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I do not own anything.. one of the উদ্ধৃতি is from Revelations a blue blood book and the other is from Pablo Neruda....and আপনি guys tell me if আপনি think it is worth continueing. This might be the last but I am not sure. If আপনি want me to continue it tell me...../


Chapter 3 The Middle Of The Night

The rest of the week went as normal as things could with House around. House was a annoying and pesty as usual. He didnt try to cuz any আরো trouble around the hospital well no আরো that usual.
As I walked out the front of Princeton-Plainsboro I was very ready for the weeken....
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(Not a really good শিরোনাম for a fanfic.But it will do)
I don't know what made me starting লেখা a Wameron fanfic.
I was going to write another প্রণয় triangle(bad and horrible idea!)
I also was going to do a Huddy fanfic(not so good at লেখা anything with House and Cuddy in it.)
I really don't think this is good idea.

Give me your opinions on it.Be honest.

Cameron crossed her arms as she waited for Wilson."Damn it."she sighed.She saw Wilson's car pull into her driveway.Cameron walked over to his car,and got in.Wilson looked at Cameron."Can we go?"Cameron ব্যক্ত in a pissed off tone.Wilson put...
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posted by Immunity
When Remy woke up she was surrounded দ্বারা complete darkness, she wouldn´t even see her own hand.
It was quiet around her, there was not a single sound, but still she knew why she had woken up.
Her stomach felt as if someone had ripped it apart and she felt really sick.
She knew that she had to go to the toilet immediately অথবা otherwise this wouldn´t turn out well.
The পরবর্তি thing she had to discover was, that she was completely naked. No bra, no panties, she was as nude as god had made her.
That was strange, usually she never slept naked, she wore jammies.
Wondering about that she tumbled up, whereby...
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 "As Pale As Death"
"As Pale As Death"
This is the first chapter of my new fanfic "I'll take the rain" :) It contains spoilers for the season 5 finale since it happens in and alters the episode "Both sides now".
There's also a trailer for this fanfic in this spot. I hope আপনি like the first chapter :)

Chapter 1- As Pale As Death

He didn’t get a response.
„Cuddy.“, Wilson said, his voice even softer now. This time she seemed to have heard it and slowly raised her head, trying to clear her mind. A pair of swollen and red eyes looked back at Wilson, who gently handed her one of the two cups of coffee he had just got....
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posted by TheHiddenCane
First attempt at something this medically orientated... ভালুক with me guys, I'm trying. House is sick again: he hides it. Wilson grows characteristically concerned... as Cuddy does uncharacteristically. What happens? How do they deal with it? What becomes of House?

Read, find out, enjoy!

Never Better (Chapter 1)

Bad days were always the same: House woke up in pain, sighed, lied panting in his own pool of sweat as he watched the spasms travel through his thigh. He measured his willingness to go in that দিন দ্বারা the severity of the pain, the chance that Cuddy would find him something particularly...
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posted by HouseAddict87
Chapter 2: Secrets Untold
Five o’clock rolled around and Cuddy asked House and Thirteen to step into her office. She held out Thirteen’s file and began to speak to her fellow doctors/estranged family.
“Dr. Hadley you’re probably wondering why we have called আপনি in to meet with us.”
“I’m not getting fired am I?”
“No that’s not what this is about. Dr. House and I have some important news we need to tell আপনি and talk to আপনি about.”
“Good. I just new আপনি called me in here to আগুন me.”
“Not today.” House said.
“Dr. Hadley when Dr. House and I were in college we had a relationship...
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OK, I don´t own Chase, House, J.D., Dr. Cox, Wilson অথবা Nurse Brenda, neighter do I own J.D.s awesome prank. This is just a silly thingy I put together being really bored. I don´t think it´s even to be called a "very funny fanfic", but it really helps the শিরোনাম get attention :Þ
Warnings: Very silly, VERY random, only funny if আপনি share my weird sence of humor...
Perfect background music: Lazlo Bane - Superman

Dr. Robert Chase was exhausted after a long দিন at work. The team was trying to diagnose a girl with cronic pain who keept fainting every fifth মিনিট অথবা so. There had been hours of differentials...
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posted by Soccerpersonz10
 বন্ধু :)
Friends :)
Disclaimer - I wish I owned House, but y'know, like just about everyone, I don't :(.
First fan-fic, please be nice.

It hurt. It had been hurting for nine years. Nine years since his surgery, nine years since he had been able to walk. Properly.
Gregory House was lying in his bed, sprawled over the width of it. Some days he just didn't feel like getting up.
His hand moved to his right thigh, tracing the scar that spread the length, wishing it would go away, but it didn't. House reached for his bedside
table. The pills were there, the pills that kept him out of pain, most of the time, but in...
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posted by TheHiddenCane
 আপনি Betrayed Me.
You Betrayed Me.
I've decided to post chapters 1 & 2 at the same time, just because there's a constant flow of প্রবন্ধ here and it seemed easier to just do it this way.

Wilson knocked on the door... he knew House wasn't obligated to let him in at all; that, as a matter of fact, House probably wouldn't let him in... but he tried none the less, because there were things he had to say... because he was Wilson and Wilson never left.
"I know you're in there... look, I have to tell আপনি something: I'm sorry."

