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posted by buttercup9
 the powerpuff girls
the powerpuff girls
চেরি blossom online
green demon online
the baby blue online
চেরি blossom:hi girls
green demon:whats up

blood bath online
green bolt online
the blue light wieght online
blood bath:what the hell boomer that name is dumb
green bolt:learn to spell আপনি sissy
the blue light wieght offline
the blood and the bolt offline
the ppgs off line

sorry it was so short the পরবর্তি will be better i promise but i just got something in my ইনবক্স thx for lisening
 the rowdy ruff boys
the rowdy ruff boys
narater:it cristmas at town
me:*singing jingul ঘণ্টা rock to town*
christopher:i hate christmes
me:oh cume on whers your hoiday speret
christopher:i had one iv never gotin a present thats why
flor:thats because আপনি pull the wors pranks on apil 1st santa is watching
flor and kevin:*sing you're a mean one MR GRINCH
buttercup butch:*sing wonderful বড়দিন time
christher:humbug>:( i only care to play in the snow!*sings let it snow*
1 ঘন্টা later
goust 1:whoooooooow i am chrismas gost 1 wen আপনি were a baby আপনি wher afrade of snow men 2 mor goust will vistet you
goust 2:wowowowwo!!! im am বড়দিন goust 2 now আপনি areint afrade of snow men now but আপনি hate বড়দিন 1 আরো will tell আপনি of your futier
goust 3:i am here to tell আপনি if আপনি dont be nice in chrismes পরবর্তি বছর আপনি will be dead in your 30's
পরবর্তি বছর of christmes later
christother:i প্রণয় christmes want to go outside!
 out side
out side
Ok, I'm gonna প্রদর্শনী আপনি guys how to use a base and make it look cool, different, yet realistic! to start off, you'll need these things:

this base:

and, a image editing program like Paintdotnet,Gimp,Or adobe photoshop.For those who don't have any of these, heres a link to the Paint dot net download website, which as advertisments to GIMP( both of course are free to download)

Now when your done with all that, LETS GET STARTED!

step1: open up your software and open up the base to the image-editing software. it should look like this:

got it? good.

step 2: carefully do your best to fix...
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kardar:ok this one
cardarn:isint it fancy
kardar:yea well its a party im going to get in a party know its your tern
kardar:no way
faiza:why not its perfict
kardar:yea well its not like mine so put it back
me:ok chirstopher its your tern
christopher:hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how a bout this one
me:that one its not even pary muterul
christopher:ok ok ill get one like yours how about this one
me:perfict well for you
kardar:its perfict
kardar:faiza your ত্রয়ী get sumthing that wont make me gag
faiza:well how about this one
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Bc: no the really psyco boys are at our school. Bubbles:crud Blossom: no (to Bc and Butch) Butch: নমস্কার bc long time no see. Bc : so. (to Blossom and Brick)Brick:what up toots
(blossom blushes)Blossom: Brick why do আপনি always call me weird names?
Blossom:mmm আপনি called me BABE and we were 6!
Brick:so? Blossom: NVM (to Bubbles and Booomer)
Boomer:bubbles আপনি look cute Bubbles: *in head aww আপনি too* ( in life)thx
boomer: wanna go out?
Bubbles:sure (they hold hands and walk)
Blossom&Brick: shut UP! Butch and Bc:geez
Bc: no my I pod is gonna die...
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hello ppls! i ish going to tell আপনি stuffs about the creation of breeze and her sisters, the poisonpuff girls! X3

Okay, when i first joined ফ্যানপপ i diddnt have ANY অনুরাগী characters, i diddnt even care about powerpuff girls অথবা any type of anime/manga very much at all (now im obsessed :P), so, i was looking around on the ppg club, and i noticed a lot of ppl had ppg অনুরাগী characters (bee, tomboi, clicky, etc.), i really diddnt have any intrest in having a ppg অনুরাগী character, but i wanted somebody to make a pic of one for me :P, so i desided to make a অনুরাগী character

I started out with a girl with lavender...
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posted by Blitz_Utonium
PROFESSOR: Oh no i forgot! আপনি girls have school!

DYNAMO: what's school?

BLOSSOM: You'll see when আপনি get there. But we're gonna be late if we don't hurry!

DYNAMO: Yeah so come on I can't wait to go to this place called school!

BUBBLES: Bye Professor!

PROFESSOR: bye girls!

(They fly off to school and on the way they meet the RRB'S)

BOOMER: Hi Bubbles!

BUBBLES: Hi boomer!

