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Ceces Pov~

I was laying in my বিছানা when my phone started ringing.
"Uhm...who is this?"

"It's Ty."

"How'd আপনি get my number?"

"Rocky's diary, man আপনি should see what she writes in there!"

"Does she talk bad about me?!"

I was thinking that he just read all her secrets.

"Not really, Cece? I was wondering if you'd like to to hangout since Rocky is on a তারিখ with Duece?"

I could here my হৃদয় beat clear as day. I havent even told Rocky, i mean she's my bestfriend and I'm pretty sure girl code is to not তারিখ your bestfriends brother.

"Oh well, i guess i could just বাতিল my তারিখ with that new hot foreign...
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