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posted by PotterLambert93

Before marrying you, I was blind
Before marrying you, I was cold
Before marrying you, I was angry and heartless

All my life I've had no one to প্রণয় me,
no one to hold me,
no one to understand my troubles and pain
All my life, no one had faith in me
no one believed in me
no one to tell me অথবা encourage me anything.

When I married you, I completely changed
When I married you, I softened up
When I married you, I felt happy

আপনি never gave up on me,
আপনি never judged me,
আপনি saw something in me that others didn't.
আপনি gave me a reason to smile and have fun

Now that we're together, lets run away
let the cops come after us
let us be Bonnie & Clyde
let's be free forever.
posted by PotterLambert93
1." Sonny"

    Sonny baby, I feel for you. Sonny baby, don't ever give up.

For too long, আপনি have been a prisoner of your mama's selfishness and messed up, sex-crazed lifestyle. She doesn't understand your longing for a normal life, and that's just sad.

    Sonny baby, I feel for you. Sonny baby, don't আপনি give up.

You began doing dirty deeds for your mama at a young age. আপনি have fucked and pleasured every woman in your town so আপনি could have a roof over your head and please your mama. That's just sad.

    Sonny baby, I feel for you. Sonny...
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2. Tristan & Isolde

A handsome english warrior and an Irish Princess

Deeply in প্রণয় with each other.

They found their প্রণয় in a time of darkness

Will do almost anything to stay together.

She married his adopted father দ্বারা mistake,

Leaving her lover with a painful heartbreak.

They make প্রণয় almost everynight

Praying that no one sees them in sight

Their প্রণয় was beautiful,

Their প্রণয় was special

Their প্রণয় was real, honest and filled with light

If only their people would just open their eyes and see that kind of love

There would be no আরো war and hate.
 James Franco
James Franco
1 The 28-year-old actor has his pilot's license, thanks to Flyboys (out now), in which he plays a renegade aviator. ''Ten আরো hours and I can fly a plane with a turbo propeller,'' he boasts.

2 Last time we saw his Spidey character, Harry Osborn had discovered his father's Green Goblin mask. So what's next? ''He's related to Bruce Wayne, and we go fight the Joker.'' That's what we get for asking...

3 For his breakout role as James Dean in TNT's 2001 biopic, Franco started smoking (he's since quit). ''If আপনি look at pictures of [Dean], he's so expressive with his cigarettes.''

4 It paid off:...
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