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Emily the Strange creator Rob Reger, and writer Jessica Gruner, explain the origin of the Emily character, how much her popularity has grown, and filled us in on their future plans for Emily
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AWESOME!!!!!!!! = ^.^ =
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www.tooncasts.tv is now live! Create your own Emily the Strange Tooncasts. Brought to আপনি দ্বারা NetToons, Inc.
posted by OnikJohn

Again its yours truthfully OnikJohn actual name Onik John Torosian.... AKA SharkWideMouth AKA Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Here are the questions:
1st Ever wondered what is Black Rock?
2nd Ever wondered how is Black Rock?
3rd Ever wondered just what is Black Rock all about?
4th I mean is it rock and roll?

Here are the Answers:
1nd Black Rock a genre of সঙ্গীত completely original in any sense of its style.
2nd It goes as, sophisticated lyrics and adds anti-noise totally self-inspired. Sounds nothing of the sorts, anything আপনি can catch as সঙ্গীত other then whats in Emily's পছন্দ is false examples.
3rd Black...
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posted by OnikJohn
নমস্কার you've read the শিরোনাম and are cat curious about why Punk Rocks অথবা where can I find Killer punk rock music. Well it came to me after I've read Emily the strange Rock issue volume two. When she was in rock and roll class.

Three Reasons Why Punk Rocks.
1# Its legit when it comes to, প্রণয় songs.
2# Self-empowering.
3# Plus its all about fighting the system over and its public.

An anti-society genre. Because its a knothole of morons out there, who are two materialistic because no one seems to care about humanity anymore. That these guys are counter that.

Here are three rockin albums from Emily's Fav Picks. Which আপনি may have known অথবা not.

American Idiot - Green Day; short review: Its a punk opera, the rise and fall of Saint Jimmy's Dream.

Under Attack - The Casualties: As hardcore as there is.

For Blood and Empire - Anti-Flag: Change, প্রণয় and Revolution.

আরো ausome Punk সঙ্গীত and other চলচ্চিত্র at: Emilystrange.com/beware/radio/favpicks
স্কেইট strange is a strangous skating game, that আপনি won't find the likes of, anywhere else. (via iPhone)

Here's the deal, Emily's kitties have gone on a road trip and they've left notes behind. Meaning its up to Emily… (you) to take on her skating shoes and স্কেইট strange across USA, England, France and Russia to bring her kitties back প্রথমপাতা safely. She's quite quiet and to herself really, instead you'll see her actions speak louder then words.

As আপনি (she) plays dead on শীর্ষ of her স্কেইট board অথবা balances herself on one foot sliding over a rail. And some mean high altitude moves in the sky.

আপনি fallow these cat prints to her 4 black মার্জার for points on a score board. The scoreboards are compared to the world.

A good trick to get yourself up high on the score board is to collect phrases associated with Emily. Like Alone, Strange and Fight but don't mess up till the check point অথবা all that work disappears.
posted by ZodiacAngel
So, you've seen this club, and found out a little about Emily from it. But আপনি may ask, "Who is Emily, really?"

According to many people, she is an inspiration to young people to be who they are and stand out in a crowd. She likes to do things in pairs of thirteen, all she wears is black (pink is her worst nightmare), and she has four black cats. But that doesn't mean she's Goth অথবা এমো স্টাইল অথবা hates life অথবা anything. She is a person all her own and the Creator wanted other people to see that and follow her example.

She made two of herself in one book. She gave herself amnesia just to defeat her enemy...
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