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did আপনি hear what happened to পুডিংবিশেষ king?
Out of the several different ways one could feel like a prisoner in their own প্রথমপাতা is to have a piece of your sanity cut away from you.

Violet had her share of what it felt like to quiver at the sound of your very own door bell. The worst consequence of her nearly fatal confrontation with death দ্বারা a psychopath is that she no longer feels a connection to her very own new born son.

'The Way We Were' marked the changes in the lives of everyone; be it directly linked to Violet's mishap with Katie অথবা indirectly. The case subject even marked the essence of everyone. It takes the vulnerability of another...
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This is where we are with Private Practice; presenting consistency, brilliant অভিনয় and a wonderful cast engaging in unthinkable story lines. Way to go Shonda Rhimes. The focus with 'Pulling the Plug' actually reflected the title. Naomi wanted to pull the plug on Addison and let whatever friendship they had flow down the drain. We also had the end of পুডিংবিশেষ and Sheldon (gladly), probably even পুডিংবিশেষ and Cooper. Finally the plug is pulled and Pete reveals his true feelings to Addison about Violet. Who would despise it আরো than Addison in that moment to be called দ্বারা another woman's name....
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Triangles are usually associated with প্রণয় affairs and mixed feelings within mixed relationships. Now 'Triangles' could have been placed on the Cooper-Charlotte-Sheldon trio, where Cooper couldn't bare the jealousy of পুডিংবিশেষ and another man together, the ত্রিভুজ could be placed among Addison-Pete-and-Sam অথবা even Addison-Sam-and-Naomi. This episode bore it's focus on so many triangular related plots, that even the শিরোনাম had to succumb to it. If there was any doubt about the triangular theme, Naomi-White-and-Fife should put the final touch on the many altered and complex relationships already...
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