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1. She's One In A Million
2. She's Got A Big হৃদয় And Is VERY Forgiving :)
3. She's Made Her Own Family
4. She's Fierce
5. She's Not Afraid To Cry
6. She Knows How To Have Fun :)
7. She Is An Awesome God Parent
8. She's Smart Enough To Concur The World :)
9. One বৃক্ষ পাহাড় Wouldn't Be The Same Without Her
10. Inside & Outside, She's Still Our B. Davis!
11. Everyone Wishes For A Friend Like Brooke :)
12. She Will Change The World One দিন :)
13. Every Girl Wishes To Look Like Brooke :)
14. After 4 Years, Brooke Davis Didn't Change
15. She Grew Up আরো Than Everyone Else
16. She's Brillant, ব্রেভ & Beautiful
posted by peytonsawyer009
The collective squeal of excitement that erupted when The CW announced Chad Michael Murray would return to One বৃক্ষ পাহাড় during the ninth & final season could be heard from California to, well, বৃক্ষ Hill. And now, for the first time, the actor (who left OTH in season six) reveals exclusively to TheInsider.com why he decided to play Lucas one আরো time!
"The অনুরাগী have loved this প্রদর্শনী and rooted for every character throughout its run," Chad Michael Murray tells TheInsider.com. "I know how important Luke's return is for our অনুরাগী and wanted to give them one last ‘Lucas Scott’ moment. Luke's...
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I watched ONE বৃক্ষ HILL,season 5,episode #13,
`Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace`.And I found it just EPIC!I mean,great quotes,great meanings!It was such a great episode!

SO here some of the quotes!

`My mom used to sing to me, I don’t think I’ve ever really told anybody that before. It was like out little secret, but every night, she’d come in and she’d tuck me in and she’d sing me something like lullabies অথবা album rock stuff. And then, I don’t know, after she was gone, I remember lying in বিছানা for the first time and just feeling silence, আপনি know? And then realizing that for the...
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 "their প্রণয় is unbreakable, nothing can come between them"
"their love is unbreakable, nothing can come between them"
Message from Lucy: First of all, I just found out that I’ve actually won! I can’t believe it still..let me take a deep breath and enjoy it a little...oki doki…ready now :D So I wanna say a big “thank you” to all of আপনি who voted me and to all my ন্যালে buddies who I প্রণয় so much! Oki doki, now to the প্রশ্ন we go :)

1. Ok for starters an easy প্রশ্ন is ন্যালে your all time favourite couple? (and if yes why?)
An easy প্রশ্ন with a much easier answer..and that is “yes”. Why is that? Well, this kind of প্রণয় they share is so rare, they have been through A LOT but they remain in...
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posted by georgiapeach91
 We just got carried away. It didn't mean anything. It didn't? Of course it did.
We just got carried away. It didn't mean anything. It didn't? Of course it did.
নমস্কার girls! This is my interview with our newest Leyton FOTM, Amy-Beth, who is also the OTH FOTM. So that just goes to প্রদর্শনী আপনি how awesome this girl is. She has added so much to the Leyton spot, and is such a sweet and amazing OTH fan. প্রণয় her! Okay let the interview begin!

Here are my interview questions! Thank আপনি for the awesome questions! Excuse all the spelling and grammar guys! :)

1. Is Leyton your all-time পছন্দ couple?
No, I’M SORRY GUYS! ন্যালে is my favourite, and Leyton are a very close second. But now I’ve been introduced to Logan and Veroica and I can tell that will rock my...
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One বৃক্ষ পাহাড় actor James Lafferty has admitted that he was "nervous" when co-star Chad Michael Murray decided to quit the প্রদর্শনী earlier this year.

Speaking to TV Guide, the 24-year-old, who plays Nathan Scott in the CW series, also ব্যক্ত that he is pleased with the new direction of the drama.

"Initially, I think everybody was a little bit nervous," he said. "You never know how the audience is going to respond to something like that.

"All we can do is look অগ্রবর্তী and what we gained was two very committed cast members in Robert [Buckley] and Shantel [VanSanten]. They want to create these characters...
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"One বৃক্ষ Hill: Don't Dream It's Over (#5.6)" (2008)
[first lines]
Brooke Davis: Alright guys, bring it in.

Haley James Scott: [holding a shot] I guess one shot won't kill us, huh!
[disgustingly, after everyone drinks their shots]
Haley James Scott: Maybe it will. Brooke, what was that?
Brooke Davis: I wanted something that would remind everyone of me... so... they mixed their most জনপ্রিয় liqueur with their sweetest...
Brooke Davis: The bartender did name it a 'Brooke Davis'.