BRICK: নমস্কার girls who's your new friend?

DYNAMO: My name is Dynamo! who are আপনি guys?

BRICK: We're the Rowdyruff Boys! My name is Brick!

BOOMER: I'm Boomer!

BUTCH: And I'm Butch!


BLOSSOM: Well here we are Dynamo!

BUBBLES: Are আপনি ready to go meet mrs. Keane and the kids?

DYNAMO: Sure am!

(They get inside)


Because it is late at night and i a tired
 a pic of dynamo
a pic of dynamo
Buttercup was back downstairs, ready for the final part of her interview.

Cameraman: *Signalling the interviewer*
Interviewer: Welcome back to Buttercup's interview. We have one আরো topic to cover. Interests. So Buttercup, what do আপনি like most about being a Powerpuff Girl?
Buttercup: I get to use my fists. A lot.
Interviewer: Any villains in particular?
Buttercup: Aw man, where do I start? I mentioned Mojo Jojo, that's a fun one. Him's also a good one, but lately I've been getting into Rocko Socko. He thinks he's so tough. Ooh look at me with my gloves. Pfft.
Interviewer: You're known as the tough...
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A few মিনিট passed. Bubbles was playing with some of her stuffed জন্তু জানোয়ার while waiting for the পরবর্তি part of her interview to begin.

Interview: *Walks into the bedroom* Okay Bubbles, it's time to get back on air.
Bubbles: Okay. *Follows the interviewer*

It only took a few সেকেন্ড to get back on air once Bubbles returned from playing with her stuffed animals.

Interview: The final segment is about your interests.
Bubbles: Okay.
Interviewer: Now Bubbles, being the cute one. What's it like?
Bubbles: Well, I wouldn't say that. I know so many cute people, like my sisters, the mayor, and Mojo.
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posted by aldrine2016
Song tune: link

Brick and Boomer: Helloooo, Nurse!

Brick: Uhhhh.......

Bubbles: I am not trying to be annoying.

Brick and Boomer: Aie!

Bubbles: I act like a nut, so they call me Macadamia
I dance like a klutz on a প্রদর্শনী called Animania.
[with overdubbed harmony]
Am I a cutie? Absolutie!
And a beauty, আপনি can bet your patooty!

Bubbles, Miss Bellum and Miss Keane: But if আপনি touch me, অথবা even get near me,
I'll have আপনি arrested...Do আপনি hear me?!

Brick and Boomer: Bubbles is a nut, so they call her Macadamia.
She's cracked in the head and kooky in the brainia.
Each line in this song sounds pretty much the samia....
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posted by aldrine2016
Buttercup: My color's greeny, I'm quite a meany, tomboyish to be exact,

I like punching, know what I mean, I give the baddies a crack,

Sometimes I lie, I might imply, I have a blanket that's green,

I am the toughest of the girls, I শীর্ষ my pie with vanilla swirls, and at the সৈকত I watch the turtles,

I buy sandwiches from the canteen,

Blossom and Bubbles: Canteen, [Buttercup sings along with them] She buys sandwiches from the canteen,

Buttercup: My candy's sweet অথবা bittersweet, do I look I have no fists?,

I can curl my tongue, don't say I'm wrong, cause If আপনি do that'll ruin my song, and of course...
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Buttercup destroys Bubbles' chalk/grounded

(Opening shot: the city skyline during the day.)
Narrator: The city of Townsville! (An animal’s cry echoes over the distance.) It’s high noon.
(Cut to the exterior of Pokey Oaks Kindergarten; we hear kids playing.)
Narrator: Just in time for recess at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten!
(Pan quickly to the playground, then go into a slower pan across it as he continues. We see kids on the playground equipment. Among them are Elmer, Harry, Mitch, Joey and his Asian colleague, Blossom, Julie Bean, and Mary. Ms. Keane keeps an eye on the class from the background.)...
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Song: link

Narrator: Sugar. Spice, and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls, but Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction. Chemical X!
Professor: *Gets moved backwards দ্বারা an explosion, but smiles when he sees what he created*
Narrator: Thus the Powerpuff Girls were born! Using their ultra super powers, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting crime, and the forces of evil.
Blossom: *Flies through the sky*
Bubbles: *Flying to the right of Blossom*
Buttercup: *Flying to the left of...
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 The Creampuff Girls
The Creampuff Girls
Blossom:Hey girls, look!
Bubbles:Pretty lights!
Buttercup:Some guys copied our powers আপনি idiot!
Blossom:Well, I don't think they're in the same family but they're going to the same house.
Bubbles:Or we can just spy on them!
Blossom:Good idea Bubbles!
Professer:*honks car horn* Come on girls!
Professer:I guess they have a playdate! How sweet!
Rahaf:Thanks for letting us watch TV here!
Arjin:No problem! I have movie channels now!
Sydney:No way!
Sydney:Let me see! Hmm... Ooh! Twilight!
Rahaf:Sydney! You've watched Twilight...
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Song: link

