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I've never felt so alive. My hair was whipping out behind me, the wind in my face, and the incredible moonlight was all so exhilarating. When, suddenly I opened my eyes, and back to reality I was. Huge Erasers, the school's newest model, were swiftly swooping in the air, chasing after me. Well, I thought, at least the rest of the flock is safe... Ish. They had captured everyone but me. I rocketed through the gaps in the branches when suddenly I হারিয়ে গেছে my balance. A huge branch smacked me in the face. The last thing I remember was falling to the ground, passing out halfway to my death. Now, I...
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I know আপনি wanted Max and Fang to be together, and আপনি guys totally HATE Dylan (Don't worry, I do too), but maybe Fang was right and leaving the flock really did help. Max does প্রণয় Fang, and Dylan is just too... Personal. He's like a complete opposite of Fang, but is being different a bad thing? And Maya and Fang don't like each other! (If you're still on Fang, oops! Spoiler moment!) Is it that hard to believe that there can be বন্ধু in the world too?! ... Sorry, just expressing my inner thoughts here... :)
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My Soundtrack for the flock
Somewhere I belong(How Ari felt toward Jeb and maybe for his death. It could be a good song for the flock too.)

Savin' Me দ্বারা Nickelback(When they kidnapped Angel)

Girlfriend দ্বারা Avril Lavigne(The whole Lissa-Fang-Max deal)

What i've done দ্বারা Linkin Park( The whole fight in Germany with Omega)

Welcome to the world অথবা N.Y.C দ্বারা Kevin Rudolph(When the flock is in New york)

Take me Away দ্বারা Avril Lavigne(When Max is cutting the chip out of her arm)

Holiday দ্বারা Greenday(When Erasers are attacking the school with Anne)

Burning Bridges দ্বারা The...
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