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posted by Cliff040479
If I see another person saying 4x05 was the best স্কিন্স্‌ episode ever, I'm gonna go insane, so I thought I'd share with আপনি the enormous mistakes the writers have made with Effy's character.

According to the symptoms Effy had in her episode, she is not only psychologically depressed, she is schizophrenic.

Here is the diagnosis for schizophrenia:

People diagnosed with schizophrenia usually experience a combination of positive (i.e. hallucinations, delusions, racing thoughts), negative (i.e. apathy, lack of emotion, poor অথবা nonexistant social functioning), and cognitive (disorganized thoughts, difficulty concentrating and/or following instructions, difficulty completing tasks, memory problems).

The reason I bring this up is not to start a shipping war, I am only doing this because Effy Stonem is my পছন্দ chracter and I think it's a shame they're treating her like this.
This is taken directly from the dvd commentaries. I noticed a lot of people wanted to know what he had to say about this. This is what he says during the last scene of Cook, Effy and Freddie together.

"The kind of point of this sequence, I suppose, I mentioned it earlier, is that Freddie makes the mistake of thinking of leaving and Cook picks up on that, seeing his bag. And I suppose for that, he's punished, is what Neil(?) the scriptadapter would say if he was here. But that's his kind of transgression - he should've been there for her through thick and thin and realize that something was wrong with her and he eventually does, of course, but it's too little too late. "
posted by kristin91
It's great being a heart-throb, thank আপনি very much. It's good, it's wierd. I've been অভিনয় for a few years, but now this is different. I've had a lot of attention, অনুরাগী letters through my door, and ফেসবুক has gone through the roof with messages and friend requests. I keep pictures girls send me. And i hope i have a lot আরো of them soon...

Apparently, I'm the new Dev Patel. It happened to him so quickly. But does lightning strike twice? i guess it could happen.

I was number 5,282 in the audition for Freddie. I had to wait for four and a half hours. Nine auditions later i got the part.

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A/N; I wrote this just as one of my MANY scripts I had during series 4- If আপনি want me to উঠিয়ে রাখুন the others I will-
I was just sending this to Jamie Brittain cos he tweeted my friend and ব্যক্ত I can send him my scripts and he'll read them =)
So just what I wanted in S4! Like the last ten minutes


SET IN; SERIES 4: EPISODE 8 (Cook has broken into John Foster’s প্রথমপাতা looking for Freddie)

SCENE 1; John Foster’s house

Cook jumps...
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HIT teen drama স্কিন্স্‌ will return with a trio of specials following three characters as they grapple with adulthood.
The E4 drama will explore the themes of loneliness, drug dealing and dodgy financial deals.
Kaya Scodelario will তারকা in স্কিন্স্‌ আগুন which will see Effy working in investment services and having an affair with her boss.
Jack O’Connell who recently বিভক্ত করা from X Factor judge Tulisa, will return as hot-headed Cook in স্কিন্স্‌ Rise, which follows him delivering drugs. The third instalment called স্কিন্স্‌ Pure will তারকা Hannah Murray, whose character Cassie is now racked দ্বারা loneliness.
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THE new cast of স্কিন্স্‌ has promised the fifth series will be just as raunchy as ever - but actor Will Merrick says he's GUTTED as he doesn't have any sex scenes.
The E4 teen drama has gained a reputation for its graphic take on sex and drugs during its পূর্ববর্তি four series.

It returns on January 27 with its third cast - who say they have loved stripping off for their sexy scenes.

But not everyone is getting on in the act, with Will, 17 - who plays pothead Alo Creevey - saying he is annoyed that his character keeps his clothes on.

