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posted by Vexi
 Rock it, LMP!
Rock it, LMP!
তারিখ - Venue - Location

July 11th - Fleet Boston Pavilion - Boston, MA (with Chris Isaak)
July 12th - Cape Cod Melody Tent - Hyannis, MA (with Chris Isaak)
July 13th - Merrill Auditorium - Portland, ME (with Chris Isaak)
July 15th - Hampton সৈকত Casino Ballroom - Hampton, NH
July 16th - Westbury সঙ্গীত Fair - Westbury, NY (with Chris Isaak)
July 17th - Amphitheater at Station Square - Pittsburgh, PA (with Chris Isaak)
July 19th - Trump marina - Atlantic City, NJ (with Chris Isaak)
July 20th - The Stone টাট্টু - Asbury Park, NJ
July 21st - Beacon Theater - New York, NY (with Chris Isaak)
July 23rd -...
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News Item

Lisa Marie Talks About Life, Motherhood, and Her New Album in the May Edition of Elle Magazine

April 13, 2012

A rare interview with Lisa Marie Presley in the May edition of Elle magazine tells all about her transformation from heir to the King of Rock 'n' Roll to finding her own place in the world and the upcoming release of her new album, "Storm and Grace."

Elle magazine সঙ্গীত correspondent, Liza Ghorbani, sat down with Presley at her Medieval style estate outside of London, England. Lisa Marie talked about growing up the child of a সঙ্গীত icon, her new album, and how motherhood has softened...
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Richard Hawley was joined onstage দ্বারা Lisa Marie Presley at his sold-out লন্ডন প্রদর্শনী last night (October 8).

Watched দ্বারা her mum Priscilla, Elvis Presley's daughter appeared during the encore at O2 Shepherds গুল্ম Empire.

Hawley told the crowd: "I'd like to introduce to the stage a lady I’ve been working with. Ladies and gentlemen, Lisa Marie Presley!"

She then sang vocals on a song the pair have been working on called 'Weary'. When the bluesy number had finished, she left the stage to huge applause.

LOS ANGELES -- A nanny for Lisa Marie Presley has filed a lawsuit against her former employer, claiming she's been overworked caring for Presley's twin babies.

Christine White says she became the primary caregiver for the children several weeks after Presley gave birth to Finley and Harper on October 7, 2008.

White claims she wasn't প্রদত্ত breaks for meals, and was forced to work seven days a week without overtime pay.

She says she didn't even get 10 মিনিট breaks during her workdays.

Presley calls the claims ridiculous and says she paid White $650 a day. She even says White had her own guest house...
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posted by anouk1998
আপনি flourish in your disciples bringing
You pleasure in so many masturbated ways

Until you’ve simply no use for them any more
And then they will remain and suffer in your
Concentrated haze

Devotion আপনি seek from them is the starvation
And abolishment of their little souls

But আপনি escape all responsibility in that
Because of course আপনি were the one (yeah of course)
Who was hurt more

All the ones who dared to ক্রুশ paths
Seen your rabid dog bait
And it’s funny how it’s always the same
Old familiar story

You no longer hold that power
You’re letting in a man gone sour
It’s too bad আপনি ever let me in

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posted by Vexi
It kind of looks like we won't make it, my friend.
And it looks like আপনি can't take it again, my friend.
And all the pretty ফুলেরসাজি wilted up and paled themselves away today.
The শিরছেদনার্থ যন্ত্রবিশেষ, guillotine of truth has fallen, somehow I'm the one আপনি blame.

This can't be happening.
Not so fast, I'm so mean.
I can't stay indifferent.
Because I know the outcome.
And I'm the target for the daggers.

That the truth's thrown your way, today.
And the পরবর্তি one maybe she'll be easier.
She'll make it go away, hey.
She's still calling you.
I'm still calling him.
Can we do this.
Here we go again.
The package.
The baggage.

This can't be happening.
Not so fast, I'm so mean.
I can't stay indifferent.
Because I know the outcome.
This can't be happening.
It started out not so clean.
আপনি chose your path.
Mine's wrong, আপনি can say that.
 LMP's California home.
LMP's California home.
Lisa Marie has her house on Long Valley Road in Hidden Hills California up for sale with an asking price of $8,995,000 USD. Lisa Marie bought the house in December 1993 for the amount of $2,600,000. This was shortly after her 25th birthday when she became the sole remaining heir to her late and great father's estate. Potential buyers will receive a Beautifully & extensively remodeled & expanded house in the exclusive guard-gated community of Hidden Hills with 8,000 SF sprawling ranch প্রথমপাতা on over 3 acres of lush rolling lawns w/ orchards. In addition to the main house, consisting of 5 bdrms. 5.5 baths, this private complex also features 3 separate guest quarters, pool/spa w/ waterfall, barns/tack rooms & extensive extra parking. The প্রথমপাতা backs up to the Santa Monica Conservancy/Ahmanson Ranch which ensures privacy.

