Courage the Cowardly Dog The Bi-Polar Personality of Ma Bagge

hekate92 posted on Sep 20, 2009 at 12:14AM
To most Courage fans,we all know Ma Bagge,the mother of the most despised character in the series:Eustace Bagge,we can see from the genetic make up,can't imagine what his father was like when he was breathing oxygen.In my opinion (although not appreciated all the time),that Ma Bagge has Bi-Polar dysfunction,espicially when it comes to Courage,one moment she will be nice to him,and half way through the episode,she will turn into a nasty twit like her son.Eustace also gets his greed and low self esteem from his mother,the beauty of genetics at work,for it looks like she has PMS all the time.Now,another opinion is that Eustace's low self esteem about being bald and the need to pick on people or animals smaller then him,is from Ma Bagge,from her being bald,she made fun of him,and has a relationship with him that any psychatrist in the world would LOVE to work with (NOT!!!!!)

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