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Rachel:A চুম্বন with anyone, on অথবা off camera, can be intimidating. Ive been স্নেহ চুম্বন for nearly two decades now, and I'm always convinced I'm not doing it right.

Rachel McAdams: (about acting) I just enjoyed it as soon as I started doing it. It fulfilled something in me, and I'm so lucky that I found it.

Rachel McAdams: Chris Rock once ব্যক্ত something that was really interesting. He said, "Women would run the world if they didn't hate each other." That's the only thing preventing us from running this entire planet, that we hate each other!

Rachel McAdams: Mean girls are always going to exist,...
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Attention all আপনি Rachel lovers! We are holding a contest to see who can নকশা the best প্রতীকী and banner for this spot. Since we are in need of a new one, and most people want to see a change, we need to see the best!

For the icon, send in your work, অথবা whatever আপনি find, and add it on to this link.

For the new banner post your work in the Rachel McAdams অনুরাগী Art section. We already have one submission made দ্বারা the one and only, Oneshyguy46! Take a look!

 Think আপনি can do better than this?
Think আপনি can do better than this?

The আরো participants we get, the bigger this will become, and the আরো likely this will happen! So, get...
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