Brooke Davis: [to Owen] আপনি know, not many people can handle a 'Brooke Davis'.
Owen: Well, it's definitely...
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posted by othobssesed1996
i know a lot of ppl think im crazy when i say i hate HJS but i just do for many reasons. i mean i like her with nathan like nathan makes me hate her less. But i still realy dont like her. This is only about hjs not BJG who plays her.

I have many reasons but i will only tell আপনি four.

number 1- she never knows when to shut up. Just close her mouth and it really pisses me off. For example in episode 3.16 the school shooting, everytime jimmy edwards asked a vitorical প্রশ্ন she would answer it. Everytime jimmy did something she would say something she would try to connect with him. but if it doesn't...
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posted by james_lover
One বৃক্ষ পাহাড় commenced on September 23, 2003. The first season finale aired on May 11, 2004.

Tree পাহাড় is a small town in North Carolina, প্রথমপাতা to the famous High School বাস্কেটবল team "The বৃক্ষ পাহাড় Ravens" and two half-brothers Lucas Scott (played দ্বারা Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (played দ্বারা James Lafferty). The two brothers have grown up in the same town, but have had little অথবা no contact with each other due to the influence of their mutual father, Dan Scott (Paul Johansson).

Dan dated Lucas' mother Karen Roe (Moira Kelly) in High School but left her and his unborn child (Lucas) behind...
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posted by james_lover
The third season consisted of 22 episodes and aired between October 5, 2005 and May 3, 2006.

Three months later, things pick up where they left off at the beginning of the summer. Lucas and Peyton spent their summer together and are hiding a secret from Brooke when she returns from California and proposes a non-exclusive relationship with Lucas. Brooke takes pity on a homeless Haley and takes her on as her roommate. Haley tries to win back Nathan, who has spent the summer at "High Flyers", a বাস্কেটবল camp, however Nathan isn't ready to trust Haley again. He pays Chris to come back to Tree...
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posted by james_lover
The সেকেন্ড season consisted of 23 episodes and ran from September 21, 2004 to May 24, 2005.

After Lucas and Keith learn of Dan's হৃদয় attack, they return to বৃক্ষ পাহাড় and Dan decides he wants to get to know Lucas. Lucas cautiously enters into a relationship with his father. After Dan learns that Lucas has inherited his hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), the genetic defect which caused Dan's own হৃদয় attack, he convinces Lucas to সরানো in with him and pays for his medication, keeping his condition a secret. Dan also agrees to stay away from Keith and his girlfriend Jules (guest star, Maria Menounos)...
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Haley: আপনি can work your whole "I'm Nathan Scott, Mr. Big Shot, scoring my touchdowns" on somebody else because-
Nathan: I don't even play football.
Haley: Whatever. The point is at the end of the দিন all your bluster and BS don't mean anything to Math. 'Cause Math don't care and neither do I.
Nathan: Well does English care? 'Cause I really suck at that too.

Nathan: Don't say I never gave আপনি anything.

Haley: I'm really fine.
Nathan: Little high on yourself aren't you? Going around saying you're all fine?

Nathan: What are you, my tutor অথবা my shrink?
Haley: Whatever আপনি need.

Nathan: You're the most...
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This was the third time I’ve interviewed Lee Norris (Mouth, One বৃক্ষ Hill) but I can’t say “third time’s a charm” because he’s been charming every time. And this time around, as we caught up on the phone, he was gracious enough to answer প্রশ্ন দাখিল হয়েছে দ্বারা YOU!

TeenDramaWhore: Today I thought I would do things a little bit differently. I asked my readers, your fans, to send in questions. So this is coming directly from them.

Lee Norris: Alright, very cool.

TDW: So Em wants to know: Do আপনি hang out with any of your One বৃক্ষ পাহাড় costars in your free time?

Norris: Yeah, absolutely....
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Okay, this is an alternate universe fiction.

Some things আপনি should know: Okay, as I ব্যক্ত , this story is somewhat alternate universe. For instance, Jake and Tim are brothers, and Jake is dating Haley. Nathan isn’t, nor has he ever been an গাধা to Lucas and Haley, and is completely madly in প্রণয় with Haley, and she feels the same towards him, and has since the eighth grade. Lucas and Nathan are also real brothers, not half brothers. Karen and Dan are their parents. So, that’s just some stuff that hasn’t happened on the show, and won’t happen, since it’s alternate universe. Lol.
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You've been getting to know them as Clay and Quinn; the new faces on 'One বৃক্ষ Hill', now see what Robert Buckley and Shantel VanSanten have to say about getting adjusted to life in বৃক্ষ পাহাড় and how their characters will be affecting the town's original residents.

