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And then here are my other set of drawings, I do draw gothic/emo related stuff too and scary stuff but that just goes along with the horror related stuff I draw too. So hope yall like this stuff too :) Because I like drawing এমো স্টাইল and গথ দেশীয় stuff.. im good at it and it's easy for me to just look at something and copy it দ্বারা just drawing what i see same thing as what I ব্যক্ত in my other article. Like I ব্যক্ত it's an addiction and ima go for as long as I can :) I hope to be a professional artist one দিন just like any other and be able to do lot's of things, and get payed just drawing what people simply ask me to do.
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How to Draw Facial Hair (Razor Stubble)
facial hair
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