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posted by BanetteGhosneir
A female warrior from an afar off land, in her land, Women weren't equal at all, any rebellion attempt was stamped out, any cry for equal treatment as men was ignored অথবা destroyed, and Pauft would have this not.

she took wing under a Blacksmith of her lands, an old man apon a পাহাড় outside of her hometown, the Old Man was angry, crotchety, Old and senile.... but he was Wise and Patient, he did not judge others দ্বারা their gender, race nor circumstance, he judged them দ্বারা their spirit.

Pauft was determined not to have her future chosen দ্বারা others, she would not be forced to marry a man she did not...
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posted by puffer_fish
Okay, To যোগদান just leave a link to your OC below অথবা just put a pic (If আপনি can.), Its name, and whats up with it. Read this first so আপনি don't get rejected!

Okie, so. your probably wondering "WHAT IS THIS ERROR THINGY?!" Well, Its a chat I made for the . { ; ERROR ; } . RP. Basically, its place for insane characters. Here's a basic description.

আপনি start off in hand cuffs, then your set free after a few seconds. আপনি are drop off in a steel room with a bunch of other crazy peeps. Your rarely feed and tested.

. * { Here are some roles . w . } * .
Basic insane class - Basically a insane person that was dropped off, nothing special.
Lone insane class - Pretty much alone in a cell, often tested and let around. They tend to have বিভক্ত করা personality's.
Guards - The people who watch over the insane peeps. Maximum number is 20.

That's all!
posted by zaynluver687
Hello guys I would Like to start a role play where আপনি are দেবদূত আপনি can be any type of অ্যাঞ্জেল আপনি want dark অ্যাঞ্জেল horse angel, heck just put অ্যাঞ্জেল at the end and that will make u an angel! Start like this

name: christa অথবা chrisy

Type of angel: dark angel

Fav hobbie: making people do stupid things.

Least fav type of angels: anyone who is a dark angel

Best friends: No one yet

Fav thing to do: talk about how horrible school is

That's mine what's yours after every one has answered অথবা just after u have answered we can start role playing! Oh and make sure that আপনি call people দ্বারা there role name!
I sat in the bus, waiting for the পরবর্তি destination. I hoped the school I was being sent to was big, because then playing pranks would be easier, since the আরো roomy it is, the better. I've never been sure why, but it always had been.
Suddenly, the bus stopped. I looked up and saw a small, old house, not even the size of a garden shed, and sighed. Great, I thought.
But this was not the school. A girl, no আরো than twelve, walked out of the old shed, waving to her parents, who stood in the door. In her hand was a small suitcase. She then boarded the bus through its open doors and sat down, setting...
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posted by southern-belle
Penelope Abbott was born a werewolf but প্রদত্ত up for adoption at birth. When she began harming others around the age of 13 due to the intense rage and animalistic instincts brought on দ্বারা the changes of puberty, her adoptive parents sent her away to a mental hospital and there she stayed until released at the age of 17(only because she lied her way through her latest psychological sessions). At this time, furious with her parents for sending her to such a place, she took the great amount of money left to her দ্বারা way of a college fund and ran away from her প্রথমপাতা in লন্ডন to live in the countryside...
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posted by Paramore-CSI
hi, so আপনি actually do not have to read this but I saw soemthing on the দেওয়াল that sort of upset me, and my response was to long to put in মতামত so I am just going to put this out there.
theres nothing wrong with the word gay. did আপনি guys know that gay actually means happy. yes that was it's first meaning, so saying justing bieber is gay never used to be an issue it would mean that he looks happy. But in the sense আপনি are using it gay means homo-sexual. which in the sense there is nothing wrong with being homo-sexual it's a choice, like being straight is actually it's not a choice it's how...
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posted by demon_wolf
Ok so this is getting on my nerves and it is happening A LOT latley.

There are tomany roleplays that are the same. Here are some examples.

link VS link VS link VS link VS link

link VS link

link VS link

Do আপনি see the point I am making?

There are too many roleplays and ফোরাম that are the same, অথবা have the same guide lines.

There are a bunch that deal with VAMPIRES, WEREWOLVES, and WOLVES! Yeah I wouldn't really care sbot the নেকড়ে thing but there are jus to may that I am now caring.

