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posted by TheChris99
Part 6: The conclusion

Hi, I'm Hades Mortem and if আপনি don't know who I am দ্বারা this point, there's really no need for আপনি to continue reading. If আপনি do remember me however, get ready to hear the final part of my story.

Frankie and I stood still staring at each other. Neither of us ব্যক্ত anything, mostly due to the fact that we honestly didn't know WHAT to say. Due to my "touch of Death" no one had been able to touch me ever before. Yet Frankie had done just that a moment ago. She seemed stiff and maybe a bit frightened now. I think she had just realized what she had done and what could've happened....
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posted by TheChris99
Part 5: Desperate measures

Hello once again! My name is Hades Mortem and I'm going to skip the introduction part and cut straight to the story this time, since I have something really shocking to tell you!

I walked around the school very determinately. Ghoulia hadn't been able to find a cure for my powers, so I had to try something else. Luckily, I already knew what that something else was going to be and now I just had to find it. অথবা she, to be specific. My ultimate solution, was to seek help from Gigi Grant, a female genie, who had the ability to grant wishes. I figured that if science couldn't...
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OK some ghouls on toxictube (aka youtube) are saying this latest movie is a reboot but I disagree because The first movie didn't say how the school was made but I could be wrong ! I really thought this was good plus it had different Monsters in it I've never seen plus how did Daughter of the Zombies be able to speak like humans but Ghoulia doesn't and who was the diamond like rock girl in this movie she was gem-tastic with sparky looks that leave other spooks dead as a door nail plus আপনি can't resist the gore-fying corpse-it in this hallow- scream
reek-end later blood-tactular mummy-lation fang-oriffic monsters আপনি !
It was a cool friday night and draculaura was meeting Cleo at her house because Cleo had a surprise for her.I wonder what the surprise is Draculaura wonderd as she walked in the secret entrance. Draculaura heard moans as she walked in. Hello? Anyone here Draculaura asked.
Draculaura come in dea4 Cleo hissed. On the large কুইন sized বিছানা Cleo was laying naked with in a box kn her বিছানা was: a vibrator didlos a 99.99cm (9754.98 wide) square and ত্রিভুজ masturbation toy and a stick. Cleo what are these for? Draculaura asked tonight were gonna have fun dearie Cleo hissed. Cleo pulled a leaver and...
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posted by TheChris99
Part 4: Seeking for solution

Hello everyone! It's Hades here. Remember what I told আপনি at the end of the last part? I told আপনি that I must attempt to find a cure for my perilous powers, right? Well, today I tried to do just that, with the help of one specific person here in Monster High. I bet আপনি want to hear all about it, so let's get into it.

I was walking through the halls of Monster High, Toralei's words still echoing in my head. Those words gave me just enough motivation and attitude to continue my খুঁজুন for the cure, even though I had abandoned all hope years ago. However, even though...
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posted by Invaderskull95
Saturday had finally come,Meowlody was already meowing with anticipation and fear at the same time,but could anyone blame her? this was going to be her first try at nudism,and she was so excited and afraid at the same time,she could barely keep her cereal filled spoon still.

"Meowlody chill,yes today is the Open দিন at the resort,but আপনি have nothing to worry about" Purrsephone said.

"Relax? How could I relax? this is going to be my first try at nudism and I'm Freaking out Purr!

"Jeez,I havent seen anyone this tense since Hurricane Scaretrina" Their father Purrcy said,to be honest,he and his...
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posted by Invaderskull95
It was the পরবর্তি day,and the students had gathered at the enterance of the Monster High pool,the school bored,after seeing the petition,had decided to allow the pool to become clothing optional,much the students,and Headmistress Bloodgoods delight,of course,Meowlody was quite annoyed,she didnt expect something like this to happen,but her thoughts changed when Bloodgood handed Purrsephone a pair of large scissors.

