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Emilys words for আপনি guys:)

"Earth দিন is seventeen days away. If আপনি don’t know what Earth দিন is all about, I will give আপনি a little insight. Earth দিন is a one দিন out of the বছর were all nations come together and try to prevent Global Warming from happening and much more. If আপনি like to really know আরো about Earth Day, please visit www.earthday.net Earth দিন Network has a global reach with a network of আরো than 17,000 partners and organizations in 174 countries. আরো than 1 billion people participate in Earth দিন activities, making it the largest secular civic event in the world.

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Zitat:-What has this TV প্রদর্শনী that has আপনি working for it for five years?

I think it’s a very intelligent show. Personally, I’m interested in strong and intelligent female characters, women that are excellent in their jobs, but don’t know what to do with their lives, and don’t know how to connect with people outside their profession. I think dialogues are extraordinary. I also think it’s fascinating to see how Hart Hanson, the creator, mixes the genres: it’s very different to other things in TV. It’s not just about solving the cases and knowing the techniques used to do so, it’s...
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posted by dazzlers
Here is a তালিকা of some of Emily's TV appearences:


~My Sister's Keeper: Dr. Farquad
~Spider Man 2: Receptionist
~Boogeyman: Kate Houghton
~Glory Road: Mary Haskins
~Cold Mountain: Mrs. Morgan
~The Alamo: Rosanna Travis
~Rose Red: Pam Asbury
~Easy: Laura
~Old Tricks: Woman
~The হৃদয় Department: Maude Allyn
~It's a Shame About Ray: Maggie
~Mute: Claire
~That Night: Annie
~~It Could Happen to You: Paint Throwing Fur-Activist

টেলিভিশন Shows:

~Providence: Annie Frank
~Law and Order SVU: Cassie Germaine
~The Dan Show: Sam
~Crossing Jordan: Michelle
~And of Course:
posted by TB1983
I am not prone to bouts of jealousy. This however has me green. I have turned in the Hulk. I প্রণয় Emily, ever since 'Boogeyman' and 'RoseRed'. I fact the only reason I watched them is because she was in them.

So here's the thing. She's smart, beautiful, talented and well did I say beautiful? Look at those cheekbones! Oh and she gets to hang out with David B all day! God her life must suck! I mean really, why would আপনি want to live like that?

I am sorry. I am a তিক্ত old woman.

That said, I don't think I would trade my life for hers. The payment for fame is too high. Mind you, I would take David off her hands.