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On a জনপ্রিয় online community called Pann, a post compiling sexy ছবি দ্বারা ইউ recently went viral.

Originally titled, “IU’s sexy photoshoot,” the post compiled IU’s photoshoot where she wore revealing clothing and posed in suggestive ways.







Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who মতামত প্রদত্ত on the original প্রবন্ধ from our Korean source. The below মতামত are the most জনপ্রিয় মতামত at the time of this প্রবন্ধ being published.

[+ 228, – 42] So this is really the image she wanted in the end. Singers need the sexy image to last long. She’s...
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Famous for her শিরোনাম as the “Nation’s Little Sister”, ইউ is the adored অ্যাঞ্জেল of Korea. Loved for her innocence and kind heart, ইউ is every girls’ role model!

But some অনুরাগী might not know that on occasion she’s appeared on stage wearing some incredibly sexy outfits. The following 10 pictures showcase this hidden talent of hers and might leave আপনি with a new image perspective of ইউ আপনি never thought of before. Here’s শীর্ষ 10 Sexiest Outfits Of IU.

1. Black জরি dress with see through arms and stomach.
link http://cdn-01.koreaboo.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/tumblr_myr1ht91LL1qk12q0o1_1280.jpg,...
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Jang Kiha expressed প্রণয় for his girlfriend ইউ on the July 5 airing of 'Good Morning FM Noh Hong Chul'!

On the radio show, Jang Kiha was asked about the well-being of his relationship with IU, to which he responded, "A lot of people worry for us, and thankfully we are doing good." Noh Hong Chul, knowing the two met during a radio broadcast, commented, "I am a DJ too. I wonder when I'm going to meet my girlfriend. Who do আপনি think is good for me?"

Jang Kiha answered, "Not too sure, but I am a big অনুরাগী of you, and I believe an incredible woman will appear sometime." Noh Hong Chul then jokingly asked, "And for you?", to which Jang Kiha responded, "She is already too good for me."

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Netizens often accuse idols of copying others when it comes to style and fashion. However, netizens recently accused solo singer ইউ of copying something a little harder to imitate.

According to a netizen on Instiz, IU’s smile is so similar to former এফ(এক্স) member Sulli‘s smile that a post was created to প্রদর্শনী how similar the two look. The post compared several gifs and প্রতিমূর্তি of ইউ and Sulli, concluding that the two singers both share a unique open-mouth, teeth-baring smile. However, because the two are very close friends, having a similar smile doesn’t necessarily mean ইউ is conscious copying...
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In addition to criticizing ইউ for allegedly using a lolita concept for her newest album Chat-shire, netizens are also attacking যশস্বী who have defended the singer.
While netizens continue to attack the LOEN Entertainment singer, যশস্বী such as Heo Ji Woong, Jin Joong Kwon, and Yoon Jong Shin have come to her defense.

However, using screenshots and উদ্ধৃতি from past broadcasts, netizens have targeted several of these celebrities, and accused them of being অনুরাগী of the lolita concept. Translations of the post and all the screenshots can be found below:

Find out what Netizens had to say...
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While we’re all excited (or not) that ইউ and Jang Ki Ha are dating, an interesting bit of what ইউ and actress Min Hyo Rin ব্যক্ত in the past has been dug up দ্বারা Korean netizens.

Any ইউ অনুরাগী knows that ইউ has named BIGBANG‘s Taeyang as her ideal type for a boyfriend for years. But as we all know, Taeyang is currently dating the actress Min Hyo Rin.


Interestingly enough, it turns out that Min Hyo Rin named Jang Ki Ha as her পছন্দ celebrity in the past, as well. There is a Korean saying that says, “Life is so complicated that it’s hard to look even three centimeters ahead.” In this case, the Koreans seem to have been absolutely correct!


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Sometimes idols look the most gorgeous when they’re plain faced অথবা wearing little to no makeup. While the rumors are often that idols look awful without makeup, I think we can all agree that these artists look gorgeous!!

ইউ looks just the same when she’s wearing makeup and without.. it’s no reason she’s known for her beauty <3.
IU's "Palette" has set a new record in Korea as the album with the highest streams. It is also drawing attention to the impressive steams of each song in it.

