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posted by 011228
I প্রণয় olly murs and I'm going to ask him out because I প্রণয় him and I'm going to get olly murs number

I'm প্রণয় everything about olly murs he mine guess what I'm going to meet him because I'm his biggest অনুরাগী

প্রণয় u olly murs

And please tell me that olly murs is on here অথবা there's a olly expert অথবা something I want to hug and চুম্বন olly murs and also snogg olly murs

Who agrees that I should তারিখ olly well I am so don't stop me

প্রণয় u olly murs and I know u প্রণয় me to and olly means the world to me I প্রণয় him every step of the way please make my dreams come true and so I can meet him প্রণয় u olly
posted by lindsey7896
I absolutely প্রণয় Olly Murs! when i went to see him in Sheffield on 1st march 2013 he was great, i cant get over how good he was live.He sang his new album 'right place right time' and some of his songs from পূর্ববর্তি albums.

I really enjoyed it when i played the পিয়ানো and guitar! i thought he was brilliant.
The পিয়ানো act made the song 'one of these days' a touching song.
I also loved his fanali 'trouble maker' as he got everyone involved and he made a heartfelt performance! it was an amazing end to the performance.

Olly got everyone involved as he sang, দ্বারা getting everyone up dancing and singing!
He was so down to earth as he spoke to everyone during his performance.

I had an amazing night! and i think that anyone who was there would say the same.
Olly showed a great personality on stage and he deffinately made me smile!
posted by jenjenxoxo
I saw Olly Murs live at Wembly Arena on 11th February 2012. He was so good! He did a variety of songs- mainly his hits, but also so other great hits- as well as pinning a smile on my face throughout the whole performance. I could not fault anything!

My favourite song that he performed was 'Heart on my sleeve', as this was the song that we 'lit-up' the arena too; this means everybody got out lights including phones and cameras, and swayed to the music, it was truly touching:')

I'm sure that anyone who also saw him would agree with me that he was outstanding. I wish I could see him this বছর as well, as his new album 'Right Place Right Time' has great songs!