Buckley and VanSanten recently discussed with Denise Gideon on the One বৃক্ষ পাহাড় podcast how they had no easy task coming onto an established প্রদর্শনী with a cast that's been together for six seasons.

"There was definitely an immense amount of pressure coming in... আপনি want to prove to everyone that you're just as dedicated as they are...
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Nathan: I need to ask আপনি a question. If I don't go to Duke, if I don't play college basketball- I mean if today is the best it ever gets for me, will that be enough?
Haley: Of course! Nathan, as long as আপনি are a good husband and a good father to your son.
Nathan: What?
Haley: It's a boy Nathan. You're gonna have a son! Although I have to tell you, someday he's gonna tease his father for playing like crap at the state championship. আপনি might wanna change that.

Haley: Stay the hell away from my husband.
Rachel: I was just giving him a proper thank you.
Haley: Please, your thank you's send people...
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posted by Albiee
 Lucas ♥
Lucas ♥
Apart from their প্রণয় for the game of basketball, it seems Lucas and Nathan are two young men, with very little in common, but they are bound together দ্বারা the dark secret that they share a father. Nathan is the তারকা of বৃক্ষ Hill's Raven's and a local town hero, while Lucas is the son of single mom, Karen.
But the two boys world's collide when Lucas is put on the Raven's বাস্কেটবল team, and the half-brothers compete, not only for control of the court, but for the হৃদয় of Nathan's girlfriend, Peyton.

 Nathan & Peyton ♥
Nathan & Peyton ♥
The episode starts with the Raven's playing an important basketball...
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posted by JenniferJareau
So, I প্রণয় One বৃক্ষ Hill, it is a great প্রদর্শনী with great writers. But I caught OTH in a mistake. It's about Haley's pregnancy in season 3/4.

Haley got pregnant at the end of season 3. In season 4, episode 3 it becomes clear that Haley is pregnant and not Brooke. Haley is almost whole season 4 pregnant . She gives birth to Jamie at graduationday, so that must have been in June. The weird thing is that the schoolshooting ( episode 3x16) is in March. আপনি can see in a several episodes that the দিন Keith and Jimmy died is in March. আপনি can see the তারিখ at their gravestone, it says they died the first of March. Now if Haley gets pregnant after the schoolshooting, she gets pregnant in March. So she would be three months pregnant in June. How can she give birth after being three months pregnant? It just doesn't make any sense.

I know it's a tv প্রদর্শনী and i'ts not real. I just noticed this and I thought it was kind of funny.
posted by peytonsawyer009
Leisure >>
Magic Morgan

Jeffrey Dean মরগান who is busy shooting for ‘Magic City’ tells Ian Spelling about his career plans

Air? Who needs to come up for air? Certainly not Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The actor has wrapped four films that will have been released দ্বারা the end of 2011: The Resident, Texas Killing Fields, Peace, প্রণয় & Understanding and The Courier. The long-delayed Red Dawn remake will finally open in 2012, as will The Possession. And right now মরগান is shooting an upcoming cable-television series entitled Magic City.

‘’I spent a lot of years doing nothing but breathing...
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We all know that Chad Michael Murray is returning for an episode of One বৃক্ষ Hill's ninth and final season. Hell, we spent weeks freaking out about it! But, a little birdie (ahem, me) heard that he may be back for আরো than one episode. Yes. For real.

While at Chad's NYC book signing tonight (for his graphic novel Everlast -- get it!) a অনুরাগী yelled, "Come back to One বৃক্ষ Hill, Chad!" Chad nicely smiled and replied, "I did! We've shot one episode so far."

That's when I stopped in my tracks. Wait. A. F*cking. Second. "So far?" I asked (loudly). Oops. No one else seemed to catch it! WHAT?!? Was this just a slip of the tongue অথবা will Chad be back for more?!? "We'll see," he ব্যক্ত with an innocent grin.

Come on. Maybe Chad was just teasing us, but either way, The CW execs better their their cards right! CMM is ratings gold!

Stay tuned for my interview with Chad as well as ছবি from the event! I totally fan-girled out on him and he was super nice about it. #Embarrassing #WorthIt