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নমস্কার guys I'm new! I'd like to introduce my fancharacters!(Ima post somemlinks and write some articles) here's a list!
Invader Claire: te tallests daughter sent to bolderia fell in প্রণয় and is now working for bolderia
rocky: an invader sent to destroy bolderia on a secret mission becAme leader of bolderia and fell in প্রণয় with Claire when she came to destroy him
ejo: (adopted from doomatnight12) an irken cyborg Claire re programed to help her
zap: an old friend from irk that fell in প্রণয় with শিবা when he came to earth
vixen: a guard for the tallest also an ancient Wiccan was transforming a member of the resisty and got turned into a নেকড়ে herslef
killer: (adopted from wolfy123) the member of the resisty that শিবা transformed he doesn't remember I though
skayl: a vortian expirement gone wrong they tried to combine an irken and a dragon likes ejo
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smartone123 said:
cool nice to meet u im smartone123 other know as storm অথবা stormy.hope u like it here:)
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This was 4 months ago....
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