What I am saying here is that, try to keep ideas original. Don't use the same ideas as ones that are already there....
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posted by Hades_Shadow
Now over my course of study in the Harry Potter Realm of wand making, there are things J.K. Rowling based her ideas of how she could organize who got what type of wand. I have compiled a lot of her thoughts and a bit of my own to create a logical and mathematical way of finding the perfect wand.

First off it the wood type, Rowling has ব্যক্ত on many occasions at first it was completely random, and she really only specified Harry and a couple others wands, and later found under the Celtic wand system that was based on birthday, Harry's wand would still be Holly, and so she started incorporating...
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posted by akatsuki_lover9
The death combo
chapter 1

It was just a normal দিন for Scourge. Taking care of Bloodclan. “i think I'll go hunt” mewed scourge. He walked in twolegplace, searching for something edible. When he was about to give up he saw it, a plump কাঠবিড়াল on an empty thunderpath. He stalked it slowly. Right before he could pounce the a shadow fell on the কাঠবিড়াল and it ran away. Scourge turned over to the one who cast the shadow. 'hey you, I was about to catch that!” but when scourge saw the one who did it he froze. It was no cat who scared off his prey. It was a strange creature. A cat sized green...
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Full Name: Jo Bennett
Meaning: God is gracious
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Current Residence: In an apartment roughly around Detroit, Michigan
Age: 20
Gender: Cis Female.
Height: like around 5’2’’ ½.
Weight: average, but everybody in her family say’s she’s underweight.
Blood Type: O negative
Nationality: American, douche wad.
Birthday: April 1st, 1996
Chinese Zodiac: Ox
Compatibility: Rat, Rabbit, Rooster
Greek Zodiac: Aires.
Ruling Planet(s): Mars
Element: Fire
Hair Color: Naturally blonde, like a level 10 (That’s the cosmetologist in me talking. It’s basically the lightest blonde...
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posted by dragonsmemory
In the mid- to late 1800s, thousands of pioneers traveled west in covered wagons. At that time, America had recently gained thousands of square miles of land, land ripe for settling.

The settlers used three types of wagons: basic, prairie schooners, and Conestoga wagons, each of which is described below.
Basic wagons were very simple, being nothing আরো than a wood box, four wheels, and a tarp cover.
Prairie schooners were a little fancier, and were built to withstand the harsh conditions of the trail.
Conestoga wagons were the fanciest of the three. This is thed classic "pioneer wagon" image....
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What is your name?
Emerit Marie Katherine Finch

Whats your gender?

What do আপনি consider your greatest achievement?
Being born

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Not working

What is your current state of mind?
If I knew I could answer this question

What is your most treasured possession?
The ছুরি with my name on it my father gave me before I left.

What অথবা who is the greatest প্রণয় of your life?
Not sure of the person but a thing would be agian my knife

When and where were আপনি the happiest?
Where I am now. Working as Xarptic's secretary at the lab in some world. I think he made this new...
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posted by aNinnyMouse
1) What gender are you? Man

2) What is your age?
Damned, if I know! Damned if I care! I just know I am older than most of me mates.

3) Do আপনি want a hug?
Hug, eh? আপনি want to keep yer skin?

4) Do আপনি have any bad habits?

5) What is your পছন্দ food?
If it ain't infested with maggots, I'll gladly eat it!

6) What is your পছন্দ আইসক্রিম flavor?
What th' hell be ice cream?!

7) Are আপনি a virgin?
No, now that'd be hardly makin' any sense now would it?

8) Have আপনি killed anyone?
Hahaha, now that's a question! Boy, what do আপনি say? Have I ever killed anyone?

9) Do আপনি hate anyone?...
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posted by BanetteGhosneir
This is extra details about the Daemon RP i made a মতামত on.

