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there came a দিন when the songs that আপনি play are blasting trough the speakers in your car it comes in a flash and আপনি hear the crowd screaming out your name for the encore livin life life in the fast not that bad no one can complain who's to say that we won't keep it real hold on tight don't আপনি dare let go now's the time to let the whole world know আপনি can shine bright but still keep it real আপনি know you'll be on the road selling out the tickets to your প্রদর্শনী where you're from you're still the one আপনি were before আপনি left to go on tour livin life life in the fast lane not that bad no one can...
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Love, showed up at my door yesterday. It might sound cheesy but i wanted her to stay. I fell in প্রণয় with the পিজা girl now I eat পিজা everyday. I fell in প্রণয় with the পিজা girl now I eat পিজা everyday. I was stuck in a box for so long. Now, I see that the পিজা girl she's the one for me I feel in প্রণয় with the পিজা girl now I eat পিজা everyday I fell in প্রণয় with the পিজা girl now i eat পিজা now I eat পিজা now i eat পিজা everyday! OH!

By: Jonas Brothers
Jonas411 Production
Youtube: JonasBrothers411
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(Oh-whoa… oh-whoa)
It was a beautiful day
I threw my worries away
A nothing new, just the same old same
So I’m a start a new page
I turn the radio on
And it's my পছন্দ song
It's so good to sing along
It feels so right, this can't be wrong

I just want a good time, oh-whoa
I don't wanna fuss and fight, no
Life's too short to waste time, oh no
Every little thing's gonna be alright

'Cause we're chillin' in the summertime
Not a মেঘ in the sky
Everybody’s feeling fine
And everything will be alright
'Cause we're soaking up the sweet sunshine
Not a worry on my mind
Everybody's feeling fine
And everything will...
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Yea… yeah
I was in the background, baby
Fading out the fuel
She was on the front lines
Shouting, "Start up the room"
I want to get closer
But there's nothing I can do
What a shame
Yeah, yeah

I headed for the exit
Guess it's time to hit the road
I wish she was with me
'Cause I, I just never know
I pull the car up, thinking pedal to the floor
About to take off and she opens up the door

She said, "Let's get going, we got time"
I can see that look inside her eyes, yeah
And to my surprise it was all green lights
Life’s a crazy ride
So get in the car and drive
Come on now

We were in the fast line
Going to who...
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Mic check
Can আপনি hear me
Gotta know if I'm comin' in clearly
Static through the speakers
In a সেকেন্ড your হৃদয় will be fearless

Taken for granted
And right now আপনি can't stand it
Break down, it's a showdown
Got to scream it out loud

‘Cause I'm not fakin'
Girl, I'm just sayin'

Hey you, নমস্কার you
Now we're into something new
Hey you, নমস্কার you
Now, you're feeling like I do
Come on, shout it
Let's leave the past behind us
Come on, shout it out
Hey you

I’m now open to suggestions
I'm dreaming of আপনি and me dancing
No one's interferin'
Gotta do it ourselves we don't need ‘em
Long as we're together
We won't want nobody...
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I never thought I would, I did it
Never thought I could get it like that, get it like this
Get it like everybody knows
That we got something real, shawty

I know what I feel
I shout it like that, I shout it like this
Listen up, everybody knows but you
So here it goes

'Cause I never really noticed, it took a while for me to see
Playing back the moments, now I'm starting to believe
That আপনি could be at the প্রদর্শনী and know every word
But it's আপনি who makes me sing
I may not know where we are, but I know who I am
Baby, I'm your biggest fan, oh

Listen, every time আপনি smile for me
Takes me a while to bring myself...
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