IU's 'Palette' Becomes Most-Streamed Album in Korea + Gains Attention for Remarkable Streams of Each Song
In the past years, ইউ has been considered one of the শীর্ষ solo artists in Korea. She has released many songs and albums that were all well-received দ্বারা the public.

Recently, one particular album achieved an incredible milestone that no other K-pop albums have reached yet. This work is none other than her fourth full-length album "Palette,"...
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ইউ recently shot a pictorial for Marie Claire Korea, where she gave an interview about entering her 30s.

IU was born in 1993, which means she has turned 30 দ্বারা Korean reckoning in 2022. Asked if she felt her age, she said, “Musically, yes. I think that from a musical perspective, it’s a good concept to consider how আপনি think and feel different things as your age changes. ‘LILAC’ was my farewell to my 20s and commemoration of me being 29, and ‘Twenty-three,’ ‘Palette,’ and ‘eight’ were also about my age as well.”

Asked if anything had changed upon turning 30, she said, “I...
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Having picked up some useful cooking tips from 'Chief Lee Hyori', while working part-time as a maid on JTBC's 'Hyori's বিছানা & Breakfast', singer ইউ decided to প্রদর্শনী off her impressive skills in the kitchen.

On July 20, Sulli পোষ্ট হয়েছে a series of ছবি capturing the moments of her friend busy inside the kitchen. The idol তারকা can be seen wearing a purple শার্ট and preparing necessary ingredients such as chopped and steamed vegetables, noodles, and savory soy sauce for a bowl of homemade noodle soup. Along with the photos, Sulli wrote, "Cooking genius Lee Ji Eun (IU's real name)."

Seeing the টেবিল all neatly set up, netizens commented, "Isn't that what she learned from Lee Hyori?", "It appears ইউ has gotten better at cooking since appearing on the reality program."

During the press conference for Mnet's new program 'We Kid' held on February 17 at AW Convention Center in Buam-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, composer Yoo Jae Hwan was asked the impossible প্রশ্ন of choosing between ইউ and Park Bo Young.

Yoo Jae Hwan, whose ideal type is known দ্বারা everyone to be IU, including ইউ herself, was asked দ্বারা the MC to choose between ইউ and his 'We Kid' co-star Park Bo Young. Yoo Jae Hwan joked, "IU is still my ideal type. With Park Bo Young, she'll be like a mother and I'll be the father. I'm not saying that we got married, but that on 'We Kid,' we take care of children."

No doubt that Park Bo Young and Yoo Jae Hwan will make great 'parents' to the children on 'We Kid'! আপনি can catch the two when 'We Kid' starts airing on February 18 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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One of the most highly recognized songstresses in South Korea is currently ইউ and many are looking অগ্রবর্তী to পরবর্তি comeback.

In a post published on online community board Pann, a netizen asked others which ইউ song they loved the most, commenting, “Link me to your পছন্দ ইউ songs!!! I know they’re all good but could আপনি give me one each!!?”

The original poster than goes to say that their পছন্দ ইউ track is “Don’t Like Her.”


IU has had a very successful বছর with her appearance as the cold but lonely K-Pop তারকা Cindy on KBS‘s variety-drama hybrid Producer along with Kim Soo...
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On KBS‘s latest hit drama “Producer,” ইউ plays a cold and jaded young singer named Cindy who bosses around her meek manager and keeps herself closed off from everyone.

As the প্রদর্শনী is being praised for its realistic portrayal of what goes on behind the scenes on variety shows, there has been some speculation about just how true to life the প্রদর্শনী is.

Despite IU’s reputation as a cheerful and altruistic star, some netizens have been speculating that the characters of Cindy and her manager are based on ইউ and her colleagues.

