Jackson was warned that if he refused to cooperate, he’d be arrested and taken away in handcuffs.

After the police arrived at Neverland, it took lawyers an ঘন্টা to persuade him to leave his bedroom. Finally, he came into the living room clearly agitated, wearing a brown dressing gown. He blocked his...
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I don't know if you've already heard, but this is certainly news to me. Two days পূর্বে my sister and I (who are both huge MJ fans) were messing around on the internet. And then this screen came up:
Michael Jackson Is Alive - Secret Message In This Is It
I was confused. I didn't understand. Then in some মতামত it read, "Use the সঙ্গীত programme Audacity to play This Is It reversed and আপনি will hear the message". So we did so. And this is what we found:

And I'm just the one in it all
Who is laughing?
Who is laughing?
I hope আপনি are
And I'm not dead
They wanna believe
That I live on and
I'm just the one...
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posted by Eternalmike
This story is about a girl named Dahlia who is বন্ধু with Michael.They are inseparable. They spend lots of times playing and just being kids.This story is told on both Michael's and Dahlia's p.o.v! I hope আপনি enjoy ;)))

Dahlia's P.O.V
Yay, it's Friday! I'm happy that it's going to be Saturday tomorrow and I'm going to watch কার্টুন all morning! I can't wait to see Michael also! But I have to go to school now, bye!
After School
Hey I'm back! I don't have any homework and Michael doesn't also! Michael's at my house but he's in the bathroom.In lunch.Michael was making me laugh while I was drinking...
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posted by cherl12345
 Sightseeing In Paris
Sightseeing In Paris
"Honey", Maris replied, "don't আপনি think we should at least go back upstairs"? "No", he replied, " and besides, there's no one here to disturb us, and we can make প্রণয় anywhere in this house whether it's in the bedroom, swimming pool, the shower, the bathtub, অথবা any anyplace we choose. As I ব্যক্ত before, আপনি are a guest in my প্রথমপাতা and আপনি can do whatever আপনি want". "What I front you, Maris", he also replied, "if for আপনি to make প্রণয় me, again", and they kissed once আরো right in the middle of the living room floor; in addition, to undressing each other. With fireplace all lit and the lights...
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posted by cherl12345
 Backstage After A সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান
Backstage After A Concert
As Maris picked out five C.D.s from Michael's সঙ্গীত collection, she was thinking about the house, which once belonged to Sam Cooke; in addition, to buying it for Michael for with money she was making from the VOGUE photoshoot in Paris after learning Michael was a huge অনুরাগী of Sam Cooke. It was going to be a surprise, so she made plans to talk with a realtor once they got back from Paris. While for Michael to get back, she went to his গর্ত to get get the computer in order to look up some information on Sam Cooke..

Michael her access to his since she was a guest, so she had free reign yo do whatever...
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posted by MJisLove4life
Nathan Jay, a british producer/composer/writer and DJ, took MJ's voice from various acapellas and processed it in order to create a "new song".

From the author:

Part of a music/video project I'm currently working on.
1) Yes, it is Michael Jackson's voice.
2) Yes I hope to উঠিয়ে রাখুন the full version when it's finished.
3) The vocals are from various MJ acapellas
4) The "effects" on the voice are not something I can control. It's a by-product of the retuning of Michael's voice.
5) The final version will be ready in two অথবা three months. I won't be uploading any আরো previews/snippets.

Take Me Away...
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বড়দিন is পরবর্তি মাস and I can't believe that this is the last holiday that AJ and I will celebrate as a family of two because my son Prince Michael will be born in February. Things seemed to be going well between me and my siblings for a while and then my brothers got back into the habit of asking me for money. I of course told them that I couldn't অথবা wouldn't give them any আরো money and they are giving me the silent treatment. Once again, with Janet busy with her সঙ্গীত career the only one I can turn to is Latoya. She's been spending a lot of time at the ranch with AJ and I and we've been...
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posted by MJisLove4life
আপনি Are My Life - Lyrics

Once all alone
I was হারিয়ে গেছে in a world of strangers
No one to trust
On my own, I was lonely
আপনি suddenly appeared
It was cloudy before but now it’s clear
আপনি took away the fear
আপনি brought me back to life

আপনি are the sun
আপনি make me shine
অথবা আরো like the stars
That twinkle at night
আপনি are the moon
That glows in my heart
You’re my daytime my nighttime
My world
You’re my life

Now I wake up everyday
With this smile upon my face
No আরো tears, no আরো pain
‘Cause আপনি প্রণয় me
আপনি help me understand
That প্রণয় is the answer to all that I am
And I’m a better man
আপনি taught me দ্বারা sharing your live


আপনি gave me strength
When I wasn’t strong
আপনি gave me hope when all hope is lost
আপনি opened my eyes when I couldn’t see
প্রণয় was always here waiting for me
Michael was dreaming that he was on the floor,standing before his bride as she clenched the ছুরি in her hand and aiming the ছুরি at him from the bottom,now the ছুরি was aiming for his stomach then right when it was about to happen -- he woke up, breathing hard as if he'd ran 1000 miles and looked down at his stomach as bandages covered it ''Morning,my boy.'' the old man said,kneeling down to examine him ''Do আপনি know why your here?'' he continued,waiting for a reply ''Because of an affair with the most wonderful woman.'' Michael replied,smiling as the old man smiled back ''Seems like you...
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 Nefertiti's sparing outfit
Nefertiti's sparing outfit
The পরবর্তি early morning,in the kingdom of Kush,Nefertiti was sparing with her friend,Meret while talking about last night ''How was it?'' Meret ব্যক্ত while blocked Nefertiti's hit with her sheild as she thrust her sword অগ্রবর্তী ''Was what?'' Nefertiti wanted to know as she dodged Meret's sword as she lunged her sword back at Meret ''The ball.'' Meret answered as she spun back and blocked Nefertiti's hit with her sword as they both forced eachother's sword against eachother ''Oh,great'' Nefertiti grunted as she tried to take Meret sword out her hands with her sword ''Was he gorgeous? The pharaoh?''...
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posted by cherl12345
Alongside Barry Manilow and Sam Cooke, Michael also wrote the songs that made the whole world sing. Like his predecessors, everyone of Michael's songs had a social message, told a story and had moral involved. For examples, his 1992 hit song, "Heal The World," Michael emphasizes the message on how we can make the world better place দ্বারা helping someone in need of assistance and understanding. In response to Sam Cooke's 1965 postumous hit, "A Change Is Gonna Come", he talks about racial harmony and understanding in the song "Black অথবা White", stating doesn't matter what ethnic background আপনি come...
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