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 "and maybe we can have a triple তারিখ at the krusty krab!"
"and maybe we can have a triple date at the krusty krab!"
The পরবর্তি Day
Gary: Meow? (can i have a তারিখ too?)
Spongebob: sure Gary! Hazal told me she got a new girl Snail
Gary: *sounds sexy* meow!
Spongebob:and maybe we can go on a triple তারিখ at the Krusty Krab!
meanwhile at Hazal's house
Hazal:hey Arjin! wat's for breakfast!
Mary:Meow?(can i get a তারিখ too?)
Hazal:I told আপনি Mary! we'll go on a triple তারিখ at the Krusty Krab with Spongebob, Patrick, and Gary!
Mary:Meow Meow! (OK)
Hazal and Spongebob:Oops! i almost forgot to give আপনি food
both gives their শামুক food*
later at the krusty krab
SB and P:Hey girls
Both: নমস্কার boys!
so they were at the krusty krab for hours
পরবর্তি time:Sandy will wrestle Hazal and Patrick's big sister Sam will fight Arjin (me)oh the drama!!!
 "Meow? (can i get a তারিখ too?)"
"Meow? (can i get a date too?)"
 "Please Welcome, Hazal and Arjin!"
"Please Welcome, Hazal and Arjin!"
French Narrator: Ahh.. Mrs. Puff's Boating School, and I hear today there will be new students, let's see.
Mrs Puff: Good Morning Class, today we will have 2 new students, please welcome, Hazal and Arjin!
Class: *wearing funny masks and clapping*
Mrs Puff: OK Girls, take a আসন wherever আপনি want!
Narrator: Looks like theres only room পরবর্তি to Spongebob and Patrick.
Spongebob:Hi! I'm Spongebob! it's nice to meet you!
Hazal:Nice to meet আপনি too!
Patrick: I'm Patrick!
Arjin (me):Nice to meet আপনি Patrick!
Mrs Puff:Ok class, I just got a letter from the teacher's convention saying we need to have a school prom, if we don't, I'll get fired again.
Mrs Puff: The prom is in 3 days, so pick someone quick!
Who will Spongebob and Patrick pick? find out next!
 "Please welcome Hazal and Arjin!"
"Please welcome Hazal and Arjin!"
later at the prom
Spongebob:you look pretty
Patrick:and আপনি do to!!
uh oh! it's Plankton
Plankton:looks like that fool and his tubby friend have girlfriends.. well after the prom i'll kidnap them, kill spongebob and tubby, AND RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!
SB AND P:girls??? uh oh!
Patrick:hey spongebob, weren't the powerpuff girls Z in town
Spongebob:yeah, and they still are!
Patrick:then let's call them
Blossom:girls look
Spongebob:hi PLEASE HELP!!!
Blossom:let's transform!!
*after they transformed*
pLANKTON:fine take your girly girls back
Oh baby, they may call me a fool,
But I can't help our gravitational pull
When I stuff আপনি with cotton candy,
It reminds you're so sweet!
When we go riding, it's dandy
The way আপনি hang on to the seat

When I'm with with you
Our love
Is stronger than glue
Oh baby!
There isn't anything
There's nothing in the world
I wouldn't do
For you!!!

Hey! Let go of her, আপনি patty-eaters!
No! Get away!
Hi-ya! Hi-ya! Whooooah.. Ya Hi-ya! Yaaaaa! Ya ya ya ka ka ya wa wa ka wa ka ya hi-yayayayayaaaa!!!

Patty? Are আপনি okay sweetums?
I'm soooo sorry!!
I'll never let আপনি outta my sight again
And I'll always keep আপনি outta
Harms way!