"Students of Monster High" Purrsephone began,"It is with great pleasure,and honor,that we give আপনি Monster highs first ever Clothing Option Pool",she ব্যক্ত cutting the ribbon,the whole...
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posted by Invaderskull95
It was near the পরবর্তি class before lunch,and দ্বারা that time,Purrsephone,Luke,Clawd,and Draculaura had already gotten plenty of signatures for her petition to make the Monster High Pool Clothing Optional,even Frankie and her বন্ধু had joined in.

"Make the pool clothing optional? Lagoona asked,"Gil and I are comfortable in our own scales,sign us up".Lagoona ব্যক্ত as she signed her name,Gil followed suit."I've always wondered what it'd be like to skinny dip". Gil said.

"Thanks আপনি guys,and if any of আপনি are interested,Lukes folks run the New Salem Nudist restort",Purrsephone informed."Count me in,I've...
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posted by Invaderskull95
Inside her office,Headless Headmistress Bloodgood was going through her usual papers with the help of her Nightmare,who was using her hooves to help stamp some of the papers,when suddenly,they heard Purrsephone walk in."Oh Purrsephone,what can we do for you? The Headmistress asked."Well Headmistress,I have a proposition,no wait,an idea that could help benefit the school". The Headmistress places her head on her shoulders to inquire what the young werecat had in mind."Hm,an idea? Please,have a আসন and tell us",she said,Purrsephone took a আসন to inform the good Headmistress of her idea."Well,as...
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posted by Invaderskull95
Morning had come, and Purrsephone was still in her birthday suit,sleeping soundly and peacefully,never had she ever had a sleep this good,she felt the sun beam on her eyes,opening them,she sat up and stretched out for the new day,"Ahhh" She yawned,"Manster that was a good sleep",She got out of her বিছানা and made for the kitchen,not bothering to put something on,she greetd her parents good morning,and went to the pantry for some cereal.Unbeknownst to her,her sister Meowlody came into the রান্নাঘর a সেকেন্ড later,and to Meowlodys shock,she saw her sister was eating breakfast in the nude."JUMPING...
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posted by Invaderskull95
It was a nice and peaceful দিন at the New Salem nudist resort,the Monster high students were either relaxing in the chairs,or taking a dip in the pool,Yes,I know,Nudist Monsters,absurd right?,well,to be honest,all of them felt that nudism was quite liberating.But it wasnt all like this before.Some of their normie বন্ধু were just as hesitant as they were.But little did they know,things were about to change a few days ago.

*Flashback to a few days ago*

"I dont know Luke,what if something goes wrong? Purrsephone asked her boyfriend."Nothing's gonna go wrong Purrsephone,the only thing standing...
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posted by TheChris99
Part 3: The Interview

Hello! It's me, Hades Mortem, once again. I assume আপনি already know who I am, what I do and what kind of problems I have, so I'm not going to spend any আরো time on explaining all that over again. Instead, I'm going to tell আপনি about some major things that happened here after the "incident" in the creepeteria few weeks ago.

Everyone is speaking about me right now. The students are divided into two groups. Some of them find me and my powers really interesting and fascinating, and they actually care about me and want to be my friends. Then there is the other group, who thinks...
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posted by TheChris99
Part 2: Ghostly origin

Here we go again. আপনি still remember me, right? Hades Mortem, the son of Death. If আপনি do, I suppose আপনি also remember my problem of not being able to touch anyone and therefore not having any friends. Well, today something really unexpected happened to me regarding that matter. But that's not all. Something else also happened today. Something that brought back some painful memories. আপনি see, I met someone. Someone I hadn't thought of in years. Before I go any further, I just have to say, that আপনি might not like everything I'm about to tell you. So keep পাঠ করা at your...
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posted by Monsterhigh145
Bonita Femuer is a hybrid from the line- freaky fusion!
Because she is a hybrid she has history of changing schools, This has caused her to have self-doubt in herself. Bonita is a jumpy kind of ghoul and gets nervous real easy. Because of her being so jumpy she has a habit of chewing holes in her clothes. But that habit dose not stop her from shopping 4 new fashions that fit her needs.
Appearance- Being a hybrid she has 2 monster sides.
She has light পরাকাষ্ঠা skin, with moth- like horns well her ears. She also got পরাকাষ্ঠা black and yellow see-through wings from her পোকা side. Shes got a body full of bones, with পোকা like legs.
Peronality- She is a nervous type of ghoul who LOVES to shop.
Fun Facts-
Age- 16
Fave Food- Wool/silk
Fave School Subject- Art
*I hope u ghouls like my artcile
 Bontia femuer 2014 pic art
Bontia femuer 2014 pic art
posted by TheChris99
Part 1: Who am I?