Full name: Lisa Marie Presley
D.O.B: February 1st, 1968
Parents: Elvis (died August 16, 1977) and Priscilla Presley
Children: Danielle Riley,Benjamin Storm Keough, Harper Vivienne Ann, and Finley Aaron প্রণয়
Siblins: Navarone Garibaldi (half brother)
Marriages: Danny Keough (October 3rd, 1988 - May 6th, 1994)
Michael Jackson (May 26th, 1994 - January 18th, 1996)
Nicolas Cage (August 10th, 2002 - November 25th, 2002)
Michael Lockwood (January 22nd, 2006 - Present)

For her সেকেন্ড birthday, Elvis flew Lisa Marie and Priscilla to Las Vegas, where he filled her room with balloons - and a slot machine just...
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In the true spirit of what this time of বছর is all about I would like to bring attention to something I feel needs help and support. I have recently become a Patron of a very new and small charity that I would প্রণয় to help grow and get on the map.
It is called The Dream Factory.

... It is based in The UK and was founded দ্বারা a lady named Avril Mills in 2008.

Avril হারিয়ে গেছে her 9 বছর old son Oliver to acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and decided to turn her overwhelming and horrendous grief into a medium in honor of Oliver that could help other children and families that are going through any sort of...
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posted by Vexi
 Lisa Marie interview with Oprah.
Lisa Marie interview with Oprah.
Life Magazine

Primetime Live

Vogue Magazine

Asbury Park Press
Arizona Republic
Blender Magazine
Chicago Sun Times
Daily Telegraph
Dish Magazine
L.A. Times
Larry King Live
Late প্রদর্শনী with David Letterman
MSN Chat
New York Post
New York Times
Playboy Magazine
Primetime Live
Q Magazine
Rolling Stone
San Francisco Chronicle
Steppin' Out Magazine
The Commercial Appeal - April
The Commercial Appeal - August
The Independent
The Hamilton Spectator
Toronto Sun
USA Today 1
USA Today 2

Enough Rope
GQ Magazine
Interview Magazine (Lisa conducts the interview)

411 Mania
Asbury Park Press
Associated Press...
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A very pregnant Lisa Marie Presley decided to প্রদর্শনী off to the world she looks great and wants people to know those unflattering ছবি and rumors of her unhealthy diet are just rude and uncalled for. Lisa thinks the paparazzi have set some kind of campaign to make her look bad:

“They want me to be him,” she tells the magazine, referring to her father, Elvis Presley. “It’s like they can’t wait.” Presley claims “the tabloids were going so far as to alter photos. I could never figure out why they went to all that trouble to make me look fat.

“There are at least six other famous women...
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posted by anouk1998
It seems like it took আপনি forever
Feels like we waited for years
I’ve grown weary of people
Too much disappointment there
আপনি got here in the nick of time
Thank god you’re here
আপনি go here in the nick of time
Thank god আপনি did
People they will make অথবা break you
I was broken
How do I keep আপনি protected?
So, আপনি don’t end up just like that
আপনি got here in the nick of time
Thank god you’re here
আপনি got here in the nick of time
Thank god আপনি did
People say they’re your friend
They’ll say anything
But I’ve known too many people
and too much heartbreak came from there
আপনি got here in the nick of time
Thank god you’re here
আপনি got here in the nick of time
Thank god আপনি did
আপনি got here in the nick of time
Thank god you’re here
আপনি got here in the nick of time
Thank god আপনি did
posted by Vexi
To Whom It May Concern

The Road Between
Lights Out
Better Beware
Nobody Noticed It
Sinking In
So Lovely
To Whom It May Concern
Excuse Me

Now What

I'll Figure It Out
Dirty Laundry
When আপনি Go
High Enough
Turned To Black
Now What
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Yellow To Blue


