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In one of my many travels over the Internet, I found this rainking and what was my surprise to discover that our Jae is in third place in this rainking ._.!

The rainking it´s doing 4 a magazine called "Privilege", and the deadline 4 voting will be until December 31, 2010, so we´ll do Jae´s sexiest man of 2010 *¬*

If u accept, only u just have do is find the name of this beautiful man in the list, select it, and click on the yellow button that says "vote", u can only vote once per day, so don´t forget to vote for this sexy boy whenever আপনি can

I leave the link so আপনি can vote ok, I count on আপনি


Jae Fighting!!! X3
well .... some time পূর্বে I gave the news that JaeJoong will appear in this video and apparently has been confirmed (and filmed *-*) this video which plans to launch on 23 Sep

When the কুইন of J-pop (Ayumi Hamasaki) recruited Jaejoong to co-star in a PV for her previously released single Blossom. Jaejoong quickly accepted the proposition stating, “Ayumi Hamasaki is a big senior in my record label, so when I received the offer to appear in her PV, I was really happy. Although I feel a lot of pressure, I’ll try to do it perfectly!” (so cute Jaejoongie ^w^)

After news of this, Ayumi’s sales skyrocketed and earlier today a প্রিভিউ for the upcoming Blossom PV was revealed.

The প্রিভিউ of the video I was add in this মতামত plis X3

The oficial link of the new: link
As well as read it!!! just a few মিনিট পূর্বে I just found out (by গুগুল news) that our beautiful Jaejoong (*-*) appear in the video "Blossom" of ayumi hamasaki it will be included in the single "crossroad" that was envisioned for September 22

This video promises to be very special because the song is very moving, in fact for first time Ayumi don´t appear in the video, just Jaejoong to the delight to all their অনুরাগী (myself included XD)

Although, I don´t know if it was confirmed the appearance of Jaejoong in the video, but is worth dreaming, অথবা not? ^^?

For confirmation from page where I saw the news here is the link


(NOTE: The প্রবন্ধ is in French)