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Aurora was always third on my beauty list, but I had replaced her with Belle. Now there's Aurora instead of Rapunzel and Ariel, so she's fourth on my list. Aurora is a very beautiful princess.

Her hair reminds me of a golden waterfall. It's really nice to have your hair curled. Also, Aurora's eyes are perfect! বেগুনী color. The rarest eye color. Her lashes are also gorgeous and united. The shape of his payload is oval which is perfect. আপনি are amazing Aurora.

I find Aurora very beautiful, but I can't say I প্রণয় her very much because I find her absolutely boring. She knows nothing but dancing, গান গাওয়া and getting up with a kiss.
The reason I wrote this প্রবন্ধ is because people always talk about classic ডিজনি princesses and forget about live action princesses. My পছন্দ live-action princesses are Audrey and Mal. Yes, no matter how bad Audrey is, she will always be my পছন্দ villain.

Audrey is Aurora's daughter. I saw a মতামত last night. The প্রশ্ন in the মতামত was:
Do আপনি like Audrey আরো অথবা Aurora?
I chose Aurora because Aurora was a good person. But now I realize how wrong I was. Aurora is so boring, all she does is cry and wake up with graceful gestures and kisses. However, Audrey has feelings. Don't get me wrong, I still প্রণয় Aurora but Audrey isn't boring so I want to pick both.

Audrey has always been a smug person. She is a bad person. It was because She was heartbroken, it touched me. Audrey just wanted to be a কুইন like her mother and make her happy, but she chose evil when she couldn't achieve her goal.

I প্রণয় both very much. Audrey and Aurora are both great. Both are beautiful.
So...I begin this দ্বারা saying that I am an adult অনুরাগী of Ariel. Impacted দ্বারা The Little Mermaid from the age of 9, I am an adult collector, and I currently have Ariel ALL OVER my adult bedroom.

I commend লেখক Liz Braswell on her "nods" to the elements found in the original 1989 film that is known world over. Some passages of the book she has written made sense to me, while other parts did not. *Eric getting a tattoo was not one of my stand-out পছন্দ moments, and it jarred with all of the proceeding characterization প্রদত্ত to him দ্বারা the author*

I suppose, for those who didn't প্রণয় Ariel's original...
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For those of আপনি who don't know/remember Legend of Mor'Du was a short that was included on the ব্রেভ dvd. It started out like how Elinor explained it to Merida; the King leaves the kingdom to his 4 sons to rule together instead of leaving it all to the oldest, the oldest starts a war, and the entire kingdom falls to ruin. The short explains how Mor'Du met the witch and became a ভালুক and what happened after.

Today's rewatch: Legend of Mor'Du
Last time watched: 2012

How much did I like this short when it came out?
When I watched this short I didn't know what to expect, especially with the witch telling...
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The most beautiful princesses are my পছন্দ princesses, Elsa and Anna. Third, there's Belle. This প্রবন্ধ is about ugly princesses. I'll rank them from least ugliest to ugliest.

4- Mulan
Mulan isn't that ugly, she just has thick eyebrows when she's a man. Mulan's eyes are so ugly without makeup. If মুলান had stayed with make-up and long hair throughout the movie, she wouldn't be on this list.

3- Merida
The only thing I প্রণয় about Merida is her long curly কমলা hair. His face and eyes are very round.

2- Kida
Kida's hair is white and her bangs are crooked. Also, her bangs are rectangular, which...
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হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ
I've always loved Rapunzel, she's number four on my পছন্দ princess list. But some people don't agree with me so I'll explain that.

Why people dislike Rapunzel:

1- They see Rapunzel as someone who can do anything, they look for flaws
I cant believe! Why do people see Rapunzel as a completed character? Hobbies and resourcefulness don't make her a do-it-all. For example, I swim, write stories, play the piano, take গান গাওয়া lessons, take a software course, but that doesn't mean I'm perfect অথবা boring. On the contrary, it makes me an influential person and a colorful personality.

2- People hate Rapunzel's...
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Almost every Aurora অনুরাগী hates Princess Audrey. I will explain to আপনি why:
"Because it looks like Aurora raised Audrey to be a bad person"
No, neither Aurora nor Audrey had any fault in this. Audrey was choosing to be bad just because her হৃদয় broke. If Ben had chosen Audrey over Mal, then Audrey would still be good.

Seriously, don't আপনি pity Audrey, heartless? Wouldn't your হৃদয় break if your boyfriend suddenly left আপনি and started dating someone else?

Moreover, there was a small detail in the song "Queen of Mean". In one of the many pictures in Audrey's room, the childhood ছবি of Ben and...
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This is the ডিজনি Princesses খাবার guide. Do not forget to enjoy while পাঠ করা and specify the most delicious dish in the comments. There are pictures of the খাবার they ate at the end of the article.

1- মুলান (Rice and porridge)
At the beginning of the movie, she was slowly eating a bowl of ধান with china chopsticks as a delicate and beautiful girl. Later, when মুলান disguised as a man and woke up in the war tent, Mushu fed her a delicious জাউ with her eyes omelette for breakfast.