He said: "I was really excited when I first got my script - I was...
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"He was very romantic." - KAYA

"It's good that he's an actor because he understands it all. And we can practice our lines together. He'll stay with me for a week, and we go to my family's place in Brighton. It's just amazing that we manage to make it work. It just sort of happened. We don't need to try." - KAYA

"I think my type would probably আরো be the Cook.
the kind of... angry, kind of thing." - KAYA

"I can understand why Effy loves Cook." - KAYA

"It would take a lot for things to be awkward between us." - JACK

"Preferably... Eh, don't know. All the boys seem to like Effy, don't they?" - JACK

"I care about him a lot." - KAYA

"I could've married him." - KAYA
Effy is one of my fave charceters in স্কিন্স্‌ i প্রণয় her attidude and the way she does everything i see her in ছবি but what i think is is she like effy in real life i bet she is a really kind girl and stuff i just wonder does she smoke does she go party etc i am not obssed with her i just wonder wat she is like in real life and if she keeps in contact with jack megan kat lily and the rest of the crew i hope she has a good life bescause she is a great actress and she works for her money and i know she has just done a film called shank she is great in that film so good luck to her!
posted by Poopla
So now স্কিন্স্‌ is over and our favourite cast is no more, something that brings to tears to anyone's eyes who have come to প্রণয় স্কিন্স্‌ these past series. The ending was bittersweet and, instead of making us accept that it's the end, want আরো and have, of course, rose আরো questions. will sid turn around and see cassie in that ভান্দার and run in there and চুম্বন her and those two will finally live their happily ever after that they really deserve. do they come back to bristol, a place where they should be instead of new york of all bloody places? will sid and tony, the two berst বন্ধু who's last...
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With filming now underway in Northern Ireland and Morocco on HBO's highly anticipated TV ফ্যান্টাসি drama series Game of Thrones, it has been announced that Joe Dempsie, a first generation স্কিন্স্‌ star, has been cast as Gendry, a "horny-headed, hammerhanded" armourer's apprentice.

Joe, from Nottingham, is another alumni of the Nottingham-based টেলিভিশন Workshop (as is fellow স্কিন্স্‌ তারকা Jack O'Connell) and recently described how he got started in অভিনয় and the part in Skins:

So what made আপনি first want to become an actor?
"If I’m being honest, অভিনয় wasn’t exactly something that I had a strong...
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স্কিন্স্‌ তারকা Dakota Blue Richards has dropped hints about the upcoming sixth series.

The actress, who plays Franky Fitzgerald, told Digital Spy that her character will become involved in a controversial new storyline.

"I have a vague idea what's in store," she teased. "It's quite dramatic. I think it's going to be a bit of a 'Marmite' storyline, you're either going to প্রণয় it অথবা hate it. Hopefully [people will] প্রণয় it. It's going to be a challenge."

Richards added that she had been "learning all the time" while filming the show's fifth series, which concluded in March.

"We didn't know who our characters would end up being, because they kind of wrote it as we went along," she said. "It was actually a really interesting way of working, because it allowed me to put a lot আরো of my own thoughts into [the character]."
 "They`re just a couple আপনি can`t ignore. It`s in their eyes since the Pilot."
"They`re just a couple you can`t ignore. It`s in their eyes since the Pilot."
First off I'd just like to say major Congrats are in order for being voted the very first স্কিন্স্‌ FOTM, Mary. We all know what a HUGE স্কিন্স্‌ অনুরাগী আপনি are so আপনি totally deserve to be the first FOTM. And y'all she's got some amazing উত্তর in here so read on! Now let's start the interview!

1. How did আপনি first hear about Skins?

HAHA you`re bringing me back to those days eh? Well,me and my friend Dawn (livelovelaugh) were having a conversation in the BFG (Brucas অনুরাগী Girls) forum. So she`d talk about স্কিন্স্‌ and about how she was nervous cause brand new generation was starting,cast had changed blah blah...
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posted by rehtaeh
I am American and just discovered স্কিন্স্‌ recently and I absolutely প্রণয় it. I had to do some research though because I didn't understand a lot of the slang like "face" and the school system (in the US 'college' is বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় and I didn't quite get at first why the characters seemed like they were in high school) I have to say, this প্রদর্শনী is the best teen angst drama I've ever see, আপনি Brits know how to do it. আপনি would never see স্কিন্স্‌ on American টেলিভিশন depicted this way and it's really refreshing (although I'm 25 but remember those years well), I think I am addicted and want to convert my...
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I wrote this one because I just wanted at least one Emily/Katie communicating with each other but the hug we got was EPIC =)) but I just wish they had talked a little আরো in S4. =)