Him: *Watching the girls fly towards him*
Mayor: Oh goodie, they're coming.
Blossom: The mayor is being held hostage দ্বারা Him.
Bubbles: Not for long. *Goes faster*

With the blink of an eye, she quickly grabbed the mayor, and pulled him out of townhall.

Bubbles: *Gently places him on the sidewalk, and sets him free*
Mayor: Don't forget to save my pickles!
Him: *Shoots lasers at Bubbles*
Bubbles: Whoa! *Dodges the lasers*

They hit a জরান truck, and it blew up. Pickles flew everywhere.

Mayor: *Watching the pickles fall from the sky, and catches them with his hat* Never mind.
Buttercup: *Shoots...
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*note:the ppgs and rrbs are 13 years old*

Narrotor: the city of Townsville! Where there is nothing to do.....

Brick: Man I need to punch!! i havent fought anything since the when we were bad guys!

Boomer: why dont আপনি do what Butch does and piss offButtercup? Thats sure for আপনি to get a good fight

Brick: hmmm thats not a bad idea...plus Ive never fought Buttercup before so itd be new to me...haha i bet she'll be lame at fighting just like Blossom was!

(Brick flys over to the powerpuff girls house and crashes through the windows.Bubbles was drawing,Blossom was reading,and Buttercup was eating candy...
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posted by daisylove
ok ppl, a few of আপনি have heard of my জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা im trying to write that i HOPE will become an জীবন্ত someday called Chara Manga, im REALLY bored so im going to waste yur time and tell আপনি about it, ok?


Blossom (the powerpuff girls)

Bubbles (the powerpuff girls)

Breeze (fan character)

Buttercup (the powerpuff girls)

Dexter (dexter's labratory)


Amy (schnoodle11)

Tootie (the fairly odd parents)

Suzy (johnny bravo)

Isabella (phineas and ferb)

Ami (hi hi puffy ami yumi)

Yumi (hi hi puffy ami yumi)

Mandy (the grim adventures of billy and mandy)

Bunny (the powerpuff girls)

Mac & Bloo...
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posted by lillymango1
one দিন in blossoms lab *a tinny lab* she was working on a puff bot her hair was made of steel her eyes were স্বর্ণ and her self was beautyful blossom turnd on the robot "hi what your name " she ব্যক্ত with a hard core voice "my names blossom whats yours" ব্যক্ত blossom with a sweet voice " dont know yet " ব্যক্ত the robot puff "ill প্রদর্শনী আপনি to my family" ব্যক্ত blossom "family what is " ব্যক্ত the robot " family is were আপনি have some one that cares for আপনি " ব্যক্ত blossom " ok i come" *down stairs* "lalalalala i প্রণয় আপনি octi " ব্যক্ত bubbles " girls look what i made " ব্যক্ত blossom breathing in and out with...
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Narrator: Well seems like people are falling in প্রণয় today....wait a minute...who are they?!

(A guy with black hair and pale skin is walking towards Townsville Junior High with a guy with scaley green skin and green hair)

Nick: This town looks weird...

Evan: The people look weird

Nick: I wouldnt be talking, snakeboy!

Evan: *sarcastic laugh* hahaha shut up!
so whats this place called again?

Nick:....Townsville i think

Evan: why would Mr.Creeptan choose to live here?

Nick: i dont know..he ব্যক্ত something about how we can relate to some people here..


Nick: Really..

Evan: and we do we have to...
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Narrator: Meanwhile underground.
Sedusa: *Holding lots of dollars in her hands* I'm very lucky to have run into those two men. I got all the money, and I barely had to do a thing.
Narrator: The girls were also down there, using their X-ray vision to look through walls to find their suspect.
Bubbles: I think I found something.

The three girls found Sedusa climbing up a ladder.

Blossom: Let's go!!
Sedusa: *Climbs out of a manhole, and points her gun at a police car*
Police Officer: *Gets out, pulling his gun* Drop your weapon!
Sedusa: *Shoots the officer, gets in the police car, and takes off*

Song: link...
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