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 this is what Dark looks like in humen form
this is what Dark looks like in humen form
Dark: *walkin down the রাস্তা and see's Shun talkin with someone* নমস্কার Shun *walks over to him*
Shun: নমস্কার Dark wheres Faby
Dark: Faby is gonna come in a মিনিট anyways who is he *looks at Sasuke*
Sasuke: the Names Sasuke Uchiha
Dark: *glares at Sasuke* নমস্কার your not supposed to be here Sasuke
Sasuke: and why not there is'nt a rule sayin i cant be here
Dark: yea but remember the last time আপনি were here this place nearly disapperd
Sasuke: yea yea yea what ever Dark
Dark: Shut up Sasuke
Sasuke: নমস্কার IM NOT GAY
Shun: well আপনি are এমো স্টাইল Sasuke
Sasuke: IM NOT EMO
Dark: thats true if he was এমো স্টাইল he would'nt be mad...
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