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Trent is the kind of guy that is a really relaxed and talented person. He also is very sweet, kind, cute, and fit type of guy that a girl wants. Appearantly that is the type of guy that Gwen wanted. Gwen is a cool goth chick that likes Trent. Trent didn't know until Heather read Gwen's diary to the entire world. Gwen was so embarrased after that. Trent was sitting পরবর্তি to cody and they just exchange stuned looks. in the পরবর্তি challange Trent was trying to talk to Gwen but she was so sad and embarrased about the diary পাঠ করা that she was just ignoring him. When they did the big sleep they were...
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Gwen's POV:During the past 2 days since Trent and i হারিয়ে গেছে our virginity that night,we have been keeping it a secret between ourselves and my friend/roomate Bridgette.I'm no longer a teenager it has been 4 years but i may have made an unwise decision.I will need a plan if i do end up getting pregnant.Trent's POV:Gwen has been sleeping in my apartment when we first "did it".We cant hide this forever.I wonder what her choice will be after all we are not kids anymore were 23.Will our parents approve of this?**end of perspectives**2 weeks later Gwen was sleeping পরবর্তি her fiance` Trent during a gloomy...
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Trent's pov!
sup,it's me again. y`know i have broke up with her,right? well she ain't worth it. she বিভক্ত করা me in to two,and went on to this jerk,named Duncan. after all i done for her! wrote pointless songs about her,tried to let her win a few challenges,i even risked my life for her,but she doesn't seem to care..this is ষাঁড় shit.

never made it as a wise man
i couldn't cut it as a poor man stealin
tired of livin like a blind man
i`m sick inside without a sense of feelin
and this is how আপনি remind me

this is how আপনি remind me of what i really am
and this is how আপনি remind me of what i really am

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