Total Drama's Courtney and Scott Where is this going?

crystalpotato posted on Nov 02, 2013 at 04:26AM
episode nine they'll be a real couple. this we know for solid fact. and tho the promos have been misleading in the past from the promo we do see them upset toward one another… so the suspense is killing me here but all i know is if they don't stay together they just wasted a whole 4 episodes of relationship build and foreshadowing. not to mention with 4-5 more episodes left they can't be with each other in the game for much longer (which is highly upsetting) unless they get pulled into a final two couple showdown which i think would end badly. although if they make it to the final four together then i may be able to live a little longer…. idk am i fangirl panicking right now? too much? i just need to know i can't handle the wait time!

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