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posted by FanNoOne111
I like Saba Qamar because She is শীর্ষ Notch Actress. Despite of A lot of Critical Reception she হারিয়ে গেছে the Awards and Credits that she deserves. I like Because of Her Beauty which is natural unlike the Artificial Actress. My Most পছন্দ works of Saba are ;
Hindi Medium
Main Chand Si
Pani Jaisa Pyar
Jo Chalay to Jaan Se Guzar Gaye
Digest Writer
Bunty I প্রণয় You
Yahan Pyaar Nahi Hai
and Many Others.
I really her advertisements as well Like;
Ufone Ad
Bank Ad
Sunsilk Ad
Fresh Up Ad
Tapal Ad
Jazz Ad
Face Fresh Ad
Just প্রণয় Her.
posted by FanNoOne111
Qamar was born in a family in Gujranwala,Pakistan, though, she spent most of her childhood living with her grandmother in Gujranwala. Qamar first appeared in the টেলিভিশন series Main Aurat Hoon. She won thePTVaward for the best TV actressin both public and jury choice categories in the 16th Annual PTV awards on 23 July 2011.

She has appeared in a variety of টেলিভিশন dramas and advertisements. In 2010, she played a strong role of a politician in PTV's super hit drama "Jinaah Ke Naam" opposite Sami Khan then her drama "Tera piyar nahi bholy" a romantic drama opposite Ahsan Khan She has played best roles inDastaan,Bunty I প্রণয় You, Pani Jaisa Piyar, Jo Chalay To Jaan Se Guzar Gaye, Main Chand Si Maat,and Thakan. She has gained আরো popularity and অনুরাগী mass with her latest stint in Digest Writer on Hum TV. Her latest shows are "Kaise Tumse Kahoon" and "Sangat".
posted by mehshi
some people have confidence Aaot দ্বারা GOD gifted,,,,, SO they they prove4infront of world that we have ability to do something,,,,,,,,,,, so they shine like star,,,,,they can speak,,, so success run behind them so Saba Qamer is one of them.. she is nice actor and famous lady.
she works for Pakistani media and for Pakistani drama. she is attractive. she is beautiful, she is smart. Actually the main reason to like Saba Qamer is that she has nice অভিনয় style......
she also should work in Pakistani movies,,,,,,,,,,, and i glad after knowing that she refused to work in Indian movies. because we should accept that every fame is related to own country.....
actors should create something new in dramas for viewers..............
the nice funny drama of Saba Qamar is miss fire...........
and smiley characters স্যুইটস্‌ on her instead of weeping characters.......... i like such type of confidence as her,,,,,,,
i pray for her success in every field of life....Ameeeeeeeeeeen