Oh baby, I প্রণয় আপনি so strong,
That's why I'm গান গাওয়া this song.
Your looks are sweeter than honey,
From your pickles to your buns,
It ain't even funnyooaaooooaaa!
I'm comin' for ya! Oh no! Look at you!
Don't worry, Patty, I'll take care of this!
There ya go. All better.
Oh baby.
Pineapple ice-candy
7 cups of Pineapple Juice
10 peppermints - NOT FLAVORED
12 Iced Water
Pour Dole's Pineapple রস into Iced Waters,add NOT FLAVORED অথবা COLORED PEPPERMINTS, and freeze through 10 hours, অথবা UNTIL M.i.d.n.i.g.h.t, and eat it পরবর্তি morning.
Like The Recipe?
 Crying about the মৎসকুমারী together
Crying about the mermaids together
A wonderful morning in Bikini Bottom. "dahyayaya!" Laughed SpongeBob. While he was busy laughing, a moving truck passed by. "Look Gary! Some people are moving in! The truck stopped at a new house পরবর্তি to Patrick's. Spongebob ran to the house to great the people. The only 2 people who came out were a mermaid girl and a snail. "Hi! I'm SpongeBob! I live 2 blocks away and have a pet শামুক named Gary! Visit me any time!" Bloated Spongebob. "Hi SpongeBob! My name is Anna. I moved here cause my boyfriend did a week ago." ব্যক্ত the mermaid. "I'll tell আপনি when I see him!" ব্যক্ত SpongeBob skipping away...
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When I ripped my pants
I thought that I had everybody on my side,
'till I went and blew it,
all sky high
and now she won't even spare a passing glance
all just because I [rip] ripped my pants.
(Whole band singing)
When big Lary came 'round just to put him down
Spongebob turned into a clown
and no girl ever wants to dance
with a fool who went and [rip] ripped his pants
(Spongebob singing)
I know I shouldn't mope around,
I shouldn't curse
but the pain feels so much worse
Cause windin up with no one is a lot less fun
then a burn from the sun
or sand in your buns....

Now I learned a lesson I won't soon...
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"Ooh, Mr. Kraaaaabs!" Spongebob chimed, a krabby patty on one hand, and a flyer on the other.

"What is it, m'boy?" Mr Krabs came running from his office. He had been busy counting his money, penny দ্বারা penny and nickel দ্বারা nickel. Clearly he was not in the mood for another one of Spongebob's games.

"I found this -- oops, excuse me, Squidward," he almost dropped his patty, "I found this while I was delivering a patty to a customer! Seemed like it just slapped me in the face!"

In fact, it did slapped him in the face. A customer had put too much hot sauce on her খাবার and threw the thing straight across...
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posted by SandyCheeks101
I came to prance(prance 4 times)
I came to prance with all my friends(friends 4 times)
Then I decide to beat my lash(lash 4 times)
Give me some মহাকাশ from all those clams(clams 4 times)
Yeah,yeah.Bubbles go on and on and on--------
Yeah they go on and on and on--------yea-eah!
I throw my sponge hands in the water sometimes.
Sayin',"Eeeehhhyo!My hands are yel---------low!"
I wanna cel-a-brate,no sleep to-night!
Sayin',"Eeeehhhyo!Patrick,le-------t's go!"
'Cause I'm gonna soak this tub.
I'm gonna laugh all night.
We gonna toss some kelp,like it's Sponge-a-mite!
'Cause I absorbed it once!
Now I absorbed it...
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"Lalalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" SpongeBob sang as he was running প্রথমপাতা from work one day.He loved গান গাওয়া every time he came প্রথমপাতা from work,even when the neighbors threaten to have him arrested because it's so annoying to them.Little did the foolish sponge know that these পরবর্তি few weeks will be the most depressing of his life...
SpongeBob skipped up to his front door and noticed a letter poorly taped to it.He ripped it off and carefully read it:

SpongeBob SqaurePants,I hate আপনি too much to let আপনি live any longer.I WILL murder you.And if আপনি try to stop me,I'll bring your sorry little...
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posted by SandyCheeks101
Howdy,everybody!!I'm Sandy Cheeks,and I'm just so happy y'all made this here club for my pal SpongeBob,so thanks!SpongeBob just recently taught me how to use one of them computer things here,so now I can keep in touch with people around the world!!
I just got done doin' some of my exersizes in the treedome.Whoo whee,what a workout!I also done did me some karate with my pal,SpongeBob.So much fun,y'all!(I'd hate to brag,but I won...again.Don't tell SpongeBob!
I think I'm really gettin' the hang of this here "internet" thing.Sponge taught me আরো than a school of fish!I'm really liking this "Fanpop"...
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Well let's be honest, SpongeBob SquarePants went downhill after the সেকেন্ড season ended in 2001 when season 3 aired in 2002 and since 2002 which is 13 years ago, SpongeBob got worse. I mean, why people প্রণয় season 3? I hate season 3. Season 3 and the movie from 2004 ruined SpongeBob SquarePants’s Stephen Hillenburg era. To be honest, I prefer Pokemon because Pokemon is going strong and they reduced SpongeBob's character to a blithering idiot, whereas before he was a sophisticated and lovable idiot. I simply cannot watch many episodes from Season 3 onwards like Rock A Bye Bivalve, whereas...
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posted by Berrican
These times I saw many অনুরাগী have reacts to my updates. I'm so happy. Then I decided to thank all the অনুরাগী who reacts to my updates. I appreciate that. Please continue to react to my updates, I'll be আরো happy. To anyone who want to subscribe, অথবা impatient to wait আরো নবীকৃত তথ্য from me, please যোগদান my club: Berrican's subscribers

