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নারুত Shippuden: Sasuke came back but so did a lot dead people

Durarara: city full of fucked up people

Hunter x Hunter: lots of training lots of dying

Haikyuu: gay ভলিবলখেলা players in denial

Dmmd: no one is straight

No.6: killer bees and two gay boys

Hetailia: personified countries that are gay

Darker than Black: were killing each other but we don't know why

Prince of Tennis: everyone sucks at টেনিস except me

New Prince of Tennis: হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ I'm still better than everyone

Sword Art Online: four girls প্রণয় me but i chose the one that can kick my ass

Tokyo Ghoul: we eat people but we also eat each other

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AI meaning "love" (愛藍) - Japanese girl name.
AIKA meaning "love song" (愛佳) - Japanese girl name.
AIKO meaning "child of love" (愛子) - Japanese girl name.
AIMI meaning "love beautiful" (愛美) - Japanese girl name.
AINA meaning "love vegetables" (愛菜) - Japanese girl name.
AIRI meaning "love jasmine" (愛莉) - Japanese girl name.
AKANE meaning "brilliant red" (茜) - Japanese girl name.
AKEMI meaning "bright beautiful" (明美) - Japanese girl name.
AKI meaning "bright / autumn" (明 / 秋) - Japanese unisex name.
AKIHIRO meaning "great brightness" (明宏) - Japanese boy name.
AKIKO meaning...
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October 1, 1921 Goldva (Shaman King)
October 1 Rusie Ren Ren (BASTARD!)
October 1 Katsumi Shibuya (Zetsuai/Bronze)
October 1 Laurence Laurent (Sakura Taisen 3)
October 1 Oboe (The Violinist of Hameln)
October 2, 1940 Lau Chan (Virtua Fighter)
October 2, 4980 Mylandah Arkar Walder (Battle Athletes Daiundokai)
October 2 Minky Momo (Minky Momo)
October 2 Chocolab (Shaman King)
October 2 Ritsuko Takahashi (Jigoku Sensei Nuube)
October 2 Noriko Ohara (voice actor) Oyuki (Urusei Yatsura), Claudia Lasalle (Macross), Nobita (Doraemon), Conan (Future Boy Conan)
October 3, 1952 Choutarou Banba...
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May 1, 1995 Jackie Gudelhian (Cyber Formula)
May 1, 761 UC Alex Caselnes (Legend of Galactic Heroes)
May 1 Nana Minagawa (Kakyuusei)
May 1 Chouji Akamichi (Naruto)
May 1 Kouichi Mizuno (Tonde Buurin)
May 1 Subaru (Fushigi Yuugi)
May 1 ম্যাক্সি (Soul Calibur)
May 2, 1754 Andre (Rose of Versailles)
May 2, 1986 Jun/Swan Jun (Gatchaman)
May 2 Airs Blue (Mugen no Ryvius)
May 2 Rail তরবারবিশেষ (Lost Universe)
May 2 Mizuki Ashiya (Hanazakari no Kimitachi E)
May 2 Roy Bromwell (Rival Schools 2)
May 2, 1968 Hikaru Midorikawa (voice actor) Heero (Gundam W), Tamahome (Fushigi Yuugi), Zelgadis (Slayers),...
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posted by Sammisaurus
A weebo is much like an Otaku. Weebo's-or commonly misspelled, Weaboo- is an over obsessive অনুরাগী of Japanese culture, and are giving Otakus a bad name. They revolve their whole lives around জীবন্ত and manga, usually with the main stream material. The common Otaku likes anime, and does occasionally cosplay. Weebos just cosplay and watch জীবন্ত to be like the Otakus. Weebos are usually বন্ধু with Otakus, and want to impress them. (So they watch Naruto, Inuyasha, etc.)
Most weebos speak Waponese, অথবা use গুগুল translate to act like they know Japanese.
They misuse the words "Baka," "Kawaii desu,""Moshi-Moshi," "Aishiteru," and so much more.
Most of them use names on chatrooms with the word "Anime," "Kitty," "Maid," and "Manga" beware!
The otakus would like them out of their fanbase, please.

