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posted by AtticusMadness
My opinion i dont like this episode because its boaring আপনি barely see benny he should be seen 24/7 hes the cuttest one sorry ethan and rory lover but atticus is hot he should be seen the most he should be seen not herd ethan is like the main charater and im not happy with that do any one eles agree atticus should be seen all the time hes beautiful i প্রণয় him that is the only episode i have a promble with i প্রণয় the other ones they totally need to fix that problem and they need to make benny stop flrting with sarah পরবর্তি thing আপনি know they will be dating like zack efron and vanessa hungens that would break my little হৃদয় to peaces he is to amazing for that girl no offince i প্রণয় vanessa but i dont want her with atticus he could do better than her he is beautiful any girl would be lucky to have him