Burning For You
Don't Cry Daddy
In The Ghetto

Most of the songs lyrics I have already পোষ্ট হয়েছে in the প্রবন্ধ section. :]
posted by Vexi
In June of 1999, the EPCF (Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation), announced its commitment to fund the building and operational costs of Presley Place, a $1 million-plus development managed দ্বারা MIFA (Metropolitan Inter-faith Association) as part of Estival Communities, MIFA's housing program for homeless families. Presley Place is a joint venture between the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation and the Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association (MIFA) that houses dozens of families annually. The complex consists of two four-bedroom apartments and 10 two-bedroom apartments and is part of MIFA's Estival...
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To Whom It May Concern;

1. "S.O.B".
2. "The Road Between".
3. "Lights Out".
4. "Better Beware".
5. "Nobody Noticed It".
6. "Sinkin' In".
7. "Important".
8. "So Lovely".
9. "Indifferent".
10. "Gone".
11. "To Whom It May Concern".
12. "Excuse Me". [Hidden Track]

Now What;

1. "I'll Figure It Out".
2. "Turbulence".
3. "Thanx".
4. "Shine" w/ P!nk.
5. "Dirty Laundry". [Cover]
6. "When আপনি Go".
7. "Idiot".
8. "High Enough".
9. "Turn To Black".
10. "Raven".
11. "Now What".
12. "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow". [Hidden Track & Cover song.]

Other songs;

"Yellow To Blue".
I also heard she had a song called "Discipline."
"Burnin' For You".

Songs she sings with other singers;

"Heartbreaker" w/ Pat Benatar.
"In The Ghetto" w/ Elvis Presley.
"Don't Cry Daddy" w/ Elvis Presley.
"White Wedding" w/ Billy Idol.
It is with an odd tug at the হৃদয় that we look at the face of this 20-year-old. She is, after all, the same age as her famous father when, with a whip of his hips and a twist of his lips, he first rocked America. Lisa Marie, অথবা Lisa, as she prefers to be called, is heir to আরো than Elvis' looks. In 10 years the singer's child also comes into a fortune that will reportedly be as much as $100 million. Until she turned 18, not only Lisa's money but also her daily life was managed দ্বারা her mother.

Priscilla Beaulieu met Elvis when she was 14, moved in with him at 16, married him at 22, bore his...
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On August 20, BMI Records, Universal Republic, and XIX Entertainment hosted a luncheon and a special musical presentation at BMI with Lisa Marie Presley. She is intelligent, insightful, and can be very silly. We sat down with her and asked her প্রশ্ন she called “interesting” and “great” – and sometimes made her fall over in her seat.
What is the dumbest প্রশ্ন আপনি have ever been asked?
“You know, I have been asked everything. It seems nothing is off limits when it comes to me. Rude, sick, invasive … and I don’t even want to go there. It’s just impossible to narrow it down.”...
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posted by Vexi
The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is dedicated to exposing and eradicating criminal acts and human rights abuses within psychiatry. The sister organization, Fight For Kids educates parents worldwide on the facts about today's widespread practice of labeling children mentally ill and drugging them with heavy, mind-altering, psychiatric drugs. On September 26, 2002, Lisa Marie Presley, International Spokesperson for Children's Rights, testified before a Congressional Hearing. Click here to read a transcript of her testimony. Lisa Marie has said, "The Psychiatric labeling & drugging...
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I know this spot has only 9 অনুরাগী and hardly is active, but come on! Let's প্রদর্শনী our প্রণয় for Lisa, and invite as many অনুরাগী as we can get! And add as much content and make this fanspot as active as possible!

I'm in with this, and I hope আপনি are too. Lisa Marie Presley is one of the best সঙ্গীত artists ever. She deserves আরো than just 9 অনুরাগী on Fanpop. I know there's way আরো অনুরাগী than just 9 on Fanpop. There's got to be more. And I know this spot can get আরো active than just one thing per 5 hours.

See, I'm trying my best to make this আরো active. I'm thinking up interesting topics for অনুরাগী picks, questions, pop quizzes, articles, links, and forums. And I'm adding many pictures of Lisa.

Umm... I'll give আপনি props?
 July 21st 2003
July 21st 2003
Lisa Marie Presley wants আপনি to think she's a baaaad-ass bitch, someone who doesn't give a shit whether আপনি enjoy what she does. And most of the time, this thrice-married mother of two probably couldn't give half a shit. Her certified-gold debut, the murky Memphis-bred pop To Whom It May Concern, is an intimate-bordering-on-unnerving album. Presley is the cluttered dark অ্যাঞ্জেল to Faith Hill's snow-white debutante. But after her set opening for Chris Isaak at the Beacon Theater, it was as clear as her sex appeal that Presley was shy, a bit nervous, and wanted so badly to do a good job. Whenever...
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