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SEGA has not been kind to the supporting cast lately. Sonic Boom looks promising, but being a spin-off set in an entirely different universe, it has little impact on the main line of Sonic games. Blaze has received the brunt of this treatment, as has every character besides Sonic, Eggman, and Tails (to an extent). However, Blaze has a problem unique to her likeness; Silver. He has also been sidelined as a result of SEGA's "Return to the Roots" approach to সাম্প্রতিক titles, but in most সাম্প্রতিক titles in which he does appear, he appears alongside Blaze. Silver happens to be quite the hit with the...
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I've seen people become die hards and for people (like me) who want to be one, here's some steps for this club.

1) Contribute চলচ্ছবি everyone enjoys.2
2) Contribute লিঙ্ক everyone enjoys.
3) Contribute প্রতিমূর্তি everyone enjoys.
4) Contribute fanpicks and উত্তর that everyone will answer and enjoy :)

আপনি may start off as a Dedicated Fan, but as time progresses and as আপনি devote আরো of your time to this club, it will eventually develop into a Die-Hard. And who knows, maybe you'll get a Fanatic :3

This is a repost so don't give me any troll threats about it. (that includes আপনি Darkhorn) ^^ im trying to help some people.