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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa everyone!! (:

Gwen's pov!

"I'll take good care of them, don't আপনি worry." A pretty blonde headed girl smiled to my mother. "Just remember that the 'do and don'ts' তালিকা is on the fridge. Have a good night." She grabbed her কোট and টাকার থলি and left behind the closed door. I looked at my two brothers, Jake and Daniel, who were playing with their blocks like nothing was happening. "What are আপনি guys doing? There's an imposter in our house!" I whisper-yelled at them. "What are আপনি talking about, Gwen? That's our babysitter." Jake rolled his eyes...
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after total drama world tour. a few weeks later!
gwens pov.
gwen: নমস্কার its gwen. as আপনি know season 3 is know over, thank god. There is no আরো drama. and as আপনি all know duncan and i are still goin out. i hope we can be together forever. so i am now heading to my house from where i work. well i get প্রথমপাতা and i look for duncan, but i could not find him, then i heard noises upstaires so i head up stairs. when i get upstaires and open the door, i saw duncan and courtney making out. duncan saw me and ব্যক্ত this. duncan: oh নমস্কার gwen soo listen up we are over so good bye now. i started to cry and ran...
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Trent's POV
Ok, were watching Familu Guy and I stare at Gwen's eyes they are like beautiful black roses. It was speechless, she was speechless i প্রণয় her no matter what.
Gwen:*cuddles trent* I প্রণয় you. Trent: i প্রণয় আপনি more. Gwen: i প্রণয় আপনি most! haha, awesome. * we stared into each others eyes and almost চুম্বন but my doorbell rang* Gwen: what do আপনি want LInsay?Lindsay: i want Trent he was my boyfriend first and i want him back. Trent : Noooooo IIIII WWaANNTT GGWWEEN!!! Lindsay: please *kisses his cheek*Gwen: *slaps her* get out of here Blondie potato.LIndsay: stop callingg me names oww my cheek is red.Gwen: so now its টমেটো cheek. Trent: lindsay get out of here.
Lindsay's POV
i am going to kill Gwen, Trent is mine ive got my weapons let's go to kill that son of a Heather.TRent get ready to তারিখ the hottest girl in school.
Gwen: so why are we going to a parking lot? Duncan:*laughs* আপনি see. *they get there and get out of the car* put your fucking hands behind your back! Gwen: huh? *he slams her head on the car* ow! *crys* Duncan: shut up bitch! and do not tell the cops! Gwen: what are আপনি doing? Duncan: i am with Courtney now! i only used আপনি to get further in the game, and i threatened Trent to back the fuck off from আপনি until i told you! Gwen: but... Duncan. Duncan:shut up your whinny, goth faced punk, bitchy,out of line face! Gwen: i bet Trent would be nicer than you! *runs off crying* Duncan: later!
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Trent's pov!
i woke up in my bed,wrapped up in blankets beside my love. she was snuggling into my chest. "morning love."i said. she groaned and turned the other way. "time to get up."i sang in her ears. she giggled and faced me. "do i have too?"she said. "yes,yes আপনি do."i said. i kissed her. but then i was woken দ্বারা a loud ষাঁড় horn. "AH!!"i ব্যক্ত as i jumped off of my bed. "wake up soldier! we have training to do this morning!"sergeant yelled in my face. "yes sir!"i ব্যক্ত getting my clothes on. আপনি see,i joined the army,so i could see what its like,and its a living HELL. আপনি have to wake up at...
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