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added by Ieva0311
Boy group B.A.P made the set of MBC Every1`s 'Weekly Idol' explode in laughter several times on the August 22nd brodcast.

Member Bang Youngguk reminisced with MC Jung HyungDon on his pre-debut appearance on MBC`s 'Lula-Lula',when he was teased for his lack of experience of TV shows.He also almost fell for the যেভাবে খুশী প্রশ্ন from MC Defconn,"Do আপনি প্রণয় Secret`s Ji eun?" referring to the duet they performed last year,'Going Crazy'.He was forced to say force to say "Yes,I প্রণয় her"after being jokingly grabbed and threatened দ্বারা Jung HyungDon,who hugged the poor idol after with his forced answer....
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added by Ieva0311