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posted by hooch-is-crazy
Well, here they are at last, the Fanpoppy award winners, the best of the best in Fanpop, all of the ভোট have been counted, all of the bribes have been taken and now we have the winners.

Best Pick Series:

The nominees are...

- “Fan of the Fortnight” picks দ্বারা pkmntrainerj
- “Best shows A-Z” picks দ্বারা x-missmckena-x
- “Oh No!” picks in the House MD spot দ্বারা oldmovie
- “Fanpop Costume Contest” picks দ্বারা Harold
- “The প্রণয় Test” picks দ্বারা hellgirl223

And the winner is...

“Fan of the Fortnight” picks দ্বারা pkmntrainerj!!!

Best Option Added to an Existing Pick:

The nominees are...

- Cinders...
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First Of All, I would like to thank the usual people, আপনি know my parents and all that shit, পরবর্তি I would like to thank dazl, who accepted my bribe, and of course, the cookie company, who made it, now unfortuantely, there was an open bar, so I'm now drinking and fanpopping, so, because of my best নীতিবাণী wins, here are some life mottos that apply to Fanpop.

The early অনুরাগী gets the prop.

Poeple who make glass spots shouldn't throw comments. (Told আপনি I've been drinking!)

Too many picks spam the updates.

Where there's a pick, there's an answer.

You can lead a অনুরাগী to spot, but can আপনি make him add content....
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 [b]this is true[/b]
[b]this is true[/b]
Okay admit it আপনি only voted for my প্রতীকী cause আপনি love coffee its okay now that the voting is over. We all know there are আরো coffee প্রেমী out there than what are letting on.

Who wants চকোলেট how could that beat out my coffee spot really, but I guess they have the same ingredient. I will live with the fact that I know আপনি secretly really do like coffee আপনি can't deny it any more. If I didn't প্রণয় coffee so much চকোলেট would have been my other

To all those who nominated and voted for me thank আপনি deeply from the bottom of my coffee mug...
 [i]you guys are the best thanks and thanks for voting for me[/i]
[i]you guys are the best thanks and thanks for voting for me[/i]
posted by pollyloveshouse
 I was meant to tell আপনি Claire was awesome in this, apparently. Didn't fit with the poem though...
I was meant to tell you Claire was awesome in this, apparently. Didn't fit with the poem though...
Dude, I’ve won a fanpoppy!
I’ve broken out into spontaneous poetry!
I don’t know quite what to do now,
I প্রণয় it, and don’t want to seem a cow,
Eternally grateful to those who voted
And the judges, wonderfully devoted
The night has been a blast
Near a week, did it last?
No noticeable disasters,
No need for any plasters.

What is this British slang?!
Always hits me with a twang.
If I were normal, I wouldn’t care
My American roots, just to share
Plasters just sounds so posh and drawn out
Said দ্বারা people who like to pout
A terrible word, if I say so myself
I’ll put it in a book, put it on my শীর্ষ shelf....
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 the only exclusive fanpoppy news
the only exclusive fanpoppy news
At midnight the fanpoppy nominations will end and
as the last few অনুরাগী make quick decisions and hunt through ফ্যানপপ to find the best content, other অনুরাগী desperately add আরো content in hopes of being nominated. আরো well prepared অনুরাগী all over fandom are busy planning speeches, practicing disappointed faces and hunting though profiles and the fashion spot for that perfect outfit and a fanpopable date.
Whilst all this was going on i went to catch the real scoop on the fanpoppy awards just for আপনি guys.

My first interest was in the awards that have recieved the most hype and questions,
the special...
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 David Letterman and the শীর্ষ "FIVE" তালিকা
David Letterman and the top "FIVE" list
শীর্ষ 5 reasons why I did not win a FanPoppy award:

5. No মতামত

4. I stink at লেখা Soapbox প্রবন্ধ and adding cool লিঙ্ক for the link spot

3. I won't PICK my nose like link অথবা take nudes ছবি like link অথবা make a sex VIDEO like link

2. I add absolutely nothing to the link spot

and the number one reason why I did not win a Fanpoppy award is..

1. Everybody Hates Me
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Tonight, I would like to dedicate this Fanpoppy to God. It is he who has shown me how to demonstrate compassion to others and প্রদত্ত me the patience and strength to persevere when it seems like I have come to the end of my rope. Because of him I have the capacity to প্রণয় every one of you. আপনি are all in my prayers.

First I want to thank all of আপনি that took the time to nominate me for this award (specifically, MayBeAStarbucks, Cinders, Idahovandalfan, Chel, KnifeWrench, DarkSarcasm, and SpasticNature). The words আপনি wrote about me touched my হৃদয় and warmed my soul. It makes me happy to know...
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posted by amazondebs
নমস্কার guys I'm back due to জনপ্রিয় demand!
As the Fanpoppy awards is due to take place tomorrow, অনুরাগী all over Fandom are placing their ভোট and holding their breaths and once again i did some serious interviewing with our Fanpoppy nominees asking them প্রশ্ন about the awards and just some যেভাবে খুশী ones for fun too.

So here are this years Fanpoppy nominee profiles

Name: Lila856
Nominated for: outstanding contributions to one spot

what will be your Fanpoppy awards outfit?
my original designer ফ্যানপপ LOGO dress, duhrr

who will be your Fanpoppy awards date?
DAVE, my তারিখ rules the kingdom!...
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