"Since when is that good enough?" House whispered... a bullet was staring at him from the barrel of a gun......
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"Where the hell is he?"
Cuddy had barged into Wilson's office. She hadn't seen House at his clinic duty so she decided to ask Wilson what plan he was pulling.
"He owes me clinic and I haven't seen him."
"You really expect to?"
"He ব্যক্ত himself--"
"Just because he ব্যক্ত it doesn't mean he meant it."
"So he's avoiding me?"
"I would too." Wilson looked back down and began working again, despite the fact that Cuddy was still venting. Then Cameron walked in, along with Chase and Foreman.
"Where's House?" Foreman asked.
"He has a patient due in OR. I need a patient to operate on, and the doctor who...
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trailer দ্বারা giobazz
posted by Irene3691
‘Morning...’ Says House the পরবর্তি day.
‘Hi… how are you?’
‘Fine... and you? আপনি fell আরো peaceful this morning?’
‘Ha-ha... yes, thank you.’
‘Good...’ He chuckles and they sit up.
‘Are আপনি hungry? We have some cake left...’ Lisa says.
‘Will the cake change your mood?’
‘It will change my hunger.’

They go to the রান্নাঘর in silence and have breakfast. His leg is starting to hurt and House rubs his thigh with his hand but he doesn't say anything. Cuddy notices it and asks worried. ‘Are আপনি okay?’
‘Yeah... fine...’ House উত্তর smiling at her. MEEEEEC!!! Lie
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Chapter 4: The Awakening
Two আরো days went দ্বারা and Cuddy and House took turns looking after Thirteen. They told the rest of the doctors that they were simply looking after their employee not wanting everyone to know that were her parents yet. House sat পরবর্তি to Thirteen while she was still unconscious.
“Hang in there little girl you’re going to come out of this like a champ! I’m here and so is your mom we have been looking after আপনি ever since your accident. আপনি really gave us a scare আপনি know. Don’t worry if I find the truck driver he will be hospitalized as well.”
The monitors started...
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Perfect Little Family (Rough Draft Copy)

Chapter 1: The Revelation

“I’m not sure what it was but something kept drawing me towards Dr. Remy Hadley. I felt like I needed to protect her for some reason. Looking at her employee file now I know why… she’s my daughter.” Dr. Lisa Cuddy thought to herself.

Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital- Employee File:
Employee Name- Remy Marie Hadley
    Title- Medical Doctor
    Specialty- Internal Medicine
    Department- Diagnostic Medicine
    Supervisor- Dr. Gregory House...
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"Is she okay?"
"She's asleep. She's been looking for both of you."
"Tell her I ব্যক্ত goodnight."
"How are you? How is Lisa?"
"I'm wearing a slang for my arm. Still on the cane. Still on the pills."
"And Lisa?"
"I হারিয়ে গেছে a lot of blood so I had to get a transfusion. আপনি know,"
He paused and breathed heavily.
"I don't know yet."
"And the baby?"
"Your grandson should be fine. Laith missed his head দ্বারা an inch."
"I'm so happy for আপনি guys."
"Of course."
"Gregory Mason House. Do I hear a sense of remorse?"
"More like guilt."
"You saved her and the baby."
"And nearly killed them all the same."
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posted by LisaLover
“Oh shut up already! আপনি give me what I want আপনি I give আপনি what আপনি want, deal? Just finish what you’ve started.”

“Deal” the devilish smile appeared on his face as he moved his way back ton the শীর্ষ of her.

He kissed her forcing his tongue into her mouth again and again, taking off her bra and threw it behind himself পরবর্তি to his shirt. He caught Cuddy দ্বারা her waist and lift her one step higher as his face was now on the level of her breasts. He kissed her chest and started to unzip his pants.

“Do আপনি wanna make প্রণয় to me?” he asked placing small kisses on her on her stomach.

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Some months go দ্বারা and Lisa is huge. She is eight months pregnant and her belly now is really, really big. One morning they wake up. She doesn't have to go to work and House has taken a few days off to take care of her.
He opens his eyes and yawns. ‘Hey... how are you?’
‘I feel good. Like last days, about to explode.’ She chuckles. ‘No, seriously, I'm good. And how are you?’
‘I'm fine... anxious to see our son's face...’
‘We just have to wait a couple of weeks for that.’
House smiles at her. ‘I প্রণয় you...’
They are still lying on বিছানা and she holds his hand. ‘I প্রণয় আপনি too.’...
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posted by Olivine
Hey, this is the first chapter of my fanfic "Stairway to heaven". The whole story, which is mainly about Wilson and his family, takes place 5 years after season 4 and Amber survived the bus crash. It's going to be a sadfic, although the first chapter and maybe some আরো aren't already sad. :) I'd প্রণয় to hear your feedback, thank you^^

Chapter 1 : Cuddy's Tamagotchi

The big conference room in the Princeton Plainsboro was filled with many important people on this sunny দিন in the middle of may.
Among them was Lisa Cuddy, wearing a nice female suit and a little আরো make-up than usually. The...
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posted by TheHiddenCane
New style... new fic, same results?
Alternate take on the end of Merry Little Christmas. House doesn't steal the pills, doesn't OD, Wilson still finds him on the floor... while helping House through the pain, Wilson realises something... this epiphany is long overdue. House Wilson friendship, of course! Rated T.

House has been on this floor far to many times... he has almost memorized the texture of the wood underneath his scalp, actually; that's what he entertains himself with in this particular position. When he is ruled দ্বারা pain and hopelessness, he marvels openly about the insignificance...
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