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posted by dreaminjess
Hello my name is Jess and I will be starting college this fall, however I am extremely short on cash and am forced to sell quite a few of my belongings including my collection of Uglydolls. I have approx. 20 Uglydolls which in time I will have listed on my ebay account under this same user name but at the moment i only have one listed. I would prefer to sell my items to true অনুরাগী of the items as opposed to regular buyers so please visit my ebay page. All the items are listed for extremely cheap.
Please and thank you,

P.S:I only accept Paypal payments
posted by rubyroo22
Heloo, I am rubyroo22 I am clearly in প্রণয় with uglydolls and I have 8 of them. Uglydolls are a great toy for kids ages 3 and up. My first uglydoll was when I was four, it was Wage. Now I have Wage, Babo, Babo`s Bird, Tray, Icebat, Ox, Moxy, and Winkolina. If আপনি are a huge অনুরাগী of uglydolls like me go to and আপনি will find yourself in a wonderland, if আপনি do not like uglydolls then.....WHAT ARE আপনি DOING ON THIS WEBSITE!!!!?????? Uglydolls are a great experice for kids. My বন্ধু all have uglydolls and they just প্রণয় them, don`t you!!!???? Uglydolls are my পছন্দ thing to play with. Why would আপনি want a cute fluffy stuffed animal when আপনি can get a uglydoll!!! In this reveiw I talked about how amazing uglydolls are there are aboustly no flaws. Thank আপনি soooooo much for পাঠ করা this reveiw and i do enchorge ugly doll অনুরাগী to go on!!!!!
 some আরো uglydolls
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