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Source: Touchstone Pictures / edited দ্বারা me
Here is a তালিকা of my পছন্দ characters from my পছন্দ movie. Trust me it was hard to pick them.

I will begin with number 10 and work my way upward to number 1 so i hope আপনি enjoy it and please let me know what আপনি think.

 Dr. Finkelstein
Dr. Finkelstein

Number 10 is Dr. Finkelstein, Not one of my পছন্দ character. But I do think he is a really good character and I think he really cares about Sally and just wants what's best for her.

 নেকড়ে Man
Wolf Man

Number 9 is নেকড়ে Man, Even if he is in the movie for a few minutes. আপনি can't help but প্রণয় him.


Number 8 is Zero, I really প্রণয় him. The cutest...
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