July 1 Masaya Sakurai (Prince of Tennis)
July 1 Tokie Sakurai ([Zettai Muteki] Raijin-Oh)
July 1 Asuza Hinomori (Pia Carrot 2)
July 1 Kouji Ishii (voice actor) Mitsukake (Fushigi Yuugi), Fujisawa-sensei (El Hazard)
July 1 Chie Satou (voice actor) Tokie, Yoshiaki (Raijin-Oh), Uchiyama (Marmalade Boy)
July 2, 1919 Youmei Asakura (Shaman King)
July 2, 1955 55 Sagat (Street Fighter 2)
July 2, 1972 Izumi Shimamura (Mama is a Fourth Grader)
July 2, 1986 Sakuya Morimura (Tokimeki Memorial Girls' Side)
July 2 Chara Soon (Gundam ZZ)
July 2 Makoto Kagurazaka (Hanazakari no Kimitachi E)
July 2 Reiko...
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~07 Ghost~

February 3 – Shuri Oak
March 3 – Mikage
July 8 – Hyuuga
September 25 – Kuroyuri
October 15 – Hakuren Oak
December 1 – Teito Klein
December 24 – Castor

~Akihabara Dennou-Gumi / Cyber Team in Akihabara~

March 3, 1998 – Hibari Hanakoganei
May 5, 1997 – Tsugumi Higashijujo
May 15, 1989 – Jun Gotokuji / Blood Falcon
June 6, 1997 – Tsubame Ootorii
July 7, 1997 – Suzume Sakurajosui
August 18, 1993 – Hatoko Daikanyama
September 19, 1990 – Miyama Zoshigaya/Death Crow
October 10, 1510 – Christian Rosenkreuz
November 11, 1997 – Kamome Sengakuji
December 12, 1997 – Uzura Kitaurawa...
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November 1, 1770 Gaira Kafuin (Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits)
November 1, 1959 Eriko Hara (voice actor) Hikaru Hiyama (Kimagure কমলা Road), Patty (Gall Force), Ayako (Slam Dunk)
November 1, 1974 Hello Kitty (Sanrio character)
November 1 Mizuki Inaba (Full Metal Panic!)
November 1 কুইন Beryl (Sailor Moon)
November 1 Yuki Azuma (Princess Nine)
November 1 Kei Munakata (eX-D)
November 1 Ikutidal (Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de)
November 1 Atsuko Enomoto (voice actor) Yukino Miyazawa (Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou)
November 2, 1755 Marie Antoinette (Rose of Versailles)
November 2, 1966 Ryo Shimu...
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I wanted to watch জীবন্ত but instead I got only got hentaiI wanted to watch জীবন্ত but instead I got only got hentaiI wanted to watch জীবন্ত but instead I got only got hentaiI wanted to watch জীবন্ত but instead I got only got hentaiI wanted to watch জীবন্ত but instead I got only got hentaiI wanted to watch জীবন্ত but instead I got only got hentaiI wanted to watch জীবন্ত but instead I got only got hentaiI wanted to watch জীবন্ত but instead I got only got hentaiI wanted to watch জীবন্ত but instead I got only got hentaiI wanted to watch জীবন্ত but instead I got only got hentaiI wanted to watch জীবন্ত but...
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শীর্ষ 10 জীবন্ত Babes

Before giving জীবন্ত a chance I used to think it was impossible to find an attractive জীবন্ত guy . While I still think most জীবন্ত guys are rather plain, there are some exceptions that are total babes! There's also আরো varieties of styles than I thought. I'll apologize in advance for my weird মতামত haha.

10. Guts (Berserk)

Guts is without a doubt one of the most masculine (and bad ass) characters I've ever seen. He's really tall, has a great jawline,huge thighs, and a hot voice to go with all that manliness. Not to mention that I প্রণয় me some thick guys with impressive shoulder...
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In season 2, episode 10 Kuroko Tetsuya from
Kuroko's বাস্কেটবল was in Assassination Classroom.

The scene shows that he was waiting in line for the E Class cafe.

I was so shocked even thought he was only in for like 2 অথবা 3 সেকেন্ড I can't believe he actually appeared in
Assassination Classroom!

All অনুরাগী of Kuroko's বাস্কেটবল and Assassination Classroom please tell me what your reaction was in the comments!

Watch Assassination Classroom season 2 on KissAnime with this link:


And can আপনি find Kuroko in the pic below?
“I can’t believe you’ve never been to a fair, Edward,” আপনি said, jokingly punching the boy in the arm as the two of আপনি approached the booth to get your wristbands. আপনি were going to get the twenty dollar ones so আপনি could ride everything without having to use tickets.

“Ow, couldn’t আপনি have at least punched my other arm?” He said, holding his left arm with a scrunched up face, still feeling the pain from where আপনি punched it. আপনি giggled. He had fought so many bad guys without one complaint about hurting, but আপনি মুষ্ট্যাঘাত him once and he acts like he’s dying from the pain.

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100 Rules of Anime

The laws of জীবন্ত is a growing তালিকা of physical, universal, and natural phenomenon that seem to appear in various forms in all sorts of anime. The original intent was an effort to classify these incidents into a তালিকা of "laws" that explained how জীবন্ত physics are different from our own (real?) world. It is our hope that আপনি find them useful to studying Anime, অথবা at the very least, worth good chuckle.

#1 - Law of Metaphysical Irregularity- The normal laws of physics do not apply.