Sorry I didin't gave the link because it may coming soon অথবা not yet been created. But when it's ready, you'll find it at the search. Good luck with that, and once again, thank আপনি to react to my updates! Please continue to react to my new updates! I appreciate to the অনুরাগী that have been react to my নবীকৃত তথ্য these times! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
SpongeBob SqaurePants was at his pineapple house one day,gazing at the roof above him.He did not have to work at the Krusty Krab since it was Sunday,and he had absolutely nothing to do.He sighed while lying sideways on his livingroom couch,slowly sinking inside of it,getting আরো and আরো depressed.
SpongeBob all of a sudden sprung to his feet with a happy glow on his face."I know!" SpongeBob glittered."I'll go jellyfishing with Patrick!" SpongeBob ran past his pet snail,Gary,and headed out the front door.
He went পরবর্তি door to one of his best friends.Patrick Star's house.Patrick lived in a...
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SpongeBob SquarePants is an American animated টেলিভিশন series created দ্বারা marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg for Nickelodeon. The series chronicles the adventures and endeavors of the শিরোনাম character and his various বন্ধু in the fictional underwater city of Bikini Bottom. The series' popularity has made it a media franchise, as well as Nickelodeon network's highest rated show, and the most distributed property of এমটিভি Networks. The media franchise has generated $8 billion in merchandising revenue for Nickelodeon.

Many of the ideas for the series originated in an unpublished,...
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Spongebob has been বন্ধু with Patrick since he was a baby.spongbob and Patrick relationship is something u would call complicated.for example , Patrick tries to earn trophies.he copies off of spongebob which makes him angry and annoyed.but at the end of the দিন spongebob got a trophy.

Spongebob goes to a summer camp but patrick caused him to go on a prison ship.turns out they didnt really care as long as they were together.they had a great time. when the ship spongebob was suppose to be on comes to the island and gets them they dont like it there.they cried together.that was funny.

Spongebob and patrick have an argument about whos squidwards bestfriend.they hated eachother during their war.squidward set them up and brought them to his house and gave them plenty of soda when they were out squidward left.while they were alone they realized they will always be bestfriends and thats all that matters.
posted by ChuckyLover1
┃╭┃╰┏┳┳┳┳┓◯┃  spongebob

I luved spongebob since I was very little and I still do, my parents think it's a stupid প্রদর্শনী .. but I honestly don't care. Spongebob is funny, cute, goofy and smart! And when I need a laugh he is there! I watch his shows almost EVERYDAY! And im gonna keep watching them everyday! :) Spongebob oN!
SP:I call this one the campfire song song:
Lets gather around the campfire and sing our campfire song,our C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G- SONG AND IF আপনি DON'T THINK THAT WE CAN SING IT FASTER THAN YOUR WRONG!BUT IT'LL HELP IF U JUST SING ALONG!
Okay, none of আপনি Spongebob অনুরাগী kill me, because this I something I heard on YouTube. Patrick likes Spongebob আরো than a বন্ধু way. THE GAY WAY, to make it short and sweet. I heard from lots of people on YouTube, parodies, and animators that Patrick loves Spongebob. At first I believed they had a brotherly relationship, with nothing whatsoever that worried me to the point I have seen now. Sure, they may cry in each other's arms and occasionally give FRIENDLY hugs and high fives, but that doesn't mean their gay. Come on now. Super stupid. They are friends; if they were gay, that means that Nickelodeon would have to বাতিল the show. That's inappropriate. NO SE? If আপনি don't, please message me অথবা মতামত in the মতামত box.

~Zoe :)
Credits goes to NesquickP
I really enjoyed পাঠ করা this Fanfic, it's a worth পাঠ করা for.
Chapter 1: Welcome to Bikini Bottom
I made this series a long time পূর্বে and forgot about it. So im re- uploading the series and will post as many new chapters as i can! This story has a lot of themes and story similar to Gravity Falls. It will have some similar plot points of other Spongebob episodes but with my own twist on the series with a mysterious turn! Hope আপনি all enjoy!

Legend of Bikini Bottom

Act 1

Chapter 1: Welcome to Bikini Bottom

"Whoever ব্যক্ত 'the less আপনি know, the better you're off' must of never...
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