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Sorry for advertising, দ্বারা using my own YouTube video. ;_;
মৃত্যুর চিঠি
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yet another sad fic

Mello and I sat on the sofa staring at the blank computer screen. I could tell Mello was nervous about what we were going to do. Knots twisted in my stomach, there was an 80% chance we would die, actually probably higher.

Mello went to take a bite from his চকোলেট but set it down on the table.

"You sure আপনি wanna do this?" I looked up at the blonde and smiled.

"I was born ready Mel" mello held the rosary around his neck, tight. He always played with it when he was nervous.

"And you're not afraid of dying? Matt we may not make this!"

"I know Mel but we have to try" I picked up...
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