#2 - Law of Differential Gravitation- Whenever someone অথবা something jumps, is
thrown, অথবা otherwise...
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posted by tigerwolf
 this is the cover of the book
this is the cover of the book
this is from my পছন্দ MONSTER. it's a story about a monster with out a name the story name is the nameless monster.Franz Bonaparta is a characters from monster he wrote the story.that ends up affect Johan and Anna's Liebert life and others. this story is suppose to hypnotize kids and turn them into perfect killers. i hope আপনি enjoy it!

A long, long time পূর্বে in a land far away, There was a monster without a name. The monster wanted a name so badly. So the monster left to go on a journey to find a name. But the world was so large that he বিভক্ত করা into two to make his journey. One went to the west...
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Anime: Japanese for "animation" অথবা "cartoons." In American fandom however, it's used to refer to any form of অ্যানিমেশন produced in Japan. জীবন্ত comes in the form of animated TV shows অথবা movies, video games, and comic books.

AMV: stands for জীবন্ত সঙ্গীত Video. AMVs are চলচ্ছবি made দ্বারা অনুরাগী that feature scenes from জীবন্ত together with audio from another উৎস such as English songs, dialogue অথবা সঙ্গীত from another TV show, অথবা movie trailers. The best AMVs are praised for their good video editing techniques and cleverness in choosing the best জীবন্ত scenes to go with the chosen song অথবা dialogue.

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posted by sapphirez
This is my first guide প্রবন্ধ in জীবন্ত fanspot:

In FBNFH, the location is only in the Mysterious Planet ( Fushigi Boshi ).
There are 7 kingdoms in Fushigi Boshi which is;

-Sunny Kingdom
-Water Kingdom
-Jewel Kingdom
-Moon Kingdom
-Windmill Kingdom
-Flame Kingdom
-Seed Kindom

The prince and princess in each kingdoms are;

Sunny Kingdom;

-Fine *
-Rein *

Water Kingdom;

-Mirlo *

Jewel Kingdom;

-Bright *

Moon Kingdom;

Shade *

Windmill Kingdom;

-Sophie *
-Auler *
( They have the same age but despite of the maturity, I guess it's...
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Amu - Shugo Chara
Ran -Shugo Chara
Chibi-usa - Sailor Moon
Misha - Pita-Ten
Sakura - Naruto
Mew Ichigo - Tokyo Mew Mew
Kallen - Code Geass
Euphemia - Code Geass
Anya - Code Geass
Beauty - Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
Miyuki - Lucky Star
Akira - Lucky Star
Lacus - Gundam
Yachiru - Bleach
Milfeulle - Galaxy Angel
Moka - Rosario Vampire
Morodashi - xxxHOLiC
Tayuya - Naruto
Black Lady - Sailor Moon
Haruko - FLCL
Hikaru - Magic Knight Rayearth
Fuka Narutaki - Mahou Sensei Negima!
Anemone - Eureka Seven

I hope আপনি liked it I know it's not alot of people ^_^" but..........I go 21 of them!
 Black lady
Black lady
posted by Sasunaru120

1.Naruto by:markzer

The wind of youth blows,
Helping the will of আগুন grow,
Cause if it ever leaves the Leaf,
We'd have no place to go,

The way that we unite,
The war not passing by,
We take part in the fight,
And take down sword and eye,

To fight for what we love,
To defend what we hold dear,
This aint about our pride,
Or about gods from above,
Our own desires pushed aside,
We're fighting out of fear,

Fear for our friendships,
Fear for all that's good,
To defend those things so pure,
We all do what we should,
We stand up against evil,
We can be the...
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 এল-মৃত্যু পত্র from Death Note, who ranks #1 on the তালিকা
L from Death Note, who ranks #1 on the list
The website ranks these characters based on how many "hearts" they receive from members. Here are the শীর্ষ fifty most loved জীবন্ত characters, on that website:

1) L from Death Note
2) Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist / Brotherhood
3) Lelouch vi Britannia/Lamperouge from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
4) Hatake কাকাসি from নারুত / Shippuden
5) Light Yagami from Death Note
6) Roy আমেরিকার বন্য ঘোড়াবিশেষ from Fullmetal Alchemist / Brotherhood
7) Ryuk from Death Note
8) Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach
9) Lucy from Elfen Lied
10) Kisuke Urahara from Bleach
11) C.C. from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
12) Kanade...
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Recently the movie “Rascal does not dream of dreaming girl” has been on the trending তালিকা in জীবন্ত Community. Personally, even I feel that it is worth a watch cause it deals with a good plot and আপনি won’t be able to predict anything until আপনি watch it as the story has nothing to do with the show’s title. I can assure আপনি it will definitely be a decent watch.
The story revolves around a High School boy Sakuta who once experienced the Adolescence Syndrome and seeks out to help his বন্ধু who are suffering from this syndrome. Throughout the whole season it clearly potrays one’s high...
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