IU’s real-life manager, Loen Entertainment‘s Park Jung Hyun,...
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It was a very good দিন for the nation’s little sister, who reached an incredible milestone in her career on September 18— her 6th anniversary! And to celebrate the many achievements in her prosperous career, let us grab our own pairs of red shoes, and journey through 10 of IU’s songs আপনি absolutely must listen to— 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

1. Mia
Because it is her anniversary, the very first song on our journey is her debut song ‘Mia’. This tends to be the song that shocks everyone upon discovery— how did a 16-year-old manage to handle such a ballad? Unfortunately, her first...
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Famous for her শিরোনাম as the “Nation’s Little Sister”, ইউ is the adored অ্যাঞ্জেল of Korea. Loved for her innocence and kind heart, ইউ is every girls’ role model! But some অনুরাগী might not know that on occasion she’s appeared on stage wearing some incredibly sexy outfits.

The following 10 pictures showcase this hidden talent of hers and might leave আপনি with a new image perspective of ইউ আপনি never thought of before. Here’s শীর্ষ 10 Sexiest Outfits Of IU.

1. Black জরি dress with see through arms and stomach.
- link




2. White button up শার্ট and black shorts


3. These sweaters...
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Korean and international netizens have labelled ইউ a pedophilia-obsessed sociopath after পাঠ করা the lyrics to “Zeze” and a quasi-analysis of the lolita concept on Pann দ্বারা a supposed photographer.

No, seriously, that’s basically what is happening.



I’ve honestly not been much of a অনুরাগী of IU’s cutesy, quasi-ballad concepts in the past, so I certainly don’t have much of a vested interest in defending her almost daily for no reason, but I find some of the stuff put out there about her so odd to me.


Here are the lyrics to her song, “Zeze”.

“It’s amusing,
Look at the...
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Koreaboo পোষ্ট হয়েছে an প্রবন্ধ titled "9 K-Pop যশস্বী With Ridiculous Luxurious Cars", and IU's Porshe Cayenne Vantage 2, which is valued at ~80,000 USD (~80,000,000 Won) is included in the list! The car might be worth $80,000, but riding with ইউ is priceless XD

These Korean যশস্বী have some of the most expensive, luxurious cars on the market. How would আপনি like to step into the ride of your পছন্দ idol? From interior to exterior these cars are the epitome of luxury, check out which car your পছন্দ idol drives on our তালিকা titled: 9 K-Pop যশস্বী With Ridiculous Luxurious Cars

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Producer premieres on May 8 exclusively on DramaFever. Even though nothing has been confirmed, true K-drama অনুরাগী know there will probably be a প্রণয় ত্রিভুজ between Kim Soo Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin and IU's characters. Gong Hyo Jin will likely win because ইউ has the mean girl role.

Despite what happens on-screen, I have compiled some pretty convincing reasons why the former Dream High co-stars should get together in this romantic comedy.

1. When they sing together, it sounds heavenly!

I know I can't be the only one who replayed their Dream High duet "Can't I প্রণয় You?" numerous times. It easily surpassed...
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We’re used to seeing our পছন্দ idols in sexy outfits for their on stage performances, but less often do we see them dressed in elegant attire. Here’s our collection of stunning dresses worn দ্বারা gorgeous K-pop idols!

It's kind of funny/ironic that on the দিন I mentioned ইউ not having much news lately, she seems to pop up everywhere (and I'm not complaining!). ইউ was just featured on Koreaboo's তালিকা of "14 Beautiful Dresses Worn দ্বারা Gorgeous K-pop Idols", and she shows up not once, but TWICE! Go প্রদর্শনী our পছন্দ idol some প্রণয় দ্বারা পাঠ করা the article!

1. ইউ looking like an elegant কলা with a flowing yellow dress and matching shoes~

11. ইউ in a wedding dress!??
SBS recently shared a few gorgeous still cuts of Lee Jun Ki and ইউ wearing traditional hanboks for drama, 'Scarlet Heart: Ryeo,' which is also known as 'Moon Lovers,' and is based on Chinese hit series, 'Scarlet Heart'!

Based on the stills, the cast is filming in a winter paradise -- otherwise known as Gangwon province. Though the area is near the DMZ, it's known to have some of South Korea's most spectacular landscapes.

Lee Jun Ki is in charge of playing Wang So, the fourth son of Taejo Wang Gun of Goryeo Dynasty. He lives imprisoned in his cold mask, but he takes this off thanks to Hae Soo...
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