Okay then, how should I start this? My name is Hades Mortem, and I am the son of Death. Yes, THE Death, অথবা the Grim Reaper, however আপনি wanna call him. The same guy who wanders around the globe dressed in black robes, ending lifes with his scythe. But this isn't a story about my father, it's about me. So, lets get started then, shall we?

I study in Monster High, the most clawsome school of all time. Well, the most clawsome at least in my opinion. I began my studies here few weeks ago. Even though it is one of the best schools in the world, I haven't been able to make any new...
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posted by BitterSweet65
Chapter 15 - The Confession

Frankie sighed as she looked in the door of the study howl. The Headmistress had heard about her issue and invited her to a panel, where the classmates could confess anything they wanted, with no-one judging.

She walked in and sat down পরবর্তি to Manny Taur and Spectra Vonderguist. Spectra was getting her phone ready to write about the monsters confessions, however Frankie just tapped the phone, turning it off, mouthing no to Spectra with a pained expression on her face.

The headmistress walked in.

"Right, now I'm aware that some of our youth at Monster High have been having...
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posted by BitterSweet65
Chapter 14 - Jackson

It happened. The pain wasn't bad, I was drugged for most of it. I looked at him, so happy to finally be in his own body. I was so weak from the procedure, and he was feeding from my life source.

"Holt, please..." I ব্যক্ত weakly.
"What? Give আপনি some life? Please. I've been stuck with আপনি for years and I'm so excited to finally get rid of you."
"You don't have to get rid of me! I'll stay away from আপনি and Frankie, I promise."
"Fine, but only because আপনি keep begging. Stop anyway it makes আপনি look stupid." Holt ব্যক্ত as he cupped a hand over my mouth, giving me back some of my...
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posted by BitterSweet65
Chapter 13 - Draculaura

I couldn't deal with it anymore. The baby was driving me crazy. Kicking me whenever I finally got comfortable and just making me sick every morning. Plus my stomach is getting bigger. Clawd cannot know about this.

I sighed as I walked up to the specialists clinic. I couldn't believe I was about to do this but it was the only way.

I walked in. The receptionist greeted me and walked me to the doctor.

"Now Draculaura, আপনি do understand the risks that come with abortion right?"
"Yes doctor, I do."
"Let's get started then!" The doctor stated, jumping out of his chair and putting...
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posted by shakira4499
my dear ghouls,

this news comes directly from new york's monster high toy fair.yes! on the occasion of the release of monster high boo york musical.this brand new musical of monster high is awsome and it introduces two new characters!
1.mousedious king
and now they are available in the store now. and the musical trailer is on youtube.soon the movie will be releasing.hope আপনি guys like it.this is a new starting for monster high as it did not got the center of attraction in past few months after haunted.so, best of luck monster high.our best wishes are with you

Chapter 12: Toralei Stripe

I walked into Monster High, nervous as anything. Rochelle has been very sneaky the past few days and I'm regretting my affair with Deuce. I just wish I could find someone who I could talk to. Sure I have Meowlody and Purrsephone. But they don't even talk.

As I walked around the corner, I heard a smooth voice talk.

"Where do আপনি think you're going Kitty Kat?"

It was Deuce. He walked up and put his arms around me. I looked at him with desire although I quickly pushed his hands away.

"We have to stop this. I don't want to be known as the school slut Deuce!"

"You won't as long...
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