Humanity has been at war with Daemons for a long time. since 334C2 (334 years after the 2nd century, the 2nd century lasted 1320 years), and today, 21st of Aue, 1204C3, the 2nd last human city has fallen, and the last remaining human city stands, awaiting it's fate.

but all was not lost, Jurq's fall did give humanity a benefit, the Humans captured 5 Daemons, and brought them back to Guliun, the last human city.

these 5 Daemon are not like the others of their kind, they saw what they were doing to man, to humanity, they knew that they...
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posted by Hades_Shadow
So this is a অনুরাগী Club I made on this site a long while ago, when Wreck-it Ralph was new. It was the idea of having a club where the OC video game characters could jump from game to game (RP to RP) like in the movie. It was getting good, then I had to leave ফ্যানপপ for 2 years, and when I came back it was dead. And I've been waiting for a time to revive it.

Then I found this club, filled with RolePlayers that are not only active, but amazing, kind, and dedicated. So I will post the link here for all to যোগদান if they feel. I will add new game RP's to it, so we all can have fun being a রাস্তা fighter on a tron bike অথবা a ghostbuster playing Pac-Man. I will see আপনি there!

posted by aNinnyMouse
1) Choose one of your own characters (OC).
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Feel free to add some প্রশ্ন of your own.

1) What gender are you?

2) What is your age?
I haven't a clue.

3) Do আপনি want a hug?
Yes, of course

4) Do আপনি have any bad habits?
I smoke tobacco on occasion. But I do not consider this a bad habit.

5) What is your পছন্দ food?
I used to looove Watermelon. It is a guilty pleasure.

6) What is your পছন্দ আইসক্রিম flavor?
I have troubles with eating ice-cream.

7) Are আপনি a virgin?
No, sir...Veya bayan

8) Have আপনি killed anyone?
I have... many times. Some of them...
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posted by ghostpanda396
Open rp (starting it tomorrow)
Kenari: আপনি can’t just leave me. Not for… for him. I don’t know how to survive on my own. You’ve taught me nothing.
Mother: You’ll be just fine on your own. আপনি have enough খাবার to last আপনি until আপনি get to the নিরাপদ zone.
Kenari: They will find me and kill me. They’ve grown so much smarter than from the beginning. Mother, they know how to talk to each other without sound. They will track me down and kill me.
Mother: *puts hands on Kenari’s shoulders and shakes her* আপনি can make it, I promise you. আপনি have to remember…

Kenari: *Jerks up straight to find herself পরবর্তি to a আগুন almost burnt out and in a sleeping bag covered in beads of sweat from her dream* I-It was just a dream. I’m… I’m OK. They haven’t found me ye- *a twig snaps causing every noise in the forest to silence* W-Who’s there?
[First person comes in]
posted by halz140
The once beautiful land was dying. Most of the good পরী went bad as a full red moon was in place. The moon appear a মাস পূর্বে and thing went bad. Doves went black, the fairy কুইন die as so the king did too, werewolf are seen আরো as so are ভ্যাম্পায়ার and mermaids. Most of the still good পরী didn’t want to believe it but darkness was taking over again. There is a group that is making trouble. Can a group of পরী save the world? (I will post who is who)


Thorn: A fairly girl that was the first fairy to go bad, is the leader of the group that causing trouble. Pet is a amber...
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posted by aNinnyMouse
1) Choose one of your own characters (OC).
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Feel free to add some প্রশ্ন of your own.

1) What gender are you?

I believe.

2) What is your age?
I wouldn't know. Age is but a number!

3) Do আপনি want a hug?
Oh yes, I am quite known for my...


4) Do আপনি have any bad habits?

and murder...

and domestic abuse...

5) What is your পছন্দ food?
The beating hearts of frightened children.

6) What is your পছন্দ আইসক্রিম flavor?
Chocolate mint.

7) Are আপনি a virgin?
No, in a way I হারিয়ে গেছে it twice.

8) Have আপনি killed anyone?
Ha, yes. If I didn't...
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 Xehit Lǜsè: Leader of the High Elfs
Xehit Lǜsè: Leader of the High Elfs
One of the first two races to inhabited the Land of Giua, they were the first to give humans there tools to build the Great City. They help the কুইন keep all the humans in the city walls. Not knowing the lies the Great কুইন told them.

The High Elfs are very tall. Taller than most humans, but not as tall as the Great Wolfs.They don't like another race. They use bows and magic আরো then swords. They only work with the other races if it means that it protect their way of life.

The পরী are the one closet to nature. They are usually about 1 inch tall, but can change to normal size. Their powers...
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