SET IN; SERIES 4: EPISODE 4. (After Katie has found Emily crying on her বিছানা and প্রদত্ত her a hug)



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posted by gossip-girl999
1. Because from the first look she took his breath away.
2. Because she definitely looked at him... twice.
3. Because he doesn't want some girl, he wants her!
4. Because she looks at him differently.
5. Because was প্রণয় at the first sight.
6. Because he's handsome, she's beautiful, ENOUGH SAID!
7. Because he's the one that she's been waiting for.
8. Because he wants to get to know her.
9. Because she গাউন his heart.
10. Because he saw her and suddenly nothing else mattered anymore.
11. Because she makes him nervous and speechless.
12. Because he's interested in আরো than just her looks.
13. Because she...
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posted by gossip-girl999
Butterflies—Effy & Freddie—One shot

A/N: Okay, So this is my first অনুরাগী fiction on Skins, So where better to start than with my favourite couple Freddie and Effy. So I'm sorry for the bad language but it's not me, It's Cook. After all it is স্কিন্স্‌ so...Anyway I hope আপনি all like it it's just a little one not that long so please leave me মতামত and tell me what আপনি think. Thank আপনি xoxo
P.S (If your Kalina) Okay I know I made Cook seem a bit of an গাধা cos I hate him but there's a bit in this where he's not a total bastard okay. Happy now?! =D

Setting: Set just after 3x05, When Freddie...
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November 25th.2009

Jamie Brittain, co-creator of Skins, confirmed this morning on Twitter than স্কিন্স্‌ series 5, if it is commissioned, and they will hold open auditions for a new cast

To clarify. স্কিন্স্‌ will hopefully have a fifth series, but we have not yet been re-commissioned. It will have a new cast. We will hold open auditions to cast it. I don’t know any details beyond that. We’re still working on series 4!


posted by Emily2
Omg Freddie and cook From স্কিন্স্‌ Are The most Fit Boys in this series unlike thomas and Jjay I Wish that cook And freddie become freinds before the last episode im seriously obsessed with himive watched every series and episodes and haven't missed one

Naomi: OK
Emily: OK
Effy: Annoying But A Brill Actor Especially when tony got hit দ্বারা that bus :(
Pandora: প্রণয় Her She Well Lucky too Sleep with Cook
Thomas: Ok Kind and caring Bless

Cook: Gorgues But A bit over the শীর্ষ
Freddie: Gorge He Soo Nice Hopefully he And effy get together
Katie: She Just A B**** i hate her
Jjay: Bless Him, Emily & Him Slept Together they Make a good couple
posted by KatiiCullen94
 Chasy represented দ্বারা Effy
Chasy represented by Effy
OK, if anyone has seen স্কিন্স্‌ আপনি would know how this would work.
BUt if not i will fill আপনি in. There are going to be 7 characters. And each chapter is going to express on one point of veiw and daily ritaul of a character whilst a story line continues.
Characters are: Pepper(the প্রণয় wreck) chasy( the group slut), joanne (the reckless party bitch), Jackson (the woman charmer)Nate (the bad influence fuck up,) and lucie (the pregnant nerd)and Tony (the addict), and they are all friends.
i want to start off with Chasy, the group Slut.
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"If আপনি wanna hit me, go right ahead."
"I'm not scared of anything! Hit me."
"I don't want আপনি to say anything; hit me."

» 01 | Because Effy has only ever প্রদত্ত two men a compliment in her life: James Cook (brave) and Tony Stonem (amazing).
» 02 | Because they're the only two boys to carry her.
» 03 | Because "you're the only person in the whole world Tony truly cares about" and "the one ****ing girl I have ever loved."
» 04 | Because they both have a lot of UST (yeah, we went there).
» 05 | Because he's her only friend that knows what happened to her brother.
» 06 | Because blue eyes... Need we say more?
» 07 | Because they've both rescued her without drawing blood first.
» 08 | Because "She's mine." vs. "I sort of own her."