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@ mt moonshine

vector: what a perfect place to practice

charmy: yeah soo আপনি want me too flim this and send this to creams mom right

vector: (blush) no no fliming this time charmy

espio: this is wired i since a disturbence

vector: নমস্কার y did everything get cloudy all of a sunden

charmy: wow whats the giant metal thing up there in the sky

vector and espio: what the!?!

cloud: y hello there my name is মেঘ the headgehog and what perfect lil people to try my new machine

vector: what did আপনি say!!! your gonna pay

espio: ninja whirl leaf storm (five suruikens apper around him and lunch at the ship)

cloud: you...
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posted by sorandom15
lily: soo u told me আপনি wolud tell me if u had bff before me

brenden: well yes

lily: soooo

brenden: well i was 7 u see and i lived from a lil girl her name was amy well one দিন we went to go play and we saw this blue headgehog run up this পাহাড় he seemed like our age soo we went to see if he wanted to play soo দেওয়াল we were going to ask him well a robot takes amy away and the blue guy saved her well after that i had to tell amy something but she dident have time cuse she wanted to find that blue guy well after that দিন i left and i nvaer saw her agian all i have is this pic of us as kids

lily:o wow...
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brenden: im so glad that are rescue base is open

lily: me to cant wiat

derrick: well lets hope are first mission is einterianing

lily and brenden: yep hahah

meanwhile in the forest

red: sniff mmm the ফুলেরডালি smell so nice

bandit: hello

red: huh

bandit: attacks

red: নমস্কার knock it off

bandit: takes her purse

red: wi wiat

bandit: long gone

red so this is the place i wolud rather have brenden do my job but i dont know where he is

inside expoler base
red: hello is anyone here

lily: hmmm may i help u!?! RED

red: lily নমস্কার there

brenden: lily do we have a customor o hi red whats up

after a long story ........*yawn*

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