2- Merida (Apple)
Merida was eating an আপেল when lords from different countries gathered in the courtyard to...
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This time my প্রবন্ধ will be about the pets of ডিজনি princesses. I find them all sweet. Do not forget to mention your পছন্দ pet in the comments.

1- Elsa (Bruni)
Elsa had become good বন্ধু with Bruni, the আগুন spirit. Bruni is a lizard, so he's considered a pet.

2- Rapunzel (Pascal and Maximus)
Rapunzel's best friend and pet is the sweet Pascal, whose chameleon. Pascal is really smart. Pascal is my পছন্দ pet. Maximus isn't really Rapunzel's horse, but he's with her throughout the adventure, so it's sort of like a pet.

3- জুঁই (Rajah)
Jasmine's pet was Rajah, a huge tiger. She was very good বন্ধু with him.

4- Merida (Angus)
Merida had a loyal and furry horse named Angus. Angus was completely black, with only a few whites on his nose.

5- Cinderella( mice)
সিন্ড্রেলা got along with mice and could talk to them. She even sewed clothes for mice.

6- Pocahontas( Meeko and Flit)

That bird and the fluffy friend were her friends
All ডিজনি Princesses:
1- Princess Elsa
2- Princess Anna
3- Princess Ariel
4- Princess Snow White
5- Princess Moana
6- Princess Rapunzel
7- Princess Kida
8- Princess Belle
9- Princess Giselle
10- Princess Tiana
11- Princess Aurora
12- Princess Cinderella
13- Princess Megara
14- Princess Esmeralda
15- Princess Elionwy
16- Princess Odette
17- Princess Mal
18- Princess Evie
19- Princess Audrey
20- Princess Jasmine
21- Princess Pocahantas
22- Princess Mulan
23- Princess Merida

PS: I wrote all the princesses, tell your পছন্দ in the comments. My পছন্দ are Anna and Elsa. But I প্রণয় Ariel and Rapunzel too.
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On my beauty list, Elsa was first, Anna was second, Aurora was third, and Ariel was fourth. On my পছন্দ list, Elsa and Anna were equal, third was Rapunzel and Ariel. The reason I loved Ariel was the same as Anna, her sweet demeanor.
But today I'm talking about something different, beauties. I find Ariel very beautiful but for me Elsa and Anna are prettier. Vanessa is also beautiful. Today I will decide which one is আরো beautiful.

1- Hair
Ariel's hair is red, and I don't really like red hair, but it স্যুইটস্‌ Ariel very well. It's also very enjoyable to watch Ariel's long hair float in the water....
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As I don't want to upset Merida fans, I'm giving my final warning:
''NEVER READ THIS প্রবন্ধ IF আপনি প্রণয় MERİDA''
Ok, I gave my warning. This প্রবন্ধ is about Merida's biggest mistakes. And about why I hate Merida. Yes, no one is perfect, but these mistakes should not be too conspicuous. For example, one of my পছন্দ princesses, Elsa, was also flawed. However, Merida made a huge mistake, and I'm going to explain it today.

Merida's biggest blunder was definitely when she destroyed her mother's life for her freedom. The cake Merida gave her mother had turned her into a bear. YES, NOW I ASK YOU,...
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Here is a তালিকা of all the ডিজনি Princesses who are feminist to MOST in their movies.

Don’t need a man to save them (feminist):

1. Pocahontas

2. Mulan

3. Belle

4. Ariel

5. জুঁই

6. Tiana

7. Rapunzel

8. Moana

9. Raya

10. Merida

11. Anna and Elsa

Don’t end up with a man (non-hetero feminist):<b>

1. Pocahontas

2. Merida

3. Raya

4. Moana

5. Elsa

<b>Don’t need sexual অথবা romantic প্রণয় (ace/aro feminist):<b>

1. মুলান

2. Pocahontas

3. Tiana

4. Rapunzel

5. Merida

6. Anna and Elsa

7. Moana

8. Raya

<b>Needed a man to save them (anti-feminist):<b>

1. সিন্ড্রেলা

2. Snow White

3. Aurora

<b>Needed a true প্রণয় and romance (hopeless romantic anti-feminist):

1. Aurora

2. সিন্ড্রেলা

3. Snow White
10- Princess Mulan
Just being in the bottom of my list, doesn't make her VERY ugly. How can I say she is just... Less prettiest. I প্রণয় her black hair and her eyes are pretty OK for me, but her eyebrows... They are very thick especially when she becomes a boy.
Also, her eyebrows are raised a lot higher than they should be, which makes her pretty ugly.

9- Princess Merida
I just adore the color and curve of her hair. But her face and eyes are too round. Especially her eyes. OMG, her eyes are like some strange balls. Her smile isn't ugly, but her teeth are very small.

8- Princess Esmeralda
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This time my প্রবন্ধ will be a small guide. This guide will explain whether ডিজনি princesses are born princesses অথবা not. Don't forget to enjoy পাঠ করা this guide ((:

1- Snow White- royal
Although Snow White is run like a maid দ্বারা the evil queen, according to the movie, she is a princess. We can say that Snow White has হারিয়ে গেছে her royal title. This explains how she knows how to cook, clean and organize. When Snow White marries the prince, she becomes a princess again. There is already such a thing as justice, Snow White should have been a princess in the first place.

2